1,548 names - Jewish Entrepreneurship in Salonica (Greece), 1912-1940

In January 18, 2018, John N. Vasilakos, made a post in our Hellenic Genealogy Geek Facebook group about this book.  It looked so interesting I decided to order a copy through my local public library's inter-library loan program. 

Jewish Entrepreneurship in Salonica, 1912-1940, An Ethnic Economy in Transition

By Orly C. Meron, published in 2011 by Sussex Academic Press


Below you will find a Description of the book, the Table of Contents, and a list of 1,548 Jewish names and Jewish firms mentioned in the book.


Description from back of book:

Orly Meron reveals as never before Salonica's Jewish-owned economy between the years 1912-1940, during Greece's national consolidation period.  Based on original archival materials, she presents her comprehensive, comparative and inter-ethnic study of Jewish entrepreneurial patterns.  The macro analysis combines a comparative static overview of Salonica's Jewish versus Greek business behaviour together with a comparative analysis focusing on transitions in Jewish entrepreneurial patterns.  The micro analysis delves into Salonica's Jewish business elite:  class resources, family and ethnic networks, business strategies and organizational structures.  Her study sheds new light on the economic history of the Salonica;s Sephardic Jewish community before the Holocaust.



List of Tables, Figures and Maps
List of Illustrations
Explanatory Notes
PART ONE:  The Rise of a Jewish Economy in Ottoman Salonica, 1881-1912
1 Theoretical Framework
2 The Jewish Economy on the Eve of the Greek Annexation, 1881-1912
PART TWO:  From European Semi-Colonialism in Multi-National Ottoman Macedonia to Greek Nation-Statehood, 1912-1929
3 New Conditions for Jewish Entrepreneurship
4 Jewish Entrepreneurship after the Incorporation of Salonica, 1912-1922
5 Macro-Level Reconstructing the Jewish-Owned Economy, 1923-1929
PART THREE:  Jewish Entrepreneurial Response and the Jewish Economy during the 1930s
6 New Externalities and Impoverished Jewish Collective Resources, 1930-1938
7 Confronting the Economic Crisis, 1930-1933
8 Recovery and Survival within the Consolidating Greek Autarky, 1934-1937
9 Jewish Entrepreneurial Patterns and the Jewish Economy
10 Epilogue


(Shown exactly as published in book)

A. Arianoutsos & Co.
A. Guelermann (Kuelermann)
A.Y. Cazati & Mano
Abastado & Moche.(e)
Abastado Elie Moise
Abastado Haim
Abastado Haim & Cie
Abastado Haim D.
Abastado Moise S.
Abastado R. & Cie
Abastado Salomon D.
Aboav & Mordoh
Aboav Isaac & Cie
Aboav Isac I. & Cie
Abram & Franses Isac
Abram & Marcosis
Abram Benrubi
Abram Benveniste SA
Abram Elie Frances
Abram H. Hassid
Abram J. Juda
Abram L. Chimchi
Abram M. Angel
Abram M. Mattia
Abram Pelossof & Amariglio
Abravanel & Benveniste
Abravanel & Zaraya
Abravanel Ascer & Cie
Abravanel David
Abravanel Jacob
Abravanel L.
Abravanel Moise
Abravanel Moise, Ezratty & Cie
Abravanel S.
Abravanel Sam I.
Acher Isaac M.
Acher Isac
Acher Moise Fils
Acouni Joseph Jacob
Aelion & Hasid
Aelion David
Aelion Elie I.
Aelion Fils de Joseph
Aelion Isac & Cie
Aelion Levy & Sam
Aelion Sam & Cie
Aelion Vidal
Affias Freres
AGETRA, General Agency of Transport, Alain Hassid & Co. SA
Akouni Joseph
Akouni Samuel
Alba Freres
Albelda Avram D.
Albenda Abram
Alber J. Cohen
Albert D. Benveniste
Albert D. Saporta
Albert Elie Nefussy
Albert Iomtov Benveniste
Albert J. Ammir
Albert J. Menahem
Albert Joseph Benveniste
Albert Levy
Alcalai Nissim
Alcalay & Juda
Alcalay Nissim & Cie
Alcheh Haim A.
Alfandori Joseph & Haim
Algava Jacob
Algava Jacob M.
Allalouf & Cie
Allalouf & Co.
Allalouf Freres
Allalouf Jacob M.
Allalouf Sam
Almosino & Scapa
Almosnino Gabriel
Almosnino Haim
Almosnino Salomon
Altchech & Tazartes
Altcheh David
Altcheh David A.
Altcheh Eli
Altcheh Haim M.
Altcheh Isaac
Altcheh Isac
Altech & Saltiel
Alvo & Bendavid
Alvo & Nahmias
Alvo Freres
Alvo J. & I.
Alvo Pepo A.
Amar B. Biniamin
Amar Banque Societe anonyme
Amar Elie & Cie
Amar Felix & Cie
Amar Freres
Amar Henri
Amar Vita
Amaradji Baruh & Moise
Amaradji Jesua Fils de
Amaraggi & Salmona
Amarglio & Mallah
Amariglio & Tazartes & Revah & Cie
Amariglio Isac
Amariglio S. & Fils
Amariglio S.D. & Fils
Amariglio Samuel D.
Amariglio, Tazartes & Revah
Amiel Isac A.
Amiel Joseph
Amiel Saul I.
Amir & Mevorah
Amir Albert
Ammir & Mevorah
Ammiras & Levy
Angel & Haguel
Angel & Matalon
Angel & Safan
Angel & Saltiel
Angel & Sciaky
Angel A. David
Angel Abram
Angel Abram S.
