Jewish Resistance in Wartime Greece (includes 876 names)

This is an Update to my original post on October 20, 2009 and includes the 876 names mentioned in the book.

The book "Jewish Resistance in Wartime Greece" by Steven Bowman, University of Cincinnati. was published in 2006 by Vallentine Mitchell, London - Portland, Oregon.

I am hoping that some of you can find this book helpful, it is full of stories and there are 876 names mentioned in the book which you will find listed below for your reference.  If you are interested in this book you can work with your local librarian to order it through the inter-library loan program in the U.S. (if you are trying to obtain this book in another country, please contact your local librarian for options).

Vallentine Mitchell Publishers offers the following synopsis - "This is the first systematic study of the Jews in the Greek resistance based on archival research and personal interviews. It covers Jews in various aspects of resistance in Greece and other concentration camps. The book is a contribution to the overall story of Greek resistance against the Nazi occupiers and provides hitherto unknown stories of their contributions to that fight. Based on interviews and archival research Bowman has assembled a preliminary list of over 650 individuals who fought or served with the Greek Resistance forces. These include andartes and andartissas, interpreters, recruiters, doctors, spies, nurses, organizers, and a number of non Greek Jews who volunteered or were trapped in Greece during the war years. While the murder of nearly 90% of Greek Jews by the Nazis has begun to enter the holocaust story, the participation of Greek Jews in the war against the Nazis is virtually unknown Greek Jews actively fought in the war against the Italian and German invaders. Veterans and young Jewish males and females went to the mountains to fight or serve in various ways in the andartiko among the several Greek Resistance movements. Other Jews remained in urban areas where they joined different Resistance cells whether as active saboteurs or in leadership roles. A number of Jews appear on the payrolls of Force 133. Additionally Greek Jews participated in the Sonderkommando revolt in the Auschwitz Concentration Camp in October 1944 while others fought in the Warsaw revolt from August to October 1944."


Names Listed in Book

Aaron, Armando
Aaron, Dario (David) ('Keravnos')
Aaron, Henry
Agami, Moshe
Agdiniotis, Ilias
Aharon, David
Aji, Morris
Akara, Morris
Alalouf, Solon
Alexandrides, Alekos
Algoussis, Salvator
Alhanati, Zakinos (Jaquinos Alkanati)
Alkalai, Nisim
Alkalai, Nissim
Allalouf, Albertos
Allalouf, Samuel
Allaluf, Elia
Allaluf, Shemtov
Almosninos, Elias
Amar, Leon
Amarilio, Alberto (aka Aleko)
Amarilio, Joseph
Amarillio, Albert
Amarillio, Alberto ('Aleko')
Amir, Dario
Amir, Isaac
Amir, Julie
Amon, Albertos
Amon, Victor
Amosnino, Raoul
Amoss, Ulius L.
Anastasiou, Christo
Angilas, Janis
Arar, Yaakov (Harari)
Arditi, Abraham
Aron, Maurice
Arouh, Tsiako
Arukh, Dr. Manolis (Emmanouel)
Arukh, Emanuel
Arukh, Manolis (Emmanuel)
Arukh, Yitshak (Iaasac)
Arvenitis, Dimitrios
Askenazi, Leo
Askenazi, Samuel
Asseo, Albert
Attas, Eli
Attas, Mosheh (Moise)
Attias, Ino
Avdela, Aaron
Avdela, Solomon
Avdela(s), Salom
Avdela(s), Victor
Avram, Jacques
Avriel, Ehud
Azar, Albert
Azar, Julie
Azar, William Isaac
Azaria, Eliezer
Azaria, Lazarus
Azaria, Lazarus (Eliezer) ('Tripotamite')
Azouli, Leon
Azouz, Rena Ioseph
Azouz, Salvator
Bacolas, David
Bacolas, Nissim
Bakola, Salvator
Bakola(s), Tsion
Bakolas, Salvator (Sotiris)
Balestra, Yaakov (aka Valestra)
Barki, A.
