1,385 Greeks in book “Australians and Greeks - Volume III: The Later Years” by Hugh Gilchrist

  The book “Australians and Greeks – Volume III:  The Later Years” by Hugh Gilchrist was published by Halstead Press in New South Wales, Australia in 2004.  The book includes information on 1,385 Greeks.  Below you will find the Table of Contents along with the 1,385 names of people included in the book. ----- You might also be interested in my previous posts on Volumes I & II in the Australians and Greeks series Australians and Greeks Volume I:  The Early Years Australians and Greeks Volume II:  The Middle Years ----- TABLE OF CONTENTS: I               Prelude to War II             1941:  Advance and Withdrawal III            The War Service of Australia’s Greeks IV            The Home Front V             Australians in Occupied Greece VI            The Care of War Graves VII          Liberation and Division VIII         Planning Post-War Relief IX            The Red Cross in Greece X             The Jewish Medical Team XI            United Na