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PARISH PROFILE: St. Spyridon Greek Orthodox Cathedral, Worcester, Massachusetts

This profile was published in the November 5, 1998 Orthodox Observer, and can be read in full online - Page 19 -

PARISH PROFILE:  St. Spyridon Greek Orthodox Cathedral

LOCATION:  Worcester, Mass.

FOUNDED:  1914


The Bay State's second largest city of some 200,000 mostly Roman Catholic residents, nestled among some of these hills in the center of the region, also reverberates with the vibrant presence of the Orthodox faith, represented by some 15,000 faithful among nine jurisdictions.

Foremost among these is the parish of St. Spyridon Cathedral, the largest Orthodox church in the area.

Over the years, this mega-parish has played a key role in fostering Orthodox unity, and has contributed greatly to the nurturing of the Archdiocese.

The community is diverse, with a combination of immigrants, first, second, and third generation American-born and converts.

Most immigrants came from Epirus and Kerkyra.  The most famous, and active, members is former New York Times correspondent and author Nicholas Gage, of nearby North Grafton,m who wrote Eleni and A Place for Us.  His sisters, central figures in the story, also live in the area and are parishioners.

Factory workers

The first Greek Orthodox men who arrived in the 1890s and early 1900s came to work in the area's hundreds of textile mills and other manufacturing plants.

At the time, there were nearly 4,000 Greeks in Worcester, but only 25 families, according to a parish history.  Before 1914, they worshiped at St. George Syrian Orthodox Church.

In the parish's first year, priests from other churches visited Worcester to hold services.  The chuch board asked the Holy Synod of Greece to send a permanent priest and Fr. Vasilios Papanikas arrived in early 1915.

The parish received its charter from Massachusetts in 1916 as St. Spyridon Church, taking its name from the saint whose body is still preserved on Kerkyra.

Parish finances at the time were very primitive.  There were no dues, but for every loaf of bread eaten, households would pay one cent to the church.

Bakers were required to note the quantity of bread used and a "church collector" would make monthly visits to each house.  Amounts collected ran as high as $250 to $300. . . . . 


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Book - Greeks of Stark County (Ohio) - 403 Greek Names

The book "GREEKS OF STARK COUNTY, Images of America Series" was authored by William H. Samonides and Regine Johnson Samonides.  Published by Arcadia Publishing in 2009.  

The books in the Images of America Series include photographs on almost every page, this book is no exception. The GREEKS IN STARK COUNTY includes 215 photographs.  For your convenience I have listed below the 403 Greek names included in the book.

Book description:  By the early 20th century, Stark County was one of the fastest-growing regions in the nation. The home of martyred president William McKinley had become a major industrial center, with alloy steel as the engine of growth for the booming local economy. To fill the ever-increasing demand for labor, waves of immigrants from Greece and Asia Minor settled in Canton and Massillon. Some sought economic opportunity; others were fleeing the Pontian Black Sea coast, where ethnic cleansing of Greeks accompanied the creation of the Turkish state. For the immigrant earning less than $3 a day, building a church meant making a commitment to a new life. In Canton, St. Haralambos Greek Orthodox Church was founded in 1913 and Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in 1917. In Massillon, St. George Greek Orthodox Church was established in 1931. Churches and mutual aid organizations provided cohesiveness to the dynamic, often fractious, Greek community, which survived world wars, economic depression, and social discrimination and continues to flourish today.


