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List of 83 names in book "Children of the Greek Civil War" by Danforth & Van Boeschoten

  The book "Children of the Greek Civil War:  Refugees and the Politics of Memory" was authored by Loring M. Danforth and Riki Van Boeschoten and published in 2012 by The University of Chicago Press.   Below you will find a Description of the book, Table of Contents, and a  list of the 83 names mentioned in the book . Description : At the height of the Greek Civil War in 1948, thirty-eight thousand children were evacuated from their homes in the mountains of northern Greece. The Greek Communist Party relocated half of them to orphanages in Eastern Europe, while their adversaries in the national government placed the rest in children’s homes elsewhere in Greece. A point of contention during the Cold War, this controversial episode continues to fuel tensions between Greeks and Macedonians and within Greek society itself. Loring M. Danforth and Riki Van Boeschoten present here for the first time a comprehensive study of the two evacuation programs and the lives of the children t

150 born in Greece - Chicago Voter Registers 1888-1892

This is interesting! has a FREE database titled " Illinois, Chicago, Voter Registers 1888-1892 ".  It includes 150 people born in Greece .  The interesting thing is that these 150 people would have had to be naturalized citizens of the U.S. , prior to 1888-1892, in order for them to register to vote. You will be able to see the indexed information on  To see the digitized copy of the actual Voter Register you will have to visit a Family History Center or a Family Search Affiliate Library.  Description: This collection contains an index of voter registers in Chicago, from the Northern District of Illinois including the towns of Lake View, Hyde Park, and Lake from 1888-1892. The following information may be found in these records: Congressional District Ward Precinct Residence Name Nativity Color Term Of Residence:Precinct;County;State Naturalized Date of Papers Court Date of Application to be Registered


GROWING UP IN ASTORIA: RECOLLECTIONS OF A GREEK-AMERICAN YOUTH  By Peter Nicolelis published in The National Herald  Jan 9, 2021   The National Herald has given permission to post articles that are of interest to our group. -------------------------------------------- I lived my formative years in the mid 30’s and 40’s with my parents and my sister Vasilea in a three-story, six-unit apartment building. Our unit was the front two-bedroom apartment on the third floor. The apartment rented for $40 per month.  My best friends were all Greek-American boys, each of whose parents had migrated from Greece or from Asia Minor. All of our parents became American citizens, first generation Greek-Americans.  The meeting place for me and my best friends was the Saint Demetrios Church on 31st Street in Astoria. Going to church and meeting after the Liturgy was a Sunday ritual. During those years I believe that the Astoria community was the largest parish in the Greek Orthodo

List of 101 Greeks named in book "Greece, the Hidden Centuries" by David Brewer

  The book “Greece, the Hidden Centuries:  Turkish Rule from the Fall of Constantinople to Greek Independence” by David Brewer .  The book was first published in 2010 by I. B. Tauris & Co. Ltd. Below you will find a description of the book, Table of Contents, and a list of the 101 Greek names mentioned in the book . Book Description : For almost 400 years, between the fall of Constantinople and the Greek War of Independence, the history of Greece is shrouded in mystery, distorted by Greek writers and begging the question: What was life really like for the Greeks under Ottoman rule?  In this wide-ranging yet concise history, David Brewer explodes many of the myths about Turkish rule of Greece. He places the Greek story in wider, international context and casts fresh light on the dynamics of power not only between Greeks and Ottomans, but also between Muslims and Christians, both Orthodox and Catholic, throughout Europe. This absorbing account of a crucial period will ensure th

20 born in Greece - California, Honor Roll of Californians who served in WWI 1914-1918

Image has a FREE database titled California, Honor Roll of Californians who served in WWI 1914-1918 which includes 20 people born in Greece and 3 born in Turkey. The first image is of the card that is filled out by the person being honored.  The title reads:  Return to California War History Committee, State Council of Defense, State Capitol, Sacramento, Cal. Information included: Service No. Name in Full County Home Address Town Birth Date and Place Color Years in California Father's name and Place of Birth Mother's maiden name and Place of Birth Occupation of Registrant Wife's maiden name, Date of Marriage, Children Nearest relative and address, relationship Local board where registered Branch of service entered Date registered Serial No. Order No. Place or camp assigned to The second image is an atached biographical sketch written by the person being honored.  The form states "In the space below write in any interesting facts pertaining to history of

105 born in Greece, Cyprus, Turkey - North Carolina, Wilmington Cemetery Records 1852-2005

Image has a FREE database titled NORTH CAROLINA, WILMINGTON CEMETERY RECORDS 1852-2005 which includes 105 people born in either Greece, Cyprus, or Turkey. This collection contains cemetery records from the Oakdale Cemetery Company for Wilmington, North Carolina. Microfilm of original records are at the Oakdale Cemetery in Wilmington, North Carolina. The following information may be found in these records: The given names of deceased Date and place of death Certificate or Record Number Birthplace and sex of deceased Birth year and age of deceased Names of Mother, Father and spouse