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BOOK - 1,573 Names - The Arcadians of America - Volume 2

Book THE ARCADIANS OF AMERICA - History & Contribution Volume 2, IN THE LAND OF MY ANCESTORS by Petros I. Sarantakis Published by the PAN ARCADIAN FEDERATION OF AMERICA, 2018 ----- Note:  This volume is based on meticulous research.  Every village is included with details on contributions made, by those in the diaspora, to improve their homeland.  Many needed aquaducts to deliver fresh water directly to the village, donations to help orphans and provide poor women with dowries, build local churches and schools, etc. ----- For your reference I have included the CONTENTS and a list of the 1,573 NAMES included in the book.   ----- Note:  To purchase contact Anna Harisiadis Executive Secretary PFA Headquarters 880 N. York Rd. Elmhurst, IL 60126 630-833-1900 630-833-1956 fax ---------- CONTENTS INTRODUCTION PAN ARCADIAN HOSPITAL OF TRIPOLIS MANTINEIA GORTYNIA MEGALOPOLIS KYNOURIA ANNEX Arcadia Prefecture Map Index of Cities,