Adams, Steve
Alex, Angel
Alex, Georgia
Anastas (Anastasiades), Philip
Anastas, Anna
Anastas, Fifi
Anastas, Mary
Anastas, Philip
Anderson (Andritsanos), John
Anderson, Anna
Anderson, Flora
Andreadis, Chryssi
Andreadis, Evropi
Andreadis, Harry
Andreadis, John
Andreadis, Mary
Andreadis, Nicholas
Andreadis, Nikolaos
Andrews, Peter (Panagiotis Andrutsopulos)
Anesty, Zoe
Angeklis, Marian (Marianthe)
Angelas, Marcella
Anifantes, Constantinos
Antoney (Antonopoulos), George
Argea, Helen
Artopoulou, Maria
Aslanides, Helen
Aslanides, Peristera
Aslanides, Theodore
Athamakos, Fr. Leonidas
Athenagoras, Archbishop
Athens, Nick
Athens, Sophie
Bascos (Basiakos), Panagiotis
Beftoulides, Eleftherios
Beftoulides, Vasiliki
Bellas, Maria
Bellas, Nancy (Athanasia)
Betsacos, Henrietta
Betsacos, Stella
Biris, Harry
Biris, Jack
Biris, Jack C.
Biris, Panagiotitsa
Biris, Persephone
Bossis, Peter
Chantes, Kyriakos
Chantes, Maria
Chantes, Pat
Chantes, Virginia
Chebithes, V. I.
Chiamardas, Fr. Demosthenes
Christopher, Gust (Constantinos Christoforou)
Christopher, Helen
Christopher, Irene
Christu, Haritine
Chuchanis, Anastasios (Andy)
Chuchanis, Ann
Chuchanis, Esther
Chuchanis, Fotini
Chuchanis, Georgene
Chuchanis, Gust
Chuchanis, John
Chuchanis, Mary
Chuchanis, Sylvia
Chuchanis, Theodore
Copanos, James
Corosides, Harry
Corosides, John
Corosides, Sophia
Davides, Mary (Marika)
Delianides, Dorothy
Delis, Anthony
Delis, George
Demis, Barbara
Demis, Chrysanthe
Demis, Dena
Demis, Diamando
Demis, James
Demis, Louis
Demos, Jan
Demos, SophieNicholas, Joanne
Dimetriou, William
Dolmas, Demetrios
Dolmas, George
Dolmas, Maria
Douka, Maria
Doulgerakis, Fr. Ioakeim
Economopoulos, Frosini
Economopoulos, Harry
Economopoulou, Christina
Effantis, Joanne
Effantis, Sophia
Effantis, William
Ekonomou family
Ekonomou, Helen
Eleftheriades, Catherine
Eleftheriades, Tommy
Elias, Bessie
Elias, George
Elias, Louis
Elias, Parthena
Elite, Emanuel
Elite, Mary
Ergon (Economopoulos), Antonios
Ergon (Economopoulos), Harry
Ergon (Economopoulos), John
Ergon (Economopoulos), Themistocles
Eustathios, Evelyn
Eustathios, William
Flocos, Theodore
Foradas, Froso
Foradas, George
Foradas, John
Forades, Michael
Gallanis, Gust
Gatsios, James
George, James
George, Joanne
George, Olga
George, Peter
Georgiades, Betty
Georgiadou, Chrysanthi
Giavasis, George
Giavasis, Helen
Godagidis, Gust
Goglos (Agoglossakis), George
Goglos, Freda
Gotides, Athena
Gotides, Eleni
Gotides, Haralambos
Gotides, Parthena
Gounopoulos, Elizabeth
Hadigian, Theodore
Hadjian, Constantinos
