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American Reactions to the Asia Minor Deportations in 1922

AMERICAN REACTIONS TO THE ASIA MINOR DEPORTATIONS IN 1922 by Stavros T. Stavridis published in The National Herald June 10, 2006 The National Herald has given permission to post articles that are of interest to our group. -------------------------------------------- This article will outline how the eyewitness accounts of two American Near East Relief workers, Dr. Mark Ward and F. Yowell, concerning the deportations and massacres of Christians in Asia Minor had mobilized organizations and individuals in the United States into action. These eyewitness testimonies were published in the major U.S. newspapers. It should be noted that American organizations and individuals supported the British Government's initiative to establish an inter-Allied commission of inquiry into the atrocities committed in Asia Minor.  Lobby groups, Churches, missionary organizations and private citizens organized meetings, sent letters and telegrams

3,450 Greece born - Washington Deaths and Burials, 1810-1960

Image has a FREE database named WASHINGTON DEATHS AND BURIALS, 1810-1960 .  There are 3,450 people naming Greece as their place of birth , and an additional 901 people naming Turkey . This database consists of a searchable partial index that includes the following fields:  Name, Name Note, Event Type, Event Date, Event Place, Address, Residence Place, Gender, Age, Marital Status, Ethnicity, Race, Occupation, Birth Year, Birthplace, Death Date, Death Place, Funeral Home, Cemetery.   To view the actual death certificate you will need to click the light blue box in the upper right corner and browse through the microfilmed copies that have been digitized.

Book on Sfakia, Crete: Tradition in the Frame - Photography, Power, and Imagination

Book  TRADITION IN THE FRAME:  Photography, Power, and Imagination in Sfakia, Crete by Konstantinos Kalantzis Published by Indiana University Press, August 2019 Description: Sfakians on the island of Crete are known for their distinctive dress and appearance, fierce ruggedness, and devotion to traditional ways. Konstantinos Kalantzis explores how Sfakians live with the burdens and pleasures of maintaining these expectations of exoticism for themselves, for their fellow Greeks, and for tourists. Sfakian performance of masculine tradition has become even more meaningful for Greeks looking to reimagine their nation's global standing in the wake of stringent financial regulation, and for non-Greek tourists yearning for rootedness and escape from the post-industrial north. Through fine-grained ethnography that pays special attention to photography,  Tradition in the Frame  explores the ambivalence of a society expected to conform to outsiders' perception of the tradition

Are You a Descendant of an Immigrant from Asia Minor?

In May of this year , researchers from the Samuel Proctor Oral History Program's Ottoman Greeks of the United States Project will be conducting interviews with second and third-generation descendants of immigrants to the US from regions of the former Ottoman Empire which constitute modern Turkey . We will be visiting Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Houston, Jersey City, Memphis, Orange-Connecticut, Philadelphia, and Toronto . If you know anyone who would be interested in being interviewed please have them contact me directly: ( 727-207-0623) Established in 2017, the Ottoman Greeks of the United States Project is a Big Data project whose goal is to preserve the stories of Ottoman Greek immigrants in the United States. With this goal in mind our researchers have collected over 250 interviews and over 20,000 images of photographs, two and three-dimensional objects, and documents and books in English, Greek (Demotic and Katharevousa), Ottoman, modern Turk