Barki, Raphael
Barki, Solomon
Baron, Abraam
Baron, Avraam
Barouch, Isaac
Barouch, Joseph
Barouh, Jacob
Barsano, Sabi
Baruch, Baruch
Barzilai (Rabbi)
Barzilai, Aaron
Barzilai, Iakov
Barzilai, Yosef
Batis, Victor
Batis, Viktor
Batish, Nissim
Begas, Koutiel Yakov
Behar, Betsalel
Behar, Jacques (Zhak)
Bellelis (aka Vellelis)
Belo (Bello), Moshe (Morris) ('Maliaropoulos')
Ben Roubi, Hayyim
Ben Yaish, Salvatore
Benarojia, Mrs. Mario
Benaroya, Abraham
Bennahmias, Daniel
Benroubi, Alberto
Benroubi, Morris
Bension, Menahem
Bensoure, Mosheh
Benvenista (i), Albert (o)
Benveniste, Benjamin
Benveniste, David
Benveniste, Dick
Benveniste, Esther
Benveniste, Jack
Benveniste, Moshe
Benveniste, Mosheh
Beraha, Jacob (Jacaques) Israel
Beraha, Vital
Beraha, Yehuda
Besantsi, Mentesh
Besso, Moshe
Beza, Albertos
Beza, Alfred
Beza, George
Beza, Helen
Beza, Jacqueline
Beza, Johny
Beza, Monika
Bitali, Matys
Bochoropoulos, Yaakov
Boton, Marcos
Bouri, Salomon
Bourla, Abraam
Bourla, Dora ('Tarzan')
Bourla, Esther
Bourla, Joseph
Bourla, Leon
Bourla, Matilda
Bourla, Morice
Bourla, Moshe
Bourla, Mosheh
Bourla, Nikos
Bourla, Sarika
Bourla, Solomon (Charles)
Bourla, Tselebe
Bourla, Yitshak (Isaac)
Bourla, Yolanda
Bourla, Yosef
Bourla(s), Mois(sis) (Moshe)
Bourlas, Charles
Bourlas, Mosheh
Brellis, Roverto
Brouda, David
Broudo, Jacob
Broudo, Michel
Cabelis, Mimis
Capon, Henri Nehama
Capon, Jack
Capon, Matilda
Caras, Charles
Carasso, Albert
Carasso, Alberto
Carasso, Betty
Carasso, Charles
Carasso, Daisy
Carasso, Emmanuel
Carasso, Marco
Carasso, Marco Alberto
Carasso, Marko
Carasso, Yosef
Carasso, Zhak
Cassouto, (Rabbi)
Cassuto, Yitshak
Catan, Jacques
Cattegno, Saltiel
Cazes, Maurice
Chaim, Jacques
Chanen, Isac ('Sophianos')
Coen (Kapetan Kronos)
Coen, Aaron
Coen, Albert ('Vladimir')
Coen, Avraam
Coen, Davico
Coen, Ilias
Coen, Joseph ('Tsitos')
Coen, Joseph Avraam
Coen, Moshe
Coen, Samouel ('Balomenos')
Coen, Samuel
Coen, Solomon
Coen, Zouli (Julie)
Cohe, Rosa
Cohen, Aharon
Cohen, Albert (aka Vladimir)
Cohen, Anna S.
Cohen, Barukh
Cohen, Boby (Robby/Robi/Rubi) Samuel
Cohen, Chico
Cohen, Dario
Cohen, David
Cohen, David Michael
Cohen, David Shabbetai
Cohen, Eli
Cohen, Elias
Cohen, Elias Youda
Cohen, Haim Moissis
Cohen, Hayyim ('Chico')
Cohen, Hayyim Samuel
Cohen, Iakov
Cohen, Isaak (Jacques)
Cohen, Jacob
Cohen, Joseph
Cohen, Karolina
Cohen, Laura
Cohen, Leon
Cohen, Leon Ioseph
Cohen, Louis ('Kronos')
Cohen, Maurice
Cohen, Menachem
Cohen, Menasche
Cohen, Michael Elias
Cohen, Morris (Moshe)
Cohen, Moshe
Cohen, Nissim
Cohen, Pepos
Cohen, Pinhas
Cohen, Rachel
Cohen, Rosa
Cohen, Rozita
Cohen, Sabbethai
Cohen, Salvator
Cohen, Sam
Cohen, Samuel (Shmuel)
Cohen, Shimon
Cohen, Shlomo
Cohen, Shmuel
Cohen, Simon
Cohen, Stella
Cohen, Viktor
Cohen, Yaakov
Cohen, Yehoshua
Cohen, Yeshua
Cohen, Yitshak
Cohen, Yosef
Cohen, Zaharias
Cohen, Zhak
Costa, Galanos (alias Barba)
Costopoulos, Nico
Coudojumaris, Aristotelis
Cuenka, Tori
Dalari, Ariadne
Daniel, Ieremias
Daron, Ganis
Dasa, Vital
Dassa (Ntassa), Isaac
David, Iossif
David, Mimis
David, Samouel
de Giaves, Maurice J.
