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Greek Handwriting Samples

The following sample posted by Dartmouth College is very interesting.  It shows the same phrase written 13 different ways (as if by 13 different people).   Greek Today - Handwriting Samples   The same would apply in English.  We were all taught how to write the alphabet in grammar school, using a very structured formation of the letters.  If we sat down with 13 different people, 10 years later, what would their handwriting look like?  Here are a few more examples you might find helpful. Greek Handwriting - previously posted on in April 12, 2009 Greek Alphabet Handwritten  - YouTube video  Greek Handwriting - Handwritten Letters in Greece by Harry Foundalis

Has the Google Maps Street View car been to your ancestors village in Greece? Agios Ioannis, Sparta, Laconia featured

Has the Google Maps Street View car been to your ancestor's village in Greece?   I recently found that it had driven through 5 of my ancestor's villages in 2011.  Below is a photo from their drive through Agios Ioannis, Sparta, Laconia    Follow this link to view the TRIP THROUGH AGIOS IOANNIS .  .  This is a car driving through the village's main road with a 360 degree camera mounted on the top of the car.  You can view this in several different ways: 1) the bottom strip of photographs are highlights from the video;  2)  on the lower right side of the main picture you will see "backward and forward" symbols < > which will allow you to move forward on the road incrementally;  3) you can place your cursor on the road and drag your way forward;  4) on the bottom right side of the main picture is a red and white pointer surrounded by circular arrows which will allow you to look at a 360 degree view from any point on the road. There are

1905 Advertisement for Greek-American Shoe Shining Parlor - Kaplis and Karakostas - Leavenworth, Kansas

This advertisement was run in  The Leavenworth Post Leavenworth, Kansas 10 October 1905 Up-to-Date Greek-American New  Shoe Shining Parlor The Best Shine in This City ----- All Shines 5 cents ----- For Ladies and Gents. ----- Call and see us ----- N. Kaplis & Karakostas Co. 302 Delaware St., Leavenworth, Ks.

BOOK - History of the Island of Kos: Ancient - Medieval - Modern; by Vasilis Hatzivasileiou; Translated into English by Dr. Nicholas Itsines

HISTORY OF THE ISLAND OF KOS (Ancient - Medieval - Modern) by Vasilis S. Hatzivasileiou Translated Into English by Dr. Nicholas G. Itsines This book is available exclusively from the Municipality of Kos Tel:  0030 22423 60400 email: I initially learned about this book through an article in THE NATIONAL HERALD - "Translation of Book about History of Kos Island is Presented in Astoria" by Constantine S. Sirigos, published in the January 17-23, 2015 issue. The following information is from the website of   S. Claus. Hatzivassiliou It is described as being 802 pages - "An elegant, gold-bound edition, which includes Geography, Topography and the whole History of the Political, Social, Economic and Cultural life of the Koans from the pre-Historical period until the Union of the Dodecanese with Greece.  The work is accompanied with 500 rare photographs, of which 220 are in color, and a colored foldable archaeological map

Graveyard Overcrowding Stokes Cremation Debate in Greece

The following article is informative and may help some of you understand circumstances surrounding your own ancestors deaths. GRAVEYARD OVERCROWDING STOKES CREMATION DEBATE IN GREECE by Claire Brennan Published by the BBC News on 3 May 2015   George Vlassis flew almost 500km (310 miles) from Athens to Corfu to bury his father, Alexander. His bones had been packed in a tin container after they were exhumed from a graveyard in Zografou in the Greek capital. "I had to explain to the airport staff what they were going to find inside," Mr Vlassis told the BBC. After a long journey, he arrived on the island and buried the remains in a private grave in his village. Finally, his father had a permanent resting place. Mr Vlassis's story is not an unusual one in Greece. Burial in the country's largest cities has long been a temporary measure. A shortage of land means cemeteries in Athens and Thessaloniki are overcrowded. There are no crematoria in Greece, so g

Village of XIROKABI, Municipality of Faridos, Region of Lakonia, Greece - FREE Translation of 1873 General Election List

The digital collections of the Greek State Archives offer a wealth of information to those of us interested in Greek genealogy.  As part of their online collection is the "Election Material From the Collection of Vlachoyiannis" .  This includes "General Election Lists" for each Municipality; recorded by community (city, village, settlement, etc.). You can view a scanned copy of each list, printed in the Greek language.  This is a GREAT resource, but very difficult to navigate for those who do not read Greek.  Each row includes:  Line # -  Given Name, Surname - Father's Name -  Age - Occupation. I have translated these pages and made them available in both Greek and English, doing my best to transcribe the information accurately.  I would always recommend viewing the original scanned copies (link below).    - To the best of my knowledge, these lists include all Males who were eligible to vote in the elections.