Hadjian, Magala
Heliopoulos, Fr. John
Heliotes, James
Heropoulos, Anastas
Janidou, Dorothea
Janidou, Panagiotis
Janidou, Pelagia
Janidou, Fotini
Janikides, Nicholas
Janikis, Manolis
John, Andy
John, John
John, Mary
John, Sophia
Johnson, Helen (Eleni Ioannou)
Kalagidis, Nicholas
Kalagidis, Olympia
Kalenterides, George
Kallas, Freda
Kallison, Lula
Kallison, Sam
Kallos, Anthony
Kapenekas, Fr. John
Karalis, Harry
Karapanagiotides, Stylianos (Steve John)
Karipides, Anatoli
Karipides, Dimitrios
Karipides, George
Karipides, Magdalene
Karipides, Parthena
Kiminas, John
Kiminas, Stacy
Kirkilis, William
Kirman, George
Kiryakides, Harry
Klide, Eugene (Eugenios Klidoniaris)
Klide, Maria
Klide, Sophia
Klodakis, Elaine
Koinoglou, Katina (Stutz)
Kokinos family
Korosedes, Louis
Kotanides, Despina
Kotanides, Elbus
Kotanides, John
Kotanides, Maroula
Kotanides, Parthena
Kotanides, Pete
Kotanides, Sophia
Koufos, Anastasios
Koufos, Kosta
Kourmoulis, Peter
Kourmoulis, Sophia
Kyriakis, Angelo
Kyriakis, Deena
Laggeris, Eleni
Laggeris, George
Laggeris, Harry
Lambrou, Peter L.
Lavriotes, Fr. Chrysostomos
Lazarides, George
Lazarides, Harry
Lazarides, Helen
Lazarides, John
Lazarides, Mary
Lazarides, Peggy
Lazaros, Anastas
Lazaros, Basil
Lazaros, Sam
Lekorenos, George
Lekorenos, Stavria
Lemonopoulos, Christine
Letjekides, Eftherbe
Letjekides, John
Linardos brothers
Liossis, Chris
Liossis, Mary
Liossis, Nick
Liossis, Peter
Macrides, George
Macrides, Irene
Mahairidou, Despina
Mannos (Mantzounis), George
Mannos, George
Manos (Manousakis), Gust
Manos (Manoussarides), Harry
Manos (Menounos), Anna
Manos (Menounsos), John
Manos, Despina
Manos, Nancy
Maragakes, Gust
Maragakes, Helen
Maragakes, Penelope
Marinakis, Alexander
Marinakis, George
Marinakis, Gust
Marinos, James
Markakis, Harry
Masters, Paul
Mentzelos (Menzelopoulos), Sylvia
Mergus, Frank
Meskel, Cynthia
Michailides, Ferna
Michailides, John
Michailides, Liza
Michalos, George
Michalos, Peter
Mitatakis, Fr. Simeon
Mittakos, Fr. Demetrios
Morris, Gus (Konstantinos Marvrimidis)
Mortas, Katherine
Mossides, George
Mossides, Harry
Mossides, Helen
Mossides, Toula
Muratides, Fotini
Muratides, George
Muratides, Muratios
Naves, Mary
Navrozides, Stat John
Neamonitas, Fr. Dorotheos
Nickas, Andrew
Nickolas, Christ
Nicodemos, Deacon
Norris, Peter (Panagiotis Nianiaris)
Nosis, Steve
Orphan, Alexandra
Orphan, Annie
Orphan, George
Orphan, Gust
Orphan, Harry
Orphan, Nick
Orphan, Sophia
Orphanides, Steve
Pachares, Lula
Pachis, Fr. Leon
Paleologou, Panayiotis
Paloglou, Cleoniki
Paloglou, Maria