Decastro, Iosif
DeMayo, Marcel
Dentis, Samuel
Dimitriou, Dimitrios (aka Nikiforos)
Dino, Ovadia
Djahon, Raoul
El Porto, Leon
Elias, Misel
Eliassif, Ilias
Eliassif, Victor
Eliezer (Doctor)
Eliezer, Isaac
Emanuel, Isaak
Errara, Alberto
Errera, Alberto Moissi
Errera, Elias
Errera, Moris (Maurice)
Esformes, Morris
Eskaloni, Mois
Eskenazi, Leon
Eskenazi, Samuel
Ezra, Chaim
Ezra, David
Ezra, Maurice
Ezrati, Albert
Felous, Allegra
Felous, Avraam
Felous, Chryssoula
Felous, Elias
Felous, Jacce (Jacob)
Felous, Markos
Feretzi, Albertos
Feretzi, Moissi
Feretzi, Sadon
Fischmann, Martha
Fischmann, Victoria
Florentin, Fani
Florentin, Fanny (Flora)
Florentin, Leon
Florentin, Morris
Florentin/Matalon, Fanny (aka Matilda)
Fornia, Aaron
Fornis, Abram(ino)
Fortis, Marcello
Fortis, Moissis (Mosheh) (Mimi) ('Byron')
Fortis, Moshe
Fortis, Pepo (Yosef)
Fraggis, Jacob
Fraggis, Simon
Frangis, Manolis
Frangis, Raoul (Raoul Francis)
Franies, Albert
Franzis, Manolis
Frezis, Avraam-Chaim
Frezis, Karmen
Frezis, Raphael A.
Frizis, Jacob
Frizis, Mordecai
Frizis, Mordechai
Fuerst, Jan (Jacob)
Gabai, Dario
Gani, Albert
Gani, Joseph
Gani, Moise
Gani, Pepo
Ganis, Marko
Ganis, Mordos Yosif
Ganis, Solomon
Ganis, Solon
Gategno, Joseph
Gategno, Saltiel
Gatenio, David
Gattegno, Joseph
Gattegno, Shealtiel
Gavrielides, Albert
Gavrielides, Samuel Leon
Georgio, Constantin (Costa)
Gerson, Jacob
Giladi, Alberto
Hacohen, David
Hadjis, Solon
Hadjis, Yohanas (Johanan) ('Skoufas')
Hadjis, Yohannas
Haham, Menahem (Hatzopoulos)
Haim, Maurice (Dr.)
