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155 born in Greece - Idaho Naturalization Records, 1892-1990 - FREE database

Image  has a new  FREE  database titled  "Idaho Naturalization Records, 1892-1990"  which  includes 155 people born in Greece and an additional 9 people born in Turkey. What’s Included in this Database: This collection contains naturalization records from the state of Idaho. Information that may be provided in the original records includes: Name Birth Date Birth Place Immigration Year Place of Residence Occupation Date of Departure Place of Departure Place of Arrival Spouse's Name, Birth Date, and Residence Number of Children Each child's Name, Birth Date, Birth Place, and Residen ce Introduction to Naturalization Records: The act and procedure of becoming a citizen of a country is called naturalization. In the U.S.,  naturalization  is a judicial procedure that flows from Congressional legislation. From the time the first naturalization act was passed in 1790 until 1906, there were no uniform standards. As a consequence, bef