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4,657 Greeks in U.S., Army Transport Service, Passenger Lists, 1910-1939

April 3, 2017  added a new database titled  U.S. Army Transport Service, Passenger Lists, 1910-1939  that  contains 4,657 people recorded as having lived in Greece.   If you do not have a subscription to, remember that you can access the program at most of your local libraries for  FREE. ----- Description of collection: About This Collection The U.S. Army Transport Service (ATS) was established in 1899 as part of the Army Quartermaster Department. It was originally created to manage the transport of troops and cargo on Army ships that travelled between U.S. and overseas ports during the Spanish-American War. During World War I, the Quartermaster Corps managed the Army's deepwater fleet. The records in this collection consist of passenger lists created between 1910 and 1939. These lists recorded details on all persons arriving at U.S. ports on ATS ships. In addition to troops, passengers could also include nurses and other support

1924-1936 Hellenic Review Newspaper (Seattle) Digitized - Online Access

Source:  GREEKS OF WASHINGTON, Spring 2017 The Greeks of Washington Museum recently learned that copies of the  WASHINGTON HELLENIC REVIEW , the Seattle Greek newspaper, published from 1924 to 1936 and housed in the Unites States Library of Congress has been digitized and will soon be available at .  This publication preceded the  AHEPA MENTOR  as the primary medium for news and communication in the Greek community in Seattle.   Original copies of the publication are also available in the Greeks in Washington Archive.

PARISH PROFILE: Holy Trinity - St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, Cincinnati, Ohio

This profile was published in the September 1998 Orthodox Observer, and can be read in full online - PARISH PROFILE:  Holy Trinity - St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church LOCATION:  Cincinnati, Ohio FOUNDED:  1907 - oldest parish in Ohio This parish reflects Christ's statement to the Apostle Peter that "the gates of hades will not prevail" against His Church. For the original Holy Trinity community, Greek politics and the Great Depression undermined its existence, but did not prevail. The Greek Orthodox Christian presence in Cincinnati began to the 19th century. According to an extensive history by retired Judge John Steven Moralies, several Greek's came to Cincinnati as early as the 1840s, when it was the nation's sixth largest city and a center for many industries. Among the most notable 19th century Greeks in Cincinnati were Professor John N. Zachos, who collaborated with famed educator Horace Mann to es

Library at Hellenic College Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology

The Archbishop Iakovos Library & Learning Resource Center at Hellenic College Holly Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology Brookline, Mass. ----- Personal Note:  I have been able to borrow a very rare book written about my grandfather's village in Greece from this library utilizing my local public library's inter-library loan program.   ----- The facility serves the school and the greater academic and religious community by supporting the curricula of the undergraduate college and the master’s level theological seminary programs and by offering research materials for scholarly work. The Library's resources are housed in the Archbishop Iakovos Library and the adjoining Cotsidas-Tonna Library. Principal collections include acquisitions in Orthodox theology, Classics, Byzantine history, and Modern Greek studies. The Library houses over 60,000 monographic volumes, over 400 active serial titles, and a large number of audio-visual materials. In addition, the h

New Book Released on Genocide in the Ottoman Empire

The National Herald publishes the following Literary Review authored by Eleni Sakellis April 15-21, 2017 NEW BOOK RELEASED ON GENOCIDE IN THE OTTOMAN EMPIRE ----- Book Title: GENOCIDE IN THE OTTOMAN EMPIRE - Armenians, Assyrians, and Greeks 1913-1923 Edited by George N. Shirinian ----- The Asia Minor and Pontus Hellenic Research Center (AMPHRC), based in Chicago, IL has released the sixth book in a series on the Genocide of the Greeks of Asia Minor, Pontos, and Eastern Thrace and of the Armenians and Assyrians. Genocide in the Ottoman Empire: the Armenians, Assyrians and Greeks, 1913-1923 edited by George N. Shirinian includes the recommendation of the International Conference on the Ottoman Turkish Genocides of Anatolian Christians, which was held at the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Educational Center in May, 2013. The conference was the first without the late Dr. Harry J. Psomiades, the visionary, pillar, and benefactor of the Center. S

Folk Arts Museum and Library of Dimitsana, Gortynia, Greece

FOLK ARTS MUSEUM AND LIBRARY Village of Dimitsana, Gortynia, Greece Dimitsana is a stone-built village with remarkable mansions, most of which are now restored. It is a typical sample of  Gortynia 's architecture and it is registered as a traditional one. Dimitsana's Library contains today about 35,000 books, manuscripts and documents. In Dimitsana's Museum, housed in the Library, there are collections of weaving, looms and handicrafts and an archaeological one. &

Greece's Forgotten Lucrative Tobacco Era - Tobacco Museum of Kavala

GREECE'S FORGOTTEN LUCRATIVE TOBACCO ERA Published in The National Herald, August 22-28, 2015 Issue Authored by Anthe Mitrakos ------------------------------ We are excited to announce that  The National Herald  has given Hellenic Genealogy Geek the right to reprint articles that may be of interest to our group.  ------------------------------ ----------------------- KAVALA, GREECE – Greece is in modern days is surely known for producing a number of local goods like feta cheese, Chios masticha, and the best olive oil in the world. But not many people know that the country was once host to a booming tobacco production industry. In fact, in the 19th and 20th centuries, the economies of a number of Greek cities relied almost exclusively on the cultivation and sale of tobacco leaves, according to a Johns Hopkins University Press research paper by National Technical University of Athens Associate Professor Maria Renetzi.  In the Northern Greece