Haim, Morris
Hakim, Iliya
Hakla'i, Zeev
Halvadji, Raoul
Hamami, Benjamin
Hanokh, Hayyim
Harari, Yehuda
Harari, Yitshak
Harnak, Falk
Hassid, Eli
Hassid, Joseph
Hassid, Yosef
Hasson, Avraham "Barbadavas"
Hasson, Moise
Hasson, Moissis
Hasson, Pepo
Hasson, Sabas (Savas Sabbas)
Hasson, Savas
Hasson, Shabtai
Hatzopoulos, Apostolos
Hatzopoulos, Minas
Hayyim, Morris
Hiotis, Stellios
Hirshhorn, Theodore
Honen, Nathan
Iakovou, Haim
Iakovou, Sabbas
Idis (aka Idas), Leon
Iessoulas, Alberto
Iessoulas, Moissis, Elia
Iosef, Isaak Ovadias
Isaak, Achar
Ishak, Luna
Ishak, Mentesh
Ishak, Pekho
Issis (Izis), Yoseph
Issis, Savvas
Jachon, Abert
Jacquel, Yomtov (aka Yomtov Yacoel)
Kabeli, Matika
Kakis, Albert
Kakis, Carmen
Kakis, Drama
Kakis, Emil
Kakis, Frederic
Kakis, Zach
Kakis, Zack
Kalderan, David
Kalderan, Samuel
Kalderon, Charlo
Kalderon, Gita
Kalderon, Julie
Kalderon, Luna
Kalefezra, Alekos
Kalefezra, Avraam
Kaltchev, Anton
Kamhi, Moise
Kamhi, Nissim
Kamhis, Moissis
Kaminsky, Kapo
Kapetas, Alegra
Kapetas, Elias
Kapetas, Solomon
Kapetas, Yahiel
Karasso, Avraam Alberto ('Aleko')
Karasso, Daniel
Karasso, Karol
Karasso, Moise
Karasso, Tziako 
Kasorla, Albert
Kastro, Solomon
Katan, Zhak
Kazes, Shmuel
Kazis, Aris ('Kolokotrone')
Kefalides, Ilias
Keramopoulos (Professor)
Kimhi, Nissim
Kimhi, Salomon
Koen, (Konen), Joseph
Kohen, Josif
Kondopolis, Fidel
Kone, Mishel
Kones, Elias
Kones, Moissis
Koretz (Rabbi)
Kostis, Isaac (Zak)
Koumeri, Yaakov (Jacob)
Kounio, Sarah
Kronos (aka J. Louis Cohen)
Kukulomatis, Jani
Kyrios (Doctor)
Lahanas, Joseph
Lambrakis (Doctor)
Lazar, Alberto
Lazar, Isaac
Lazar, Lazaros
Lazar, Nissim
Lazar, Salvator
Lembais, George
Lembisis, Jorgios
Lembisis, Sotiri
Levi, Aaron
Levi, Abraham
Levi, Albert
Levi, Alberto
Levi, Chaim Leon
Levi, Dario
Levi, Elias
Levi, Errikos
Levi, Haim
Levi, Jacques ("Perakles")
Levi, Jacques (Ya'akov) ('Perikles')
Levi, Kaity
Levi, Manolis
Levi, Matathias
Levi, Meir ("Agronos")
Levi, Moisi
Levi, Neino
Levi, Ovadia
Levi, Rosa
Levi, Rula (Rahel)
Levi, Samuel
Levi, Shimon
Levi, Solomon Abraam
Levi, Solon Avraam
Levi, Zacharia
Levis, David H.
Levis, Elias
Levis, Meyer
Levis, Moissis
Levis, Nellos
Levis, Sabetay
Levis, Zahos
Levy, Araham
Levy, Dr. Errikos
Levy, Eliahu
Levy, Emmanuel
Levy, Joseph
Levy, Mois
Louvaris, Nikos
Lovinger, Joseph
Magrizos, Yakov
Maissi, Simantov
Maltas, Raphael
Mano, Rachel
Mano, Raoul
Mantidis, Zissis
Margos, Clemy
Margos, Walter
Mariolis, Vasilis
Massarano, Matilda
Massot, Isaak
Matalon, Fani
Matalon, Leon
Matalon, Salomon
Matarasso, Matilde
Matathias, Moissis/Mosheh
Matathias, Zacko
Matityahu, Nissim
Matsas, Chaim
Matsas, Eliasif
Matsas, Joseph
Matsas, Michael
Matsas, Mois
Matsas, Pappas
Matsas, Solomon
Matsas, Yeshua
Matsil, Shlomo
Matsil, Shloo
Mavros, Gheorghios
Mazza, Elia
Mechoulam, Eliezer
Megas, Yiannis
Meir, Leon
Meir, Mois
Meli, Abroum
Metaxas, Ioannis
Mevorach, Avraam
Meyir, Samuel
Michael, Avraam