Angel Abram Salomon
Angel Aelion et Cie
Angel Daniel & Cie
Angel Elie
Angel Freres
Angel Isaac J.
Angel Isaac Salomon
Angel Isac Joseph
Angel Isac Salomon
Angel J. & Fils
Angel Jessua & Cie
Angel Juda & Cie
Angel Mair
Angel Pinchas J.
Angel S. & Fils
Angel Samuel Fils
Angel Samuel I.
Angel, Aelion & Cie
Angelos Armenis & Nahmias
Arama & Saltiel
Arama David M.
Arama Juda 
rayou Samuel & Co.
Arditi Juda & Fils
Arditi Sam
Arditti & Benforado & Hanen
Arditti & Bessantchi
Arditti Juda & Fils
Arditti Sam
Arditty David
Arditty Haim I. Fils
Arditty Jacob & Cie
Aroesti Egisto & Co.
Aroesti Haim & Freres
Aroesti Haim Freres
Aroesty & Freres
Aron Gavios
Aron H. Cohen & Cie
Aron J. Florentin
Aron Jacob
Arouh & Freres
Arouh Juda H.
Arouh Simtov A.
Ascer & Stromza
Ascer Moise & Fils
Ascher & Saltiel
Ascher & Venezia
Ascher J. Amaraggi
Assa I. Marc J.
Assael & Taxidi
Assael Emmanuel N.
Assael Israel
Assael Marc (Jos.) & Cie
Assael Marcos I.
Assael Moise
Assael R.
Assael Sabetai S.
Assael, Attas & Catan
Asseo & Angle
Asseo & Capuano
Asseo Benjamin
Asseo David
Asseo David S.
Asseo Elie S.
Asseo Freres & Fils
Asseo Isaac
Asseo Isac M.
Asseo Jacques & Juda 
Asseo Joseph A.
Asseo Leon
Asseo Leon D.
Asseo M. et A.
Asseo M. Isaac
Asseo Moise & Albert
Asseo Moise J.
Asseo Ovadia
Asseo Ovadia E.
Attas & Sephiha
Attas Moise
Attias Semtov Fils de
Avahiou Samuel & Freres
Avram (Abram) Juda Cohen
Azaria Barouh
Banque Amar
Banque Benveniste
Banque de Salonique Ltd.
Banque Union
Barou Freres
Barouh Guedalia S.
Barouh Mechoulam
Barouh S. Venezia
Barouh Salomon
Baruch Avram Elie
Barzilai & Nahmias
Barzilai Albert
Barzilai Isakino
Barzilai Nathan
Barzilay Moise I.
Basso David
Basso Samuel A.
Bayona August
Beja & Pinhas
Beja & Revah
Beja David M.
Beja Fils de David & Cie
Beja Freres
Beja Juda
Beja Matteo M. & Fils
Beja Nissim
Beja Nissim I & Co
Beja Pepo David
Beja Salvator & Peppo
Beja Sam & Isaac
Beja, Sion & Revah
Benadon Ilias
Benadon Moise
Benadon S.D.
Benadon Saul D.
Benadon Simtov & Cie
Benadou Dario & Sinto
Benahmias Joseph S.
Benardout Albert
Benardout Joseph
Bendavid & Abravanel
Bendavid Abram L.
Benforado Abram
Benforado Albert I.
Benico & Isac Angel & Cie
Benico Segura
Benieche Joseph
Benjamin & Saporta
Benjamin Benusiglio & Cie
Benjamin Bros
Benjamin Jakob Benforado
Benjamin Moise E.
Benmayor Ino
Benmayor Molho & Cohen
Benmayor Samuel E.
Benmayor, Molho & Cohen
Beno(u)siglio (Benousiglio) Leon/(Elia)
Benousiglio & Sadok
Benousiglio L.
Benousiglio Levy
Benoziglio J.
Benrubi & Jacob
Benrubi (Benroubi) Haim
Bensoussan Abr. Jos
Bensoussan J. & A.
Benssusan Mentech
Bensussan & Sides
Bensussan I. & A.
Bensussan Jacob Fils de
Bensussan Samuel
Bensusssan Saul
Benvenist David
Benveniste & Asseo
Benveniste & Cie
Benveniste & Gattegno
Benveniste & Moche
Benveniste & Mosse
Benveniste & Sirris
Benveniste Abram M.
Benveniste Ad.
Benveniste Adolph
Benveniste Albert 
Benveniste Albert I.
Benveniste Daniel P.
Benveniste David Intov
Benveniste David M. Fils
Benveniste Fils de Jacob
Benveniste Freres
Benveniste Gattegno
Benveniste Gattegno & Cie
Benveniste Gattegno & Fils
Benveniste Haim & Albert
Benveniste Joseph Isaac
Benveniste Mair & Freres
Benveniste Menteche A.
Benveniste Sam
Benveniste Sam. I.
Beraha Albert
Beraha Avram H.
Beraha Charles
Beraha Jacob
Beraha Joseph
Beraha Joseph & Cie
Beraha Joseph Abram
Beraha Liaou
Beraha Maurice
Beraha Moise & Cie
Beressi & Benrubi
Beressi Isaac H.
Beressi Jacob & Cie
Beressi Jessua
Beressi Sabetai
Berissi Isac
Berissi Jacob & Cie
Bernard Landau
Bernardouth & Venezia
Bezes Benito
Bitran Am(n)ir & Cie
Bitti Haim
Bitti Salomon
Bivas Juda & Cie
Bivas Samuel Avram
Botton & Saias
Botton A.S. de
Botton de & Sides S.
Botton De Isac. J.
Botton de Joseph M.
Botton Elie
Botton fils de Haim R.
Botton Isaac
Botton Isakino
Botton Moise Abram
Botton Salas & Co.
