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Forgotten Heroes: Greek-Americans Write Home

  Forgotten Heroes:  Greek-Americans Write Home By Peter S. Giakoumis Published in The National Herald July 17, 2021   The National Herald has given HellenicGenealogyG e permission to post articles that are of interest to our group --------------------------------------------  How did the Americanized Greeks get their story back to relatives and friends in the United States? How did we inherit intimate knowledge of the exploits of the forgotten heroes? The true answer runs contrary to a commonly held belief. Today we have first-hand accounts from the battlefields of the Balkans because Americanized Greeks wrote letters, thousands of them, to friends and family in the United States. Yes, they had the ability to read and write in Greek, and some could carry on conversations in English, with American accents of course. Others could actually read and write in English, perhaps not fluently, but well enough. The letters and post cards they sent often included information unknown to th