Minervo, Alberto Moses
Minervos, Jenny
Minervos, Salvator
Mionis (Miyonis), Yonas
Misan, Haim
Misrachi, Albertos
Misrahis, Haim
Misrahis, Mois
Mitoudi, Nico
Mitrani (poet)
Mitrani, Lili
Mitrani, Lily
Mitranis, Robert ('Hippokrates')
Mitsiales, Georges (aka Mitzales)
Mitzales, Georges (aka Mitsiales)
Miyuni, Moshe (Moissis Miyonis) (aka Moshe 'Katsapas')
Mizan, David
Mizan, Ilias
Mizan, Isaac
Mizan, Jacob
Mizan, Leon
Mizan, Sabetai
Mizan, Sami
Mizan, Saul
Mizan, Zakino
Mizrachi, Minas
Mizrachi, Sarina
Mizrahi, Alberto
Mizrahi, Yosef
Mizrahis, Zak
Modiano, Elio
Modiano, Sam
Moisis, Esdras Beniamin
Moissi, Jesse
Moissis ben Sabba, Hason
Moissis, Albertos (Avraam)
Moissis, Asher
Moissis, David
Moissis, Isaac (aka Yitzhak Mosheh)
Moissis, Levi
Molho, A. ('Napoleon')
Moltiah, Sophie
Montesantou, Angelica
Mordos, Moisis (Moshe)
Moschovitz, Menty (Medi)
Moshe, Asher
Moshe, Daisy Karasso
Moshe, Yitzhak (Kitsos)
Moshe, Yomtov (Malias)
Mosheh, (Malias), Yomtov
Mosheh, Yitshak ('Kitsos')
Mosheh, Yitzhak (aka Isaac Moissis)
Mosheh, Yomtov
Moskowitz, Medi
Moundrihas, Andreas (aka Orestis)
Mourtzoukos, Anselm
Mourtzoukou, Aliki
Myers, Eddie
Myller, Ernst (Dr.)
Nachmias, Dani Marc
Nadjary, Marcel
Nahmias (brothers)
Nahmias, David
Nahmias, Nina
Nahmias, Raphael
Nahmias, Sam
Nahoum, Ilias
Nahum, Shlomo
Nakamoulis, Eugen
Namer, Yossif
Natzari, Marsel
Negrin, Albert
Negrin, Benjamin
Negrin, Dr. Michael
Negrin, Isaac
Negrin, Moissis
Negrin, Moses (Morris)
Nehama, Isaac
Nehama, Joseph
Nikiforos (aka Dimitrios Dimitriou)
Nissahon, Roel
Nissan, Jacques (Zhak)
Nissim, Elias Sam
Nissim, Solomon
Nitsahon, Yoel
Noah, Isidore (Kapetan Sidris)
Noah, Mary
Noah, Paul
Noah, Shaul
Ntassa (Dassa), Isaac
Ourpanouras, Yannis
Ovadia, Isak
Ovadia, Salvator
Ovadia(s), Danny (Deno)
Ovadia(s), Minos
Ovadias, Avraam
Ovadias, Salvator
Ovvadias, Albertos Yosif
Papachrysanthou, Fivos
Papandreou, George
Papastratis, Sotiris
Pappas, Costa
Pardo, Barron
Pardo, Mois
Pardo, Savvas
Parnassos, Raul
Patchnik, Anya
Patchnik, Harry
Peles, Avram
Pepo, Joseph
Perahia, Flora
Perahia, P.
Perrikos, Kostas
Persky, Yitzhak
Pesondes, Baruh
Pessah, Allegra
Pessah, David
Pessah, Meshulam
Pessah, Moses (Rabbi)
Pessah, Rabbi (Moissis) Mosheh
Petros, Kapetan
Philosof, Esdras Elia
Philosof, Isaac
Philosof, Rafael Elia
Pilosof (Philosof), Isaac Avraam (Yitzhak)
Pinhas, Morris
Pinhas, Salomone
Pinto, Haim
Pipano, Erikos
Pipano, Maurice
Politis, Elias
Politis, Haim
Politis, Moissis
Ponomarenko, P. K.
Porat, Ben
Poulos, Constantine
Preznalis, Albert
Pulos, Yaakov
Raban, Dora (Dorika)
Radcliff, Geoffrey
Rapetis, Y.
Raphael, David
Refael, Alhi
Revi, Leon
Rhalles, Ioannis
Riades (Mrs.)
Rigas, Constantinos
Romano, Avraam
Rosenberg, Ephraim
Rousso, David (Davico)
Rousso, Isaac
Rousso, Isaac Samuel
Rousso, Jacob
Rousso, Yitzhak
Rozen, Simantov
Sabas, Pesos
Sabbetai, Aaron
Sabbetai, Minas
Sabbetai, Moissis
Sabbetai, Raphael
Sabetai, Dr.