Botton Samuel
Bourla & Abastado
Bourla Freres
Bourla Isaac
Bourla Isac D.
Bourla S.
Brentas Ant. & Jahon Aron
Broudo Isaac M.
Broudo Salomon
Broudo Salomon M.
Bueno & Sasson
Buenu & Sasso/u
Calamaro Leon
Calderon & Aroesti
Calderon (Kalderon) Ilias
Calderon (Kalderon) Ilias S.
Camhi Abram
Camhi Freres
Camhi Nahmias Benjamin
Camhi, Pitchon & Co.
Capoano & Marocco
Capoano Moise
Capon Nahama
Capon Nahama & Cie
Capuano Hector
Carasso & Benaroya
Carasso & Co.
Carasso & Modiano
Carasso & Vital Cohen
Carasso & Zaraya
Carasso (Karasso) Freres
Carasso Albert & Cie
Carasso David R.
Carasso Freres
Carasso Haim David
Carasso Inio A.
Carasso Iosef G.
Carasso Isac & Cie
Carasso Leon E.
Carasso Moise & Cie
Carasso Moise Haim
Carasso Salomon
Castro Aggi & Leon
Castro Samuel
Castro Vital
Catan Haim & Cie
Cattan, Florentin & Cie
Cattan, Florentin & Co.
Cazes Isaac
Cazes Jacob
Charles Cuenca
Charles Is. Saias
Chimchi Acher
Chimchi E.
Chimchi Eliezer & Cie
Chimchi Freres
Chimchi R.
Clouterie et Trefilerie Macedonienne SA
Coehn Moise & Cie
Coenca & Saltiel
Coenca A. Freres & Fils
Coenca Freres Abram & Fils 
Coenca Guedalia M.
Coenca Simon
Coenca Veisi & Cie
Cohen & Benveniste
Cohen & Handali
Cohen & Massarano
Cohen & Pardo
Cohen & Saias
Cohen & Varsano
Cohen & Zaharia
Cohen Abram
Cohen Albert I.
Cohen Aron 
Cohen Aron H.
Cohen Daniel
Cohen David
Cohen David T.
Cohen Freres
Cohen Gabriel S.
Cohen Haim
Cohen Haim & Cie
Cohen Haim I.
Cohen Hananel
Cohen I. & Perahia A.
Cohen Is & Freres
Cohen Isaac
Cohen Isaac & Fils
Cohen Isaac & Freres
Cohen Isaac A.
Cohen Isaac A.
Cohen J.M.
Cohen Jac. & Cie
Cohen Jacob G.
Cohen Jacob L.
Cohen Joseph J.
Cohen Juda Liaou
Cohen Juda M.
Cohen Juda Mercado
Cohen Mentech
Cohen Mentech M.
Cohen Mochon
Cohen Moise
Cohen Moise & Freres
Cohen Moise & Sam
Cohen Moise A.
Cohen Moise D. & Cie
Cohen Moise S.
Cohen Salomon I.
Cohen Samuel
Cohen Samuel & Cie
Cohen Sformes & Cie
Cohen Vidal & Cie
Cohen Vitali & Co.
Cohen Yomtov
Cohen Yomtov Joseph
Cohen Z.
Cohen, Amon & Cie
Condoyanis & Benveniste
Confortes & Carasso
Confortes & Navarro
Confortes Elie A.
Confortes Menahem
Cougno & Bueno
Cougno & Revah
Cougno Isac
Cougno Salvator M.
Counio Isac & Salvator
Counio Salvator
Counne Freres
Covo & Angel
Covo Freres
Covo Juda
Covo Juda S.
Covo Mario
Crispin & Pinhas
Crispin Freres
Cuena Leon
Cuenca Freres
Cuenca Salomon M.
D. Khider
Daniel Marcos
Daniel Nake
Daniel R. Benveniste
Daniel S. Modiano
Daniel S. Saltiel & Fils
Danielides & Guillidi
Dario A. Albelda
Dario Joseph Assael
Dario Pinhas
Dassa Elie M.
David & Joseph Abastado
David Abram AngelN
David Isaac Fils
David Isac & Fils
David Israel & Tiano Isac
David R. Basso
David R. Salem
David S. Asseo
David S. Molho
David S. Sarrano
David Samuel H.
De Mayo Abram S. & Fils
Diamopoulos & Cie
Dobrovolski & Livada
Dobrowolsky & Livada
Eletan SA – Elliniki Eteria Antibrossopion An. Et.
Elie Agoustari & Menahem
Elie Isac Massoth
Elie J. Modiano
Elie Modiano & Errera Freres
Elie Pinhas & Cie
Elie S. Sarfati
Elie Sarfatti & Ovadia Ezratti (Ezratty)
Eliezer & Chimchi
Emmanoulides & Benjonanas
Enveniste & Moche
Ergas & Saltiel
Ergas Albert Moise
Ergas Haim M.
Errera Albert, Juda
Errera David
Errera G (edalia) A. Fils de & Cie Ltd.
Errera Isaac Guedalia
Errera Isaac M.
Errera Isac D.
Errera Isac Moise
Errera Louis
Errico Jakob Arones
Erzatty Moise G.
Escapa & Levy
Esformes Aaron
Eshkenazi Aron
Ezra P. Barzilai
Ezrati Abram
Ezratti & Abravanel
Ezratti & Counio
Ezratti Salomon
Ezratty & Cougno
Ezratty & Pelossof
Ezratty Hasday
Ezratty Isac Sol.
Ezratty Salomon
Fabriques Reunies de bas et Chaussettes de Sal/Que S.A.
