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George Brown, Theodore Anton, and Other Early Greek-American Boxers

GEORGE BROWN, THEODORE ANTON, AND OTHER EARLY GREEK-AMERICAN BOXERS Published in The National Herald, March 12-18, 2016 Issue Authored by Steve Frangos TNH Staff Writer ------------------------------ We are excited to announce that  The National Herald  has given Hellenic Genealogy Geek the right to reprint articles that may be of interest to our group.  ------------------------------ CHICAGO - Incredibly, the first generation of professional Greek boxers is, today, only known to historians and avid connoisseurs of the sport.  Far from mere punch-drunks or has-been palookas professional Greek boxers such as George "Knock Out' Brown and Theodore "The Greek" Anton were long-time champions and holders of professional titles recognized across the nation.  It is an effortless matter to learn of the careers of such men as Brown and Anton by no more than scanning the sports pages of the early 1900s. What in fact is so striking about


SECOND NATIONAL HELLENIC AMERICAN GENEALOGY CONFERENCE Saturday, May 21 st , 2016 (9:00 am – 5:00 pm) Conference location: National Hellenic Museum, 333 S. Halsted St., Chicago, IL 60661 ORGANIZED & FUNDED BY  EMBCA (EAST MEDITERRANEAN BUSINESS CULTURE ALLIANCE) IN ASSOCIATION WITH with support from the Andrew Kopan Fund at  National Hellenic Museum, Chicago, IL. ----- Conference costs are covered by EMBCA and there will be no charge; however, to insure seating and availability of handouts, registration is required - ----- CONFERENCE AGENDA 8:30  – 9:00 a.m. – Registration/ Coffee 9:00 – 9:15 a.m. – Welcome/Opening Remarks Moderator/ Host  of the event : Louis Katsos-  President/Founder , EMBCA John A. Calamos, Sr. – Chairman, National Hellenic Museum of Chicago 9:15 – 9:45 a.m. – “The World They Left Behind – The Rural Greece of the Emigra

Greek Masons in Africa: the case of the Karpathian Masons of the Sudan by Evangelia Georgitsoyanni

GREEK MASONS IN AFRICA:  THE CASE OF THE KARPATHIAN MASONS OF THE SUDAN By Evangelia N. Georgitsoyanni Published in the Journal of the Hellenic Diaspora, Issue 1 - Year 2003 ----- From the article introduction: The activity of the Greek masons (builders, marble-workers, carpenters, etc.) abroad, most of who originated from regions having a long tradition in these arts, constitutes an interesting aspect of the history of the Greek Diaspora. The case of those originating from Karpathos - the second largest island in the Dodecanese, which lies on the southeastern edge of the Aegean between Crete and Rhodes - is characteristic.  The Karpathians were the most numerous, and also the most active, builders and carpenters among the so-called "traditional" masons, who lived on the Aegean islands during the period of Turkish occupation.  They worked mainly on the nearby islands - especially on Crete - and in Asia Minor; they were temporary immigrants who wor

Village of SAVALIA, Municipality of Ilidos, Region of Ilias, Greece - FREE Translation of 1867 General Election List

The digital collections of the Greek State Archives offer a wealth of information to those of us interested in Greek genealogy.  As part of their online collection is the "Election Material From the Collection of Vlachoyiannis" .  This includes "General Election Lists" for each Municipality; recorded by community (city, village, settlement, etc.). You can view a scanned copy of each list, printed in the Greek language.  This is a GREAT resource, but very difficult to navigate for those who do not read Greek.  Each row includes:  Line # -  Given Name, Surname - Father's Name -  Age - Occupation. I have translated these pages and made them available in both Greek and English, doing my best to transcribe the information accurately.  I would always recommend viewing the original scanned copies (link below).    - To the best of my knowledge, these lists include all Males who were eligible to vote in the elections.