Sabetai, Savas
Sadicario, Israel
Safan, Albert
Saias, Raul
Saki, Yitshak
Sakias, Joseph-Jacob
Sakis (Sakias), Eli
Sakis, Isaac
Sakis, Leon
Sakis, Moissis
Sakis, Yosef
Sakki, Elli
Sakkis, Elias
Sakkis, Isaac
Sakkis, Leon
Sakkis, Moissis
Sakkis, Pepos
Sako, Albertiko
Salem, Albert
Salem, Mordecai
Saltiel, Angel (Ansel)
Saltiel, Hayyim
Saltiel, Manolis
Saltiel, Raoul
Samarias, Ioseph
Samarias, Pepos
Sampatei (Sabetai), Menahem
Samuel, David
Sandas, Postolos
Saoul, Albert
Saporata, Joe
Saporta, Moris
Sarafis, Stephanos
Saratsis, Nicholas
Sarfati, Dr. Salvator
Sarfatty, Bouena
Sasson, David
Sasson, Isaac
Sasson, Salomon
Savvas, Iakov
Schiakim, Itzhak
Schibi, Barukh
Sciaki, Abraham
Sciaki, Salomon
Sciakis, Yitshak
Segora, Mosheh ('Toto')
Selomo brothers
Serafis, Stephen
Serris, Moissis
Shak, Avram
Shenka, Shlomo
Shibi, Barukh
Shimshi, Ido (aka Kapetan Makkabaios)
Shimshi, Ido (aka Makkabaios)
Shimshi, Into ('Makkabaios')
Siaki, Elias
Siaki, Isaac
Siaki, Jacob
Siakis, Joseph
Siakis, Leon
Siakis, Moissis
Sidarikis, Israel
Sidis, Sam
Sidis, Samuel
Somidis, Solon
Soulam, David
Soussis, Isaac
Soussis, Jacques
Stroumsa, Moris
Stroumza family
Stroumza, Guy
Sustiel, Avraham
Svolis, Abraam
Svolis, Emby
Svolis, Ilias
Svolis, Michael
Tabokh, Yoseph
Taraboulous, Yoseph Nisim
Theofanides, Stavros
Tiano, David
Tiano, Michael
Tipes, Gilesus
Touron, Zacharias
Tragonis, Michail
Tragounis, Michael
Trumpeldor, Joseph
Tshuvah, David
Tshuvah, Jacko
Tsiako, Anjil
Tsimas, Andreas
Tsis, Yoseph
Tzachon, Alberto
Uris, Leon
Vafiades, Markos
Valais, Mihalis
Valestai, Shimon
Valestra, Yaakov (aka Balestra)
Varon, Avraam
Varon, Max
Varouh, Joseph
Varsano, Saby (Sampetai)
Vashem, Yad
Veissi, Eliyahu
Vellelis, Alberto
Vellelis, Emmanuel
Velouhiotis, Aris
Venezia, Hugo Barouh
Venezia, Isaak
Venezia, Mois
Venezia, Salomone (Shlomo)
Ventura, Jacques
Ventura, Zhak (Jacques)
Vidalis, Kostas
Vital, Beraha
Vitalis, Theophilos
Vyronis, Michael
Xazan, Basilis
Yacoel, Yomtov (aka Yomtov Jacquel)
Yahbes, Albert
Yahbes, Esther
Yahon, Albertos
Yahon, Stella
Yakoel, Yomtov
Yanni (Doctor)
Yanni, Dr.
Yehoshua, Sara ('Sarika')
Yerushalmi, Aron
Yeshurum, Morris
Yesoulas, Albertos
Yesoulas, Moissis
Yesouroum, Iakob
Yesouroum, Mois
Yessurum, Dr. Moissis
Yoseph, Pepo
Zak, Minas
Zakar, Ioseph
Zakar, Menahem
Zakar, Yosef
Zakythinos (Professor)
Zannas, Kosta
Zavitsanos, Costa
Zervas, Napoleon
Zion, Bezha


  1. I didn't realize there was as 'C" in the Greek alphabet. My maiden name was Carasso, but i think in Greece it was Karaso...Why are there all the "c" names?

  2. I know - I guess it depends on how it was translated.


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