Fais & Yacar
Fais David
Faiz & Yakar
Faiz David Joseph
Faradji (Faraggi) Moise
Faraggi Freres
Fernandez Dino & Fils
Fernandez Djino (M)
Fernandez Gino
Fils d’ Elie A. Yomtov
Fils d’Abram de Mayo
Fils d’Ascher M. Israel & Co.
Fils d’Azriel Frances
Fils d’Isac S. Saltiel
Fils de David Alcheh & Cie
Fils de David Beja Co.
Fils de David Haim
Fils de David Hasson
Fils de J,M. Frances
Fils de Jacob Saltiel & Broudo
Fils de Levy Simha
Fils de Mair A. Tchenio
Fils de Moise Saltiel
Fils de Salomon Abravanel
Fischmann & Cie
Florentin & Co.
Florentin & Saporta
Florentin Abram
Florentin Elvire (Mademoiselle)
Florentin I. Fils
Florentin Is. Elie
Florentin Isaac
Florentin Isac & Elie
Florentin Jacob & Cie
Florentin Joseph & Freres
Florentin Liaou E.
Florentin M.
Florentin Mair
Florentin Mair & Cie
Florentin Sabetai
Florentin Samuel
Florentin Samuel I. / (Z)
Florentin Saporta & Serero
Florentin, Yomtov & Franco
Fotiou Antonos & Karasso
Frances & Bourla
Frances (Franses) Nathan M. Fils de
Frances Abram & Isac
Frances Joseph S.
Frances Nathan
Frances Samuel E.
Franco Baruch & Cie
Franco, Barouh & Co.
Franses & Allalouf
Franses & Bourla
Franses Elie
Franses Fils de J.M.
Franses Fils de Jacob
Franses Fils de Jacob (E)
Franses Jessua
Franses Joseph
Franses Joseph M. Fils de
Franses Moise S.
Franses Nathan
Franses Richard
Franses Samuel S.
Fratelli Mahel
Galeries Modernes S. Zadok (Sadock, Zadock) & Co.
Garti Salomon
Gattegno & Calderon
Gattegno David
Gattegno David Jacob
Gattegno Haim M.
Gattegno Jacob
Gattegno M. & Cie
Gattegno Moche & Co.
Gattegno Moise
Gattegno Salomon
Gattegno Salomon D.
Gattegno Vidal
Gattegno, Matalon & Saltiel
Gattegno, Nastos et Cie
Gavios (Isac) Aaron
Gheledi Abram
Gheledi Nissim
Gheorgacopoulos, Asseo & Capon
Gilidi Nissim
Gordon Freres
Gormezano Nahoum & Cie
Grakas Samuel
Guerchon Freres
H.A. Altshey
Hadjidakis & Arouh
Hagouel Haim
Haguel Mochon
Haim Abram E.
Haim Benveniste
Haim et Joseph Salomon Salem
Haim Gattegno
Haim I. Koen & Sons
Haim Isac Nissim Succ.
Haim Isac Rousso
Haim J. Moche & Fils 
Haim Jacques
Haim M. Mano
Haim Salem & Freres
Haim, Boueno, Anagnostou et Benveniste
Halegoua David & Salomon
Halegua & Botton
Halegua David & Salomon
Hanen & Abastado
Hanen & Modiano
Hanen & Soures
Hanen Freres & Cougno
Hanen Jacques
Hanen Juda I. & Cie
Hanen Levy & Beja Moise
Hanen Saporta Soures
Hanen Simon & Saporta
Hassid & Cuenca
Hassid & Koenca
Hassid & Sides
Hassid & Uziel
Hassid A.M. & Cie
Hassid Abram Fils de
Hassid Abram Haim
Hassid Acher
Hassid Acher & Co.
Hassid Albert & Cie
Hassid Allain & Cie
Hassid David
Hassid Files de A.
Hassid Freres
Hassid Freres & Cie
Hassid H.A.
Hassid Haim
Hassid Haim & A.
Hassid Haim & Albert
Hassid Haim A.
Hassid Haim Abram
Hassid Hananel I.
Hassid Isaac
Hassid Isac
Hassid Isac S. & Fils
Hassid J. & Freres
Hassid J. Albert & Cie
Hassid Jacob & Joseph
Hassid Joseph & Freres
Hassid Joseph Isac et Freres
Hassid Lazar & Cie
Hassid Moise
Hassid Samuel
Hassid Samuel & Cie
Hassid Samuel E.
Hassid Samuel H.
Hassid Samuel H. & Fils
Hassid, Mordoh & Cie
Hasson Aron A.
Hasson David
Hasson David Abram
Hasson Fils de David
Hasson Freres
Hasson Sam P.
Hasson Samuel
Hazan & Florentin
Hazan & Molho
Hazan Freres
Hazan Leon
Hermes H. Pardo & M. Carasso
Hermes S. Benveniste, H. Pardo & Co.
Hermes SA Pates Alimentaires
Hermes Societe de transports internationaux
Houli David I.
Houlli David
Humbert Scialom & Hassid
I. Raphael & Benveniste
Iehaskel Vida
Ilia Isaac
Ino Benmayor
Ino Jakob Matalon
Ipalliniki Micropistossis, Albert Jacob Houlli
Isaac Scialoum
Isac & Joseph Beja
Isac A. Aroesti
Isac Aron Altcheh
Isac Carasso & Co.
Isac David Tiano
Isac G. Cohen
Isac Israel Benrubi
Isac M. Asseo & Co.
Isac S. Saltiel
Isac Samuel Saragossi
Isac Saporta
Israel & Arditi
Israel & Salmona
Israel Abram I.
Israel Acher M.
Israel Ascer M.
Israel Ascher M.
Israel Guedalia S.
Israel I. & Arditty I.
Israel Leon J.
