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Greek Genealogy - 3/29/10 New Links

Here is another group of links that I haven't had a change to categorize yet on ----- Petros and Nikos Spanakos - twin brothers and professional boxers, remember growing up in Brooklyn - LISTEN to the interview Hellenic Headquarters in Santiago, Chile - webpages in both Spanish and Greek - (for those who only read English, use an online translator like Google Translate   Hellenic Archives Documents - two books you can view online with MANY great old 19th  and 20th century photographs from Athens and Thessaloniki, Greece. "A Study of the Greeks in Chicago" by Grace Abbott - 15 page article originally printed in the American Journal of Sociology in 1909. This article is about the Greeks in Chicago, but,  in my opinion, would apply to Greeks anywhere in the United States during the early 1900s.   The basis for this article was a study done by Hull House and includes some statistics, but is  definitely worth reading for the c

Greek War of Independence 1821 - celebrating March 25th

On March 25th Greece is celebrating the 189th anniversary since the outbreak of the Greek War of Independence (1821) that led to the establishment of the modern Greek State. Here are a few links for further reading: Greek News Agenda - March 24, 2010 - Celebrating the Greek War of Independence Greek War of Independence - Hellenica Greek War of Independence - Wikipedia --------------- Georgia Keilman nee Stryker (Stratigakos)      

Greeks in Phoenix - 509 Greek Names

“The Greek community in Phoenix began in 1907, when the Sanichas brothers, Charles and Chris, arrived in the city to establish the Sanichas Confectionery Store. By 1912, the year of Arizona's statehood, the community had grown to nine families, including the Georgouses family of five brothers. In 1930, ground was broken for the construction of the Hellenic Community House, where religious services were held until l947, when the Hellenic Orthodox Church was built. Today the legacy of the area's Greek pioneers lives on through the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral, which has established a research archive and museum to preserve and celebrate the Greek history of Phoenix.” ----- TABLE OF CONTENTS Acknowledgments Introduction Chapter 1 – The First Families Chapter 2 – Birth of Greek Community Chapter 3 – Holy Trinity Church Chapter 4 – The Latter Years Chapter 5 – Business Chapter 6 – Organizations Chapter 7 – Social Events Chapter 8 – Civic Lead

Greek Genealogy - 3/20/10 New Links

And, here is another group of links that I haven't had a chance to categorize on ---------- 1873 - Studio portrait of models wearing traditional clothing - a Christian resident of Magossa (Famagusta, Cyprus), a Christian woman of Magossa, and a Greek monk of the Monastery of Tchiko, near Lefke (Lefka, Cyprus) Kytherian Association of Australia Greece Traditions:  Information about the customs and traditions of Greece - provided by NEO Magazine Online - celebrates Greek-Americans Map - about 1688 - Peloponnesus, presently the Kingdom of Morea, Clearly Divided into All Its Provinces, Both Contemporary and Ancient, and to which is Added the Islands of Cefalonia, Zante, Cerigo, and St. Maura - Presented by World Digital Library (ability to zoom) 1914:  The Hellenic Genocide in the Danish Archives - Armenian, Assyrian and Hellenic Genocide News Google Ebook - The Settlement of New Smyrna by the Ancestors of a Majority of the Present Populati

Rare footage - German occupation of Greece 1941-44

I originally saw these videos a few weeks ago, but hesitated to post a link to them because of their disturbing, graphic images.  I have, however, decided to post them due to their historical significance for those of us that had relatives who lived through, or died during, the German occupation of Greece. Before watching, let me again warn you that the content is quite disturbing.   "Rare footage from the days of the German occupation of Greece )1941-44) as captured by Greek Army Officer Angelos Papanastasiou.  Directed by Peter Forgacs, Hungarian independent documentary filmmaker." Part 1 Part 2 Good luck with your Greek family history research. Georgia Keilman nee Stryker (Stratigakos)

Greek Genealogy - 3/18/10 New Links

Here is another group of uncategorized links that may be of value in your Greek genealogy research.   Tsintzina Society - Tsintzinian Families:  Origins and Histories - Andreou, Andritsakis, Atsalas, Camarinos, Canellos, Caravasos, Chronis, Constantakis, Constas, Costiannis, Coumuntzis, Dikaios, Doskas, Economikis, Economou, Farmakis, Gazetos, Georgitsos, Gerasimos, Gianios, Gianoukos, Gregoris, Heos, Kapetenakos, Kapsalis, Katsaros, Kostolambros, Lambros, Lascaris, Limberakis, Lourpas, Manos, Marinos, Nestopoulos, Nikolaides, Nikolakis, Nohos, Papadopoulos, Papageorgiou, Papapoulos, Papayanakos, Peliouras, Politis, Poulos, Prokos, Psychoyios, Roumanis, Seferlis, Serafis, sperides, Stratakos, Treiris, Tsakonas, Tselekis, Tsetseris, Tsoumos, Tsoutouras, Vamvalis, Varlas, Vlahos, Vlahothanasis, Voulomanos, Vournakis, Voutsanessis, Zacharias, Zachariou Map of 50 Largest Greek Diaspora Countries The First Wave, Beyond a White Australia - Passenger Stories - Six (6) interviews