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Early Anti-Greek Attacks in New York

EARLY ANTI-GREEK ATTACKS IN NEW YORK By Steve Frangos Published in The National Herald, February 3, 2007 ------------------------------ I am excited to announce that  The National Herald  has given Hellenic Genealogy Geek the right to reprint articles that may be of interest to our group.  ------------------------------ When I was small boy my yiayia (grandmother) told me that, whenever one of the old Greek men entered the room, I was to stand up and give him my chair. On more than one occasion, when I didn’t move fast enough, my yiayia reminded me by pulling me out of the chair. This sign of respect was not an empty gesture. Even in so small a thing as offering these men a seat was an acknowledgement of all that they had suffered; all that they were forced to sacrifice so we could live well. During the late 1880’s through the early 1900’s Greek immigrant men were being attacked for any number of reasons all across the country. The accounts which

1,548 names - Jewish Entrepreneurship in Salonica (Greece), 1912-1940

In January 18, 2018, John N. Vasilakos, made a post in our Hellenic Genealogy Geek Facebook group about this book.  It looked so interesting I decided to order a copy through my local public library's inter-library loan program.  Jewish Entrepreneurship in Salonica, 1912-1940, An Ethnic Economy in Transition By Orly C. Meron, published in 2011 by Sussex Academic Press ----- Below you will find a Description of the book, the Table of Contents, and a list of 1,548 Jewish names and Jewish firms mentioned in the book. ----- Description from back of book: Orly Meron reveals as never before Salonica's Jewish-owned economy between the years 1912-1940, during Greece's national consolidation period.  Based on original archival materials, she presents her comprehensive, comparative and inter-ethnic study of Jewish entrepreneurial patterns.  The macro analysis combines a comparative static overview of Salonica's Jewish versus Greek business behaviour together w