Israel R. Errera
J. Brazilai & W.V. Brand
J. Scapa Freres
Jack Fisman
Jacob Gabriel Alevy
Jacob I. Benveniste
Jacob Joseph & Cohen
Jacob Joseph & Cohen “CAMELIA”
Jacob M. Nahmias
Jacoel & Cie
Jacoel & Nahmias
Jacoel Pepo
Jacoel Victor J.
Jacques Bohor Crispi
Jacques Cohen
Jacques David Sasson
Jacques Joseph Hassid
Jacques Juda Moche
Jacques Juda Saias
Jacques Nissim 
Jacques Yacoel
Jahiel Isaac I. & Fils 
Jahiel Jacob
Jakob Angel, sons of
Jakob S. Angel
Jenny & Vock
Jessua & Beraha
Jessua & Florentin
Jessua David
Jessua Freres
Jessua Mercado & Fils
Joseph & Abram S. Saltiel
Joseph Abram
Joseph et Abram Samuel Saltiel
Joseph Isac Hassid & Freres
Joseph J. Tiano
Joseph Jacob & Cohen
Joseph Menahem Hassid
Joseph Mevorah Florentin
Joseph Moise Cougno
Joseph Mordohai Nahmias
Joseph Ovadia
Joseph Pepo Is. & Co.
Joseph R. Hazan
Joseph S. Angel
Joseph S. Djahon
Joseph Sabetai
Joseph Sabetay Saadi
Joseph Saltiel
Joseph Samuel Paladino
Juda & Salmona
Juda Abram Angel
Juda Felix & Cie
Juda Fils de Sabetay
Juda Haim
Juda Haim S. & Cie
Juda Isac & Cie
Juda Leon & Cie
Juda Leon J.
Juda M. Montekio
Juda Noah & Fils
Juda P. & Cie
Jutificio Torres & Co
Kaki Emil Isac
Kaki Leon & Bensussan Rene
Karasso & Cie
Karasso & Zarahia
Kassopoulos, Frances & Co.
Kastritsis N. & Levy
Katan, Florentin & Cie
Kohen & Torres
Kohen Avram G.
Kohen Joseph I.
Kunio Joseph
Ladopulos Nikolaos
Landeau Bernard
Lando & Benveniste
Lazare & Hanoca
Leon A. Juda
Leon and Nissim Barzilai
Leon E. Benusiglio
Leon Is. Angel
Leon Josue Amaraggi
Leon Juda
Leon Juda & Aelion Joseph
Leon Raoul & Cie
Leon Raphael S.
Leon Samuel & Yomtov (Into)
Leon Yomtov Isaac
Leoni Vincenzo
Levi Nahmias
Levi Tazartes
Levy & Franses
Levy & Hassid
Levy & Moise Hanen
Levy Aaron
Levy Abram
Levy B. & Cie
Levy Benusiglio
Levy David L.
Levy David S.
Levy Elie
Levy Freres
Levy H. Sciaky
Levy Isaac
Levy Isaac Behor
Levy Joseph & Elie A.
Levy Moise E.
Levy Moise Elie
Levy Moise M.
Levy Moise, Hanen
Levy Salomon Elie
Levy Salomon M.
Levy Samuel Juda
Levy Saul & Cie
Levy Simha
Liaou (Elie) Jacob Camhi
Litsi & Halegoua
Litsi & Yahiel
Lo(m)bel Jacques
Loebel & Arditti
M. I. Barouh
M. Saltiel D. Serrero 
M.S. Matalon
Maalalel & Cie
Magriso Joseph
Magrisso David
Magrizo Haim
Mahel Freres
Mahel Freres (Fratteli)
Maimon Nissim
Maison Haim Mattia
Maison Jacques Nahmias & Fils
Maissa B.
Makedoniki Kaltsopiia SA
Makedoniki Pilopia
Makedoniki Pilopilia Moscovitch, Frances & Cie
Malah (Mallah) Fils de. N(ehama) A.
Mallah A. & Cie
Mallah Aaron & Cie
Mallah Aron & Cie
Mallah E. & Cie
Mallah Freres
Mallah Moise S.
Mallah Nissim E.
Mallah Nissim S.
Mallah Sabi
Mallah Samuel
Mallah Veissi
Mallah, Barouh Franco & Cie
Mano & Co.
Mano & Sion
Mano Jacob Saltiel
Mano Michel & Cie
Mano Michel A. & Cie
Mano Yessua I.
Manou Elia
Marc (Marco) Ventura & Co.
Marcel A. De Mayo
Marco Freres
Marco Matarasso Romani & Co.
Marcos & Mordoh
Marcos Abram & Cie
Marcos Moise & Cie
Marcou Freres
Marcozi Abram E.
Mardoche Freres
Mario Lezer Salmona
Marko Moise & Cie
Massarano Freres
Matalon Arditti
Matalon Dario
Matalon David
Matalon David I.
Matalon Freres
Matalon G. & Cie
Matalon Sabetay
Matarasso & Angel
Matarasso & Jacoel
Matarasso & Molho
Matarasso & Safarano Bureau Hel
Matarasso Aron
Matarasso Freres
Matarasso Salomon
Matarasso, Saragoussi & Rousso
Matarasso, Saragoussi & Rousso / Galeries Trias
Matsa Bros
Maurice and Albert Isac Navarro
Maurice Dav. Sassoon
Mayo, Stroumza
Mazliah Joseph
Mazliah Lazare
Mechoulam Freres & Cie
Mechoullam & Matarasso
Menache & Cie
Menache & Conforte
Menache & Confortes
Menache Abram D.
Menache Agnel & Cie
Menachem Victor
Menahem I. Rousso & Fils
Menahem Jacob
Menahem Joseph
Menahem Joseph E.
