Internet Links to Greek Genealogy Family Trees

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Castellorizo Genealogy Pages - added to list July 16, 2014

Gialitakis Family Tree and Greek Genealogy - (Facebook)

Moschovitis Family Tree and Greek Genealogy - (Facebook)

Cyriac Family History Project (includes 1,253 spellings of Kyriakou)

Fraggi, Tivoli, Allalouf Genealogy

Gennata Family of Kefalonia

Tsintzinian Heritage Society of America - Tsintzinian Families:  Origins and Histories

The Genealogy of a Cretan Family

Andrew Jendrezejewski Greek Family Website

The Nick V. Kosmas Family Tree Page

Phillips Family Genealogy Pages (Haliotis, Maithonis, Karajoglou, Stefanos)

Spartan Roots - Researching My Greek Family History

Simatacolos Family Page

Genealogy and Oral History - Foundation of the Hellenic World

Lakonian Genealogy (1,450+ entries) - Your Island's Heritage Online

The Zombakis Family Website

Genealogy of Combis and other Family Names from Kythera

Andromidas Family Website

Plastas Family History Page

Story:  Resolving a 100 Year Vendetta and Celebrating the Cretan Way

Nick Kouzos Home Page (A trip "back to roots" and "back to history" of Asia Minor)

Under the Fig Tree - Greek Family Tree Genealogy

Mavromichali and Laganopoulos Family Tree

Agelastos Family Genealogy Pages

Family Trees - Greek and Linked European Families Website

Another "Historic Flessas Family Society - Papaflessas" website

The Historic Flessas Family Society - includes 115 Surnames

Genealogy of Chatzikyriakos Family Tree

Genealogies of families originating in the Hellenes, Aegean and Chios