Paloglou, Smaragda
Panis, George
Panis, Theone
Pantazonis, Fr. Gregorios
Panterlis, Anna
Papachristou, Nicholas
Papachristou, Sultana
Papachristou, Theophilos
Papademetriou, Fr. Constantine
Papademetriou, Presbytera Athanasia
Papadopoulos, Esther (Efstratia)
Papadopoulos, Kiriakos
Papadopoulos, Peter
Papadopulos, Mary
Papadopulos, Philip
Pappas, Paul
Pappas, Theofilos
Paris, Anthony
Paris, Tony (Antonios Perris)
Paulos, Harry
Pertginides, Clara
Peters, Irene
Peterson, Sophia
Petropoulos, Anna
Petropoulos, Fr. John
Petropoulos, Hugh
Petropoulos, Kalliopi
Petropoulos, Tasia
Petropoulos, Toula
Petropoulos, William
Pimpas, Angeline
Pimpas, Margaret
Pimpas, Petros
Pinis, George J.
Poulos, Andy
Rafailedes, George
Rizos family
Rodopoulos, Fr. Parthenios
Roukema, Sophia
Sakellarides, Fr. Georgios
Samonides, Anastasia
Samonides, Joseph
Samonides, Sam
Sassos (Simitacolos), Philip
Sassos, Vassilia
Scufalos, Peter
Shook, Beth
Sideropoulos, Eleftherios
Sideropoulos, George
Sideropoulos, Martha
Sikas, Fr. George
Simionides, Efstathios
Skinner, Robert Peet
Sousaris, George
Sousaris, Kalliope
Sousaris, Michael
Space, Despina
Space, Zack
Spanos, Peter
Spilios, Sophia
Spondyl, Elizabeth
Spondyl, Nicholas
Stamatiades, Fr. Artemios
Stamoules, Brasky
Stamoules, George
Stamoules, Stavros
Stavrakis, Fr. Nicholas
Stavrakis, Nicholas
Stavrakis, Presbytera Peggy
Stavrakis, Theodore
Stilianos, Christina
Tarzan, Lazer
Tatarides, George
Tatarides, Nick
Tatarides, Parthena
Tatarides, Theodore
Tender, Christina
Tender, Lula
Tender, Pete
Terakedis, Steve
Theophilos, Fr. Theophilos P.
Thomaides, Christ “Kaimakan”
Tremoulis, Desina
Tremoulis, Despina
Tremoulis, George
Trifelos, George
Trifelos, Harry
Trifelos, Harry (Haralambos Triantaphillopoulos)
Trifelos, Jim
Tsaftarides, Peter
Tsaftarides, Theodore
Tsangarakis, Catherine
Tsarwhas, Constantinos
Tsarwhas, Helen
Turnides, Panagiotis
Turnides, Savas
Tzortzakis, Gust
Tzortzakis, Vasiliki
Vaitsis, Margarita
Vamvakidou, Anna (Erasmia)
Vattos, Athena
Vattos, Beth
Vattos, Catherine
Vattos, Christos
Vianos (Vianatakis), George
Vianos (Vianatakis), John
Vianos (Vianatakis), Michael
Vianos, Michael
Vlachos, Christ
Vutetakis, Anthe
Vutetakis, James
Xenos, Harry
Xenos, Maria
Xenos, Morphe
Xenos, Pete
Xides, Constantinos
Xides, Sophia
Yamakides, George
Zampelas, Calliope
Zampelas, Despina
Zampelas, Papos
Zampelas, Thomas
Zantopoulos, Athena
Zantopoulos, Bertha
Zantopoulos, George
Zantopoulos, Nick
Zantopulos, Ahilleas
Zissiades, Argyrios (aka Harry Thomas)
Zouncourides, Alexander