Menahem P.
Menahem Pepo J.
Menahem Pepo S.
Menahem Salomon & Fils
Mentech Jacob Frances
Mentech S. Arama
Mesoulam & Mattarsso
Mevorah Moise
Mijan Isaac A. A.
Misrahi Aron A.
Mizan Eliezer A.
Mizan Isaac Abram
Mizrahi Aaron & Avram
Moche & Nahmias
Moche & Uziel
Moche Gattegno & Cie
Modiano & Amariglio
Modiano & Benrubi
Modiano & Cie
Modiano & Florentin
Modiano 24& Florentin
Modiano A.
Modiano Abram I.
Modiano Abram S.
Modiano Elie
Modiano Faccino
Modiano Freres
Modiano G. di S.
Modiano H.S.
Modiano Haim
Modiano Henri
Modiano Henry & Cie
Modiano Hugo R.
Modiano Into S.
Modiano Iomtov
Modiano Isac Freres & Fils
Modiano Leon
Modiano Michel
Modiano Peon E.
Modiano Sam E.
Modiano Samuel & Fils
Modiano Yomtov
Modiano Yomtov Joseph Isac
Moise Aron & Strumza
Moise Benrubi
Moise E. Levy
Moise I. Mordoh
Moise Iomtov Cohen
Moise Is. Covo
Moise Isac Benveniste
Moise J. Hassid
Moise Massarano & Fils
Moise Meschoulam & Fils
Moise Paladino Fils & Cie
Moise S. Beraha
Moise S. Faiz & Co.
Moise S. Frances
Moise Sal. Abastado
Moise Salomon
Moise Saltiel Fils & Co.
Moise Sciaky & Freres
Moise Soustiel & Co.
Moise Zaraja & Co.
Molho & Broudo
Molho A. & Cie
Molho David Barouh
Molho Freres
Molho Isaac
Molho Joseph M.
Molho Mair
Molho Rouben S.
Molho Saul & Chimchi
Molho Saul (J)
Molho Saul Jos
Molho Saul Salomon
Montekio Aron
Morde/o/h S. I.
Mordoh & Saltiel
Mordoh Haim
Mordoh Haim David
Mordoh Hassid & Cie
Mordoh I. N.
Mordoh Isaac S.
Mordoh Jacob
Mordoh S.M.
Mordoh Saloman & Cie
Mordoh Sam
Morpurgo George
Morpurgo M.M.
Moscovitch Haim
Moskovitz Haim
Mosse & Broudo
Mosseri & Cie Banque
Mosseri / Baloise
Mosseri Albert H.
Mosseri Raphael
Mossery (Mosseri) Raphael S.
Na/(e)/hama Moise & Fils
Naar Haim
Naar Hananel
Naar Hananel E. & Co.
Naar Isaac
Naar Isac Salomon
Naar Jules
Naar Ovadia
Nadjari Bueno
Nadjari Juda
Nahama & Aelion
Nahama B. Capon & Cie
Nahama Dan.
Nahama Jacob D.
Nahama Joj.
Nahama Joseph
Nahama Moise & Fils
Nahama Salomon Yomtov
Nahama Salvator
Nahama Y.S.
Nahamias V.
Nahma Freres
Nahman & Bendavid
Nahmias & Barnaba
Nahmias & Bitran
Nahmias & Cie
Nahmias & Fotiades
Nahmias & Gattegno
Nahmias & Massot
Nahmias & Massoth
Nahmias & Modiano
Nahmias & Mordoh
Nahmias & Saltiel
Nahmias A. & Joseph
Nahmias A.S.
Nahmias Avram & Cie
Nahmias Benjamin & Cie
Nahmias E. & Yacoel V.
Nahmias Elie & S.
Nahmias Elie Samuel
Nahmias fils de Sam
Nahmias Ghelidia
Nahmias Jacob
Nahmias Jacques & Fils
Nahmias Jacques S.
Nahmias Joseph Salomon
Nahmias Moise
Nahmias Nissim
Nahmias Nissim I.
Nahmias Raphael
Nahmias Samuel
Nahmias Zaharia
Nahoum & Bensussan
Nahoum Leon D.
Nathan Abram & Freres
Navarro Albert
Navarro Emmanuel Isaac
Navarro Isaac E.
Navarro Isaac Emmanuel
Navarro Isac J.
Navarro Leon & Haim
Navarro Leon E.
Navarro Leon I.
Navarro M. & A.
Navarro Maurice & Albert
Navarro Samuel I.
Nefousi, Moussafia & Cie
Nefoussi David Elie Fils
Nefoussi Fils de David
Nefussi Lezer D.
Nefussy Samuel
Negrim & Scialom
Nehama & Sasson
Nehama Albert & Cohen (Kohen)
Nehama Isac Moise
Nehama Salomon Joseph
Nehama, Cohen & Cie
Nehema Mario Im.
Nissim & Beja Isac
Nissim & Levy
Nissim Daniel & Freres
Nissim Eliaou
Nissim Fils
Nissim Freres
Nissim Gabriel
Nissim Gabriel E.
Nissim Gabriel Elie
Nissim Gheledi & Fils
Nissim Isaac M.
Nissim Isac Fils de
Nissim Sabetay & Fils
Noah Juda S.
Oikos Micropistosseos Ouziel & Hazan
Oscar E. Misrachi
Oscar J. Cohen
Ouziel & Menache
Ouziel & Nathan
Ouziel (Uziel), Fotiades & Gattengo
Ouziel Daniel M.
Ouziel David M.
Ovadia Eliezer
Ovadia Menhem Bourla
Paladino Isaac
Paladino Isac
Paladino Joseph & Fils
Paladino Moise Freres
Paladino Moise S.
