Greek Genealogy - 3/29/10 New Links

Here is another group of links that I haven't had a change to categorize yet on


Petros and Nikos Spanakos - twin brothers and professional boxers, remember growing up in Brooklyn - LISTEN to the interview

Hellenic Headquarters in Santiago, Chile - webpages in both Spanish and Greek - (for those who only read English, use an online translator like Google Translate 

Hellenic Archives Documents - two books you can view online with MANY great old 19th 
and 20th century photographs from Athens and Thessaloniki, Greece.

"A Study of the Greeks in Chicago" by Grace Abbott - 15 page article originally printed in the
American Journal of Sociology in 1909. This article is about the Greeks in Chicago, but, 
in my opinion, would apply to Greeks anywhere in the United States during the early 1900s.  
The basis for this article was a study done by Hull House and includes some statistics, but is 
definitely worth reading for the comments and observations of the non-Greek author.