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Book - Greeks in Houston, Texas (536 Greek Names)

The book "GREEKS IN HOUSTON, Images of America Series" was authored by Irene Cassis and Constantina Michalos.  Published by Arcadia Publishing in 2013.  

The books in the Images of America Series include photographs on almost every page, this book is no exception.  The GREEKS IN HOUSTON includes 213 photographs.  For your convenience I have listed below the 536 Greek names included in the book.

Book description:  This history of the Greeks in Houston is really the story of individuals who worked diligently to forge new lives for themselves even as they maintained their Greek identity and their Orthodox faith. The efforts of many of the founders are immortalized in the buildings that constitute the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral complex. Their names remind us of their hard work and commitment to establishing their koinonia (communion) in Houston. There are many other names that have gone unremarked over the decades but to whom we owe just as much for their tenacity and dedication. And there are the new generations who inherited this legacy and keep it vibrant through the stewardship of their faith and culture.


Adams, Jim
Ainadjoglou (Kostas), George
Alexopoulos, Alexis
Andreades, Michael Fr.
Angelopoulos, Dimitrios
Angelos, Gus
Angelos, James
Angelos, Nick
Angelos, Sara
Apostol, Georgia
Arapolis, Tom
Athenagoras, Rev. Spyron
Athenogoras, Archbishop
Ballantyne, Maria Mitchell
Batmanis, Becky
Bellos, James (Jim)
Bellos, Mary
Bellos, Peter
Beys (Catsinas), Helen
Blytas, George
Boozalis, Rallia
Boozalis, Stavros
Boozalis, Steve T.
Boozalis, Vasilios T.
Boozalis, Victor
Botsaris, Marcos
Bournias, Matina nee Kousakis
Bournias, Nellie
Bournias, Stanley
Brailas, Glycaria
Brailas, Leonidas (Louis)
Brailas, Nicholas
Butos (Stefanidis), Elaine
Cafcalas, Ethyl
Cafcalas, Irene
Callas, Johnny
Callas, Polly
Caloudas, (Kouzounis), Elaine
Caloudas, Deno
Caloudas, George
Caloudas, Georgia
Caloudas, Stavros (Steve)
Caloudas, Steve G.
Caridas, Anastasia nee Markou
Caridas, Chris
Caridas, George
Carides, Anastacia
Cassis, Diamantis (Dan)
Cassis, Diamantis, John
Catsinas (Lewis), Fofo
Catsinas, Catherine Pantelaki
Catsinas, Dimitrios Nicholas
Catsinas, Gregory
Catsinas, Nicholas James
Catsis, James
Chiakos, Catherine
Chickenis, Anastasia
Chickenis, Vaso
Christofides, Theodosios aka Theodore Christie
Cokinos, Michael P.
Cokins, James
Colias, Tina nee Batmanis
Comet, Louis
Comet, Stella Galanos
Contos, Fr. Leonidas
Coronis, Amalia
Coronis, Helen
Coronis, Irene
Coronis, James
Coronis, Katherine
Coronis, Mary
Coronis, Mary (Chilivetis)
Coronis, Mary Kontomichali
Coronis, Paul
Couvielos, Calliope Lewis
Couvielos, Dimitri
Couvielos, Dimitri “Captain Mimi”
Coyner, Barbara
Dabanlis, Mary
Dadinis, Harres D.
Dadinis, Koula
Dameris, Athanasios “Thano”
Dameris, Nick T.
Dameris, Thano
Dameris, Theodore N.
Dameris, Theodoros
Damiris, Mary
Damiris, Peter
Damiris, Theresa
Daskas (Standish), Helen
DeClaris, Fotini “Fofo” Catsinas
Demeris, Becky
Demeris, Catherine
Demeris, Frank A.
Demeris, Georgia
Demeris, Gus
Demeris, Jimmy
Demeris, Kosta (Gus)
Demeris, Nicholas
Demeris, Nick
Demetre, Beulah (Petheriotes)
Demetre, Stellios
Demetre, Steve
Despos, Chrisanthe
Dislianis, Haido
Economides, Gus
Economides, John
Economides, Vasili (aka William Thomas “Ham”)
Economidi, Kyriaki
Fetokakis, Chrysanthos
Fetokakis, Dimitrios
Fetokakis, Eleni
Fofakis, Ouraneia
Fotinos, Arthur
Fotinos, Irene
Fotinos, John
Frangakis, Nick
Fress family
Fress, Gus
Fress, Mary
Galanos, George
Galanos, Jimmy
Galanos, Lefkothea
Galanos, Paul
Galanos, Peter
Galanos, Stella
Galanos, Theodore
Gazelas (Cassis), Irene
Gazelas (Kaldanis), Toula
Gazelas, Aristedis “Harry”
Gazelas, Chrysanthe
Gazelas, George
Gazelas, Harry
Gazelas, Irene (Cassis)
Gazelas, Nick
Gazelas, Sylvia Karahal
Gazelas, Titika (Liollio)
Gazelas, Toula (Kaldanis)
Gazis, Basil
Gazis, Manuel
Gazis, Mary
Georgandis, Adamantios (Diamanti)
George, John Emmanuel
Gianakis, Virginia (Howell)
Giannoukos, Nick
Giannukos (Govatos), Helen
Giannukos (Platos), Georgia
Giannukos (Sfiris), Fofo
Giannukos, Dionysia
Giannukos, John
Giannukos, Nick
Giannukos, Sam
Gianopoulos, Deno
Glaros, Connie
Gouras, Stavroula
Grivas, John
Grivon, George Michael
Hademenos, Peter
Hadjes, Capt. Willard
Hadjes