960 Greece Born - New Jersey Naturalization Records, 1878-1945

Image  has a database titled  New Jersey, Naturalization Records, 1878-`1945  that  contains 960 people recorded as being born in Greece.    If you do not have a subscription to, remember that you can access the program at most of your local libraries for  FREE. ----- Description of database: Naturalization is the act and procedure of becoming a citizen of a country, in this case, a citizen of the United States. The records involved in this process include declarations of intention, petitions for naturalization, certificates of arrival, and oaths of allegiance. Although all of these forms appear in this collection, only the petitions for naturalizations were indexed. So, once you locate your ancestor’s record, make sure to check the surrounding images to see if more information is available. The information that may appear on the petition forms includes the following: name, gender, age, birth date and place, petition date and place, dat

HARRY B. PLACKAS - Born in Greece - 1939 Indiana Funeral Record

The above image is the first page of this record, the second page is displayed below. Evans-Godby-Trout Funeral Home Records Hamilton County, Indiana Funeral Home Record for Harry B. Plackas, dated October 30, 1939. About Hamilton County, Indiana, Compiled Records From Hamilton East Public Library, 1891-1962 This database consists of various records that were provided by the Hamilton East Public Library in Noblesville, Indiana Within this database appears: Funeral Home Records from Evans-Godby-Trout Funeral Home Indiana Teacher's Directories, Hamilton County 1920 City Directory of Noblesville, Indiana Funeral Home Records comprise most of the database. These records often have details regarding a person's death and burial. They typically tell you when and where an ancestor died, how old they were, and where they were born. Some records have the name and birthplace of the deceased's parents, as well. Source Information:  Hamilt

The Book Nook: Yet Another Important Building in Greek American History

THE BOOK NOOK: YET ANOTHER IMPORTANT BUILDING IN GREEK AMERICAN HISTORY Published in The National Herald, May 28-June 3, 2016 Issue Authored by Steve Frangos TNH Staff Writer ------------------------------ We are excited to announce that  The National Herald  has given Hellenic Genealogy Geek the right to reprint articles that may be of interest to our group.  ------------------------------ ----------------------- When the book on Greek-American Monuments is finally compiled a lengthy entry on the Book Nook in Bloomington IN must see inclusion. Through various archival collections, historical markers, public statues and other sustained preservation efforts it is clear Americans clearly recognize the importance of this structure, the actions of its various Greek owners and how their daily lives have had a lasting influence on the people and culture of southern Indiana. My account here is merely to make these local efforts known more widely. Now

An Encounter with the Greeks of Chile by Alexander Billinis

The published the article AN ENCOUNTER WITH THE GREEKS OF CHILE on February 18, 2010, authored by our friend, Alexander Billinis. "I spent the summer of 1996 studying and working in Chile, as part of a law school exchange program. As always in my world travels, I sought out the Greek community. I had heard stories from my father about his own sailor father’s travels to Chile, where he described a strong Greek community in the 1930s, centered, as usual, around shipping and mercantile activities, with the largest communities in the capital, Santiago, and the nearby Pacific port of Valparaiso (Valley of Paradise). The tragic events of the past weekend have brought my thoughts back to Chile, and to its small Greek community. When compared to the Greek communities in North America, Australia, or parts of Europe, the Greek Chilean community is very small, and highly assimilated. This is a characteristic of Greek communities throu

A Eulogy for Dawson, New Mexico Where Greek Miners Worked and Died

A EULOGY FOR DAWSON, NEW MEXICO WHERE GREEK MINERS WORKED AND DIED Published in The National Herald, March 18-24, 2017 Issue Authored by Steve Frangos TNH Staff Writer ------------------------------ We are excited to announce that  The National Herald  has given Hellenic Genealogy Geek the right to reprint articles that may be of interest to our group.  ------------------------------ ----------------------- Rubble is all that marks what was once Dawson, NM. As such, there is too little there to even call it a “ghost town.” Yet, what does remain aside from the odd mound of debris is the town's cemetery, known both as Dawson Cemetery and Evergreen Cemetery.  Two terrible events led to the cemetery, not the town, being listed in 1992 on the National Register of Historical Places. Today, the Dawson Cemetery can be found at (approximately) four miles Northwest of junction US 64 and Dawson Road. The Dawson Cemetery is as much a part of Greek-A

1875 - Village of NEOCHORI, Municiplaity of Lykosoura, Region of Megalopolis , Greece - FREE Translation of 1875 General Election List

The digital collections of the Greek State Archives offer a wealth of information to those of us interested in Greek genealogy.  As part of their online collection is the "Election Material From the Collection of Vlachoyiannis" .  This includes "General Election Lists" for each Municipality; recorded by community (city, village, settlement, etc.). You can view a scanned copy of each list, printed in the Greek language.  This is a GREAT resource, but very difficult to navigate for those who do not read Greek.  Each row includes:  Line # -  Given Name, Surname - Father's Name -  Age - Occupation. I have translated these pages and made them available in both Greek and English, doing my best to transcribe the information accurately.  I would always recommend viewing the original scanned copies (link below).    - To the best of my knowledge, these lists include all Males who were eligible to vote in the elections.