Papadimitriou & Assael
Papadimitriou & Ergas
Pardo Aron et Joseph
Pardo Avram & Cie
Pardo Haim
Pardo Haim D.
Pardo Haim G. & Fils
Pardo Isac D.
Pardo Moise G.
Pardo Pinhas D.
Parente Avram Haim
Pascal M. Strouza
Paul Benahmias
Pedossof & Amariglio
Pelossof & Rousso
Pelossof Joseph
Pelossof Joseph & Sevy
Peloussof Abram & Rousso
Pepo Moise Perahia
Peppo Yacoel (Jacoel) & Co.
Perahia & Arditty
Perahia & Cie
Perahia & Co.
Perahia Aron & Cie
Perahia Fils Joseph
Perahia Fils Moise
Perahia Gabriel & Cie
Perahia Hananel J.
Perahia Ilias
Perahia Jacques
Perahia Leon
Perahia Moise & Cie
Perahia Moise A.
Perahia Sam
Perahia Simon
Perahia Simon & Cie
Perez Levy H.
Perez Sabetai M.
Perez(i) Mentes & Fils
Pesah Abram
Pessah Isaac M.
Pessah Isac M.
Pinhas Elie & Cie
Pinhas Haim
Pinhas Haim Elie
Pinhas Isaac
Pinhas Joseph & Angel
Pinhas Salomon & Cie
Pinhas Salomon Elie
Pinto & Barzilai
Pliancas, Kastritsis (Castritsis) & Co. Societe “MEZAP”
Raphael & Benveniste
Raphael & Botton
Raphael & Nahmias
Raphael I. & Benveniste
Raphael Jakob Varsano & Co.
Raphael Maurice
Raphel Is(a)ia & Cie
Recanati & Molho
Recanati (Recanaty) David (S.)
Recanati Avram M. & Cie
Recanati David
Recanati Joseph Fils
Recanati Leon
Recanati M.
Recanati Nissim
Recanati Nissim S.
Revah & Mathia
Revah (Tevah) Isac Joseph & Cie
Revah Zadoc & Levy
Revah, Levy & Co.
Revah, Mattia & Co.
Revah, Zadoc (Zadok), Levy & Cie
Revah, Zadok Levy & Cie
Rosa Isaac
Roubin I. & Saoul I.
Rousso & Fils
Rousso Aelion & Cie
Rousso Haim & Cie
Rousso Joseph
Rousso Menachenm
Rousso Menahem & De Mayo
Rousso Moise Matatia
Rousso Simon E.
Rubein (Ruben), Tchenio & Nehama
Ruben (Rubin) Fils & Tchenio
S(alomon), A. Mordoh
S. Asseo & D. Leon
S. Damkou & M. Beraha
S. Moche & Co.
S. Modiano
S.A. Nehama
S.A. Technique Hellenique de Defense Fluviale
SA Macedonienne pour I’Industrie de Savon
SA Pates Alimentaires “Aves”
Saadi Joseph Sam
Saal Sabetay Simtov
Sabetay I. Nehama
Sabetay J. Nehama
Sabetay S. Assael
Sadi & Sarfati
Sadi Joseph
Sadi Salomon
Sadicario & Nahoum
Sady Nissim Mallah
Saias & Cohen
Saias & Franses
Saias Isaac & Fils
Sakidouti Nissim M.
Salamonesco & Segura
Salem & Alvo
Salem & Amariglio
Salem & Levy
Salem & Menasse
Salem Freres
Salem Haim & Florentin
Salem Haim & Joseph
Salem Haim & Joseph Salomon
Salem Haim Freres
Salem Isac & Cie
Salem Joseph Isac
Salem Levy
Salem Moise & Cie
Salem Moise Jacob
Salem Richard Daniel
Salmona Isac & Cie
Salmona Mario
Salmona Marios
Salmona Moise
Salmona Moise I.
Salomon Fils de Rophel
Salomon G. et Cie
Salomon H. Roza
Salomon Hassid & Freres
Salomon Is. Amariglio
Salomon Isaac A.
Salomon J. Camhi & Co.
Salomon J. Cohen
Salomon M. Almosino
Salomon M. Cuenca
Salomon Menahem Rousso
Salomon Modiano & Amariglio
Salomon Pinhas Pardo
Salomon S. Florentin
Salomon S. Mordoh Succ.(essors)
Salomon Saltiel & Co.
Salomon Saltiel & Fils
Saltiel & Angel Elie
Saltiel & Coenca
Saltiel & Cohen
Saltiel & Elie Angel & Fils
Saltiel & Guelidi
Saltiel & Koenca
Saltiel Abram & Fils
Saltiel Abram & Isac
Saltiel Abram M.
Saltiel Abram S.
Saltiel Benico
Saltiel Daniel
Saltiel Daniel & Simtov
Saltiel David
Saltiel David Isac Fils de
Saltiel Fils d’Isac (S.)
Saltiel Fils de Moise
Saltiel Freres
Saltiel Freres & Co.
Saltiel Haim
Saltiel Haim M.
Saltiel Is. & Cie
Saltiel Isaac
Saltiel Isaac & Cie
Saltiel Isac & Cie
Saltiel Isac & Fils
Saltiel Isac M.
Saltiel Isakino
Saltiel J. & A.
Saltiel Jacob A.
Saltiel Jacob Abram
Saltiel Jacob H.
Saltiel Jacob M.
Saltiel Jacob Moise
Saltiel Joseph & Avram
Saltiel Joseph M. & Cohen
Saltiel Mentech Sabetay
Saltiel Moise & Cie
Saltiel Moise & Fils
Saltiel Moise Fils de
Saltiel S. Cohen
Saltiel Sabi Samuel
Saltiel Salomon
Saltiel Salomon Fils de
Saltiel Semtob & Co.
