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History of the Village of Logganiko, Pellana Regon, Laconia, Greece - Logganiko Society

The History of the Village of Logganiko - http://www.logganikosociety.orgThe village changed location and name many times since the earliest record of its existence in Mycenaean times. The area of Longanikos has been identified with the ancient village of Velamini (Velmini), documented in ancient writings by Pausanias over 1800 years ago. The current name has been documented in writings as far back as Stefano Magno in 1453. It is believed that this area has been inhabited since Neolithic times, and much later served as a front-line military outpost for the powerful Spartan city-state. As a result of its geographical position between the 3 prefectures of Messinia, Arcadia and Laconia and because of the morphology of the ground where Taigetos and Parnonas converge without connecting, thereby creating the Laconian valley of Eurotas, Logganikos has served as a key transit point for the movement of people and armies in the Peloponese. It had also served as a military staging area and rampar…

The Greeks of Tarpon Springs, Florida


By Steve Frangos

Published in The National Herald, February 28, 2009
I am excited that The National Herald has given Hellenic Genealogy Geek the right to reprint articles that may be of interest to our group. 
“Tarpon Springs’ by Dolores Kilgo is one of the many volumes in the Images of America series that features a section of its images on Greeks in the United States (Arcadia Press, Charleston, South Carolina: 2002). While visiting Tarpon Springs this past December, I can report, that Ms. Kilgo’s volume was to be found in virtually every tourist shop up and down Dodecanese Boulevard that runs the length of the city’s sponge docks. . . . 
Let me stress that this volume is not exclusively about the Greek community of Tarpon Springs Florida. Of the one hundred and ninety five photographs, maps, and other documents seen in this volume only perhaps a third overall deal with the local Greeks. This volume…

FREE online documentary - LUDLOW, Greek Americans in the Colorado Coal War

LUDLOW, Greek Americans in the Colorado Coal War - Documentary Available Online

The National Herald, NEW YORK - July 7-13, 2018 - The English Version of Ludlow, Greek Americans in the Colorado Coal War (2016) directed by Leonidas Vardaros, produced by Apostolis Berdebes Non Profit Company is now available online at -

The film can be downloaded or streamed for personal use or public screenings of a non-commercial nature.

Ludlow was selected as Best Historical Documentary in the 18th Thessaloniki International Documentary Festival.  In August 2016, the film received the 2nd Award for Feature Documentaries at the 3rd Ierapetra International Documentary Festival and in October 2016 it received the Best Editing Award at the 10th Chalkis Documentary Festival.  The film team, consisting of director Leonidas Vardaros, cinematographer Prokopis Dafnos, researcher Frosso Tsouka, editor Xenofon Vardaros, sound engineer Andreas Gkovas, and narrator Rigas Axelos, …

Exhibit - Icons of the Hellenic World - June 22 thru Oct 21, 2018


Published in the Orthodox Observer, May - June 2018

Clinton, Mass. - The Museum of Russian Icons will present the first major exhibition on Icons of the Hellenic World from June 22 to Oct. 21.

The exhibition focuses exclusively on Greek and Byzantine iconography and will delve deeply into the links and the continuity of Greek art and culture from Late Antiquity, through Byzantium, to the present. 

"We are very grateful to Emmanuel Tiliakos for the opportunity to showcase his extraordinary collection, giving contemporary viewers a window into the richness of Greek culture and history," says Museum of Russian Icons CEO and Curator Kent Russell.  "Though icons are considered works of art, they are important cultural and religious relics.  As they are handed down through generations, icons are often the only surviving testimonies of places and peoples long gone."

Largely comprised of icons created after the Fall of Cons…

FACEBOOK GROUP - Colectividad Helenica Santiago

FACEBOOK GROUP - Colectividad Helenica Santiago

Hellenic Collectivity of Santiago meeting place of Greeks, descendants and philohelenes of Chile.

The First Wave of Greek Vaudevillians


By Steve Frangos

Published in The National Herald, September 6, 2008
I am excited that The National Herald has given Hellenic Genealogy Geek the right to reprint articles that may be of interest to our group. 
The commanding presence of Greek immigrants during the very formation of Modern American Entertainment is well documented. As promoters Greek immigrants were among the most influential individuals in an incredibly wide array of entertainment arenas such as dance halls, nickelodeons, music halls, carnivals, and certainly vaudeville and movie theaters. Leaving the promoters aside, for the moment, we need to begin relocating and re-assessing the careers of Greek immigrant performers.  
The impact Greek immigrant performers had on American entertainment, again while documented, is for the moment hopelessly scattered. Part of the problem is that entertainment genres in the late 1800s and earl…

Fascination with Genealogy leads to large Greek Family Tree

Published in the Greek City Times on August 2, 2016


Excerpt from article:

South-African Greek, Alexander Armenis’ fascination with Genealogy has led him to track ‘forgotten’ Greek family worldwide and in the process has managed to come in contact with family members for the first time. Clinical Psychologist by day, Alexander has done what many dream of doing- joined the dots and created a family tree & gives us his tips on how to go about it....... Where do your Greek ancestors come from? My father, Spyridon Armenis (Spiros), immigrated to South Africa in 1967 from Athens, Greece. He was born in the Village of Giannades on the Ionian Island of Corfu (Kerkyra). Why did you decide to do a family tree? I began collecting old family photographs and documenting the family tree following my travels to Greece. My interest grew as more of my family members asked me to tell them about the history of our family. There was a need for it. How…