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Musician playing "askomantoura" (bagpipe) from Crete

This photo is courtesy of Helene Semanderes who brought it to my attention on Facebook. Froso Gryllaki (musician) playing "askomantoura" from Arhanes, Crete Φρόσω Γρυλλάκη, μουσικός ασκομαντούρας από Αρχάνες.... --------------------- The Askomantoura is a bagpipe made out of the skin of a lamb. You can read some interesting information about the Askomantoura on the following music folklore link -

The Xylouris Family Affair: A Documentary

Originally posted by the Greek News Agenda - Monday, May 27, 2013 "A new documentary unfolding the history of the Xylouris family, Crete's leading musical clan, is currently in progress in Greece and Australia. . . . . . ."   Read entire article

Can someone help translate this?

My grandfather's sister embroidered this table runner in 1922.  My cousin had it framed and it is hanging in her dining room.  We know it's lovely, but none of us understand exactly what it says.  Can someone translate this for us? Thanks, Georgia