Saltiel Semtov
Saltiel Semtov & Cie
Saltiel Serrero & Tazartes
Saltiel Sinto
Saltiel V. et Saporta
Saltiel Venetsia
Saltiel, Seropian, Collins & Cie
Salvator J. Varsano
Sam A. Saporta
Sam A. Sarfati (Sarfatty)
Sam E. Haim
Samuel A. Basso
Samuel Amariglio D. and Fils
Samuel Avayou & Freres
Samuel Ghedalia Yeni
Samuel J. Hassid
Samuel S. Cohen
Samuel Sion
Saporta & Barzilai
Saporta & Jacoel
Saporta & Naar
Saporta & Salmona
Saporta Abram
Saporta Albert
Saporta Albert D.
Saporta Albert I.
Saporta David
Saporta David & A.
Saporta Freres
Saporta H.S.
Saporta Into I.
Saporta Isaac I.
Saporta Isac A.
Saporta Joseph
Saporta Leon
Saporta Leon M.
Saporta S. & Co.
Saporta Sabetai
Saporta Samuel A.
Saporta Semtov Fils de
Saporta Yinto M.
Saporta Yomtov (Is.)
Saporta, Amiras & Cie
Saragoussi Isaac
Sarfati & Amariglio
Sarfati & Ammir
Sarfati & Errera
Sarfati Abram
Sarfati Salomon
Sarfatti & Cohen
Sarfatti Menahem
Sarfatty & Amariglio
Sarfatty Barouh
Sarfatty Baruch Joseph
Sarfatty Solomon
Sarrano & Hassid
Sarrano David S.
Sarrano Saltiel Jacob
Sasson & Benforado
Sasson Albert S.
Sasson Joseph & Salomon
Sasson Mair
Sasson Max
Sasson Moise I.
Saul Freres
Saul J. Capon
Saul Vidal & Cie
Saul Vidal & Co.
Scapa & Levy
Sciaky & Yomtov
Sciaky Aron & Isac
Sciaky Isaac
Sciaky Levi H.
Sciaky Levy Haim
Sciaky Moise & Cie
Sciaky Moise & Freres
Sciaky V. & Cie
Scialom & Allalouf
Scialom & Allaluf
Scialom Albert
Scialom Albert & Cie
Scialom Albert Moise
Scialom David
Scialom Fils de Jacob
Scialom Jacob I.
Scialom Samuel
Scialom Samuel A.
Scialom, Saltiel & Co.
Sefiha Freres
Sefiha Samuel
Semtov Allalouf
Serero & Perahia
Serrero & Arditty
Serrero Davicos
Serrero Isac M.
Sevi Abram
Sevy & Aelion
Sevy A. & Cie
Sevy Avram
Sevy Freres & Aelion Freres
Sevy Jacques
Sformes D. & Fils
Sides & Cie
Sides Freres
Sides Isac A.
Sides Yachiel & Cie
Sidros & Arditti
Simha Freres & Cie 
Simha Haim I.
Simha Lazare
Simon & Angel
Simon Hanen
Simon J. Nahmias
Simon S. Molho
Simos & Tiano
Sion & Levy
Slatiel & Serrero
Societe Industrielle Hellenique de Talc
Societe pour la commerce du bois, Iomtov Is. Saporta
Soulam Haim
Soures & Carasso
Soustiel Diadohi Sabetay
Soustiel Sabetai
Soustiel Salomon
Stroumza & Acher
Stroumza J. & Cie
Stroumza Mayo & Cie
Stroumza Pascha
Stroumza Pinhas & Cie
Talvi & Nahmas
Tazartes Juda Mair
Tchenio Fils de Mair
Tchenio Mair & Cie
Tchenio Rouben
Tchico & Bitran
Tevah & Juda
Tevah Haim & Cie
Tiano David
Tiano Elie Moise
Tiano Freres
Tiano Henri
Tiano I(srael) & V(idal)
Tiano Ino
Tiano Moise
Torres Albert
Torres Cohen & Cie
Torres E. Jutificio & Cie
Torres Elie & Cie
Trabout Jacob M.
Trabout Juda A.
Uziel & Assael
Uziel Daniel M.
Uziel David M.
Uziel Haim
Uziel Jacob
Uziel Leon M.
Uziel, Tsoumanis & Haim
Vaena Moise
Vaennas Moise
Varsano Albert
Varsano Jacques
Varsano Nahoum Fils
Venezia Barouh
Venezia Joseph
Ventoura Marios E.
Victor Almosino
Vidal I. Tiano
Vita B. Amar
Vital Albert Cohen
Whittall & Saltiel Ltd.
Xenakis S. & Eliakim (Eliaguim)
Yacar Freres
Yacar Leon
Yacar Mercado
Yachiel Barouh I.
Yachiel Manouel
Yacoel & Cie
Yacoel & Nahmias
Yacoel & Sarah
Yacoel Juda I.
Yacoel Moise & Levy Hansen
Yahiel A./Barouh I.
Yahiel Isac J.
Yahiel Jacob Alevy
Yakar Leon
Yeni et Vock
Yeni Gedalia
Yeni Ghedalia A.
Yeni Samuel Ghedalia
Yeny Samuel Guedalia
Yhaskel Jacob & Cie
Yoel & Bendavid
Yoel Joseph Samuel
Yoel Sam & Karleman
Yoel Samuel
Yomtov Elie
Yomtov, Franco & Cie
Zaharia Em.
Zaharia Moise et Cie
Zakai Freres

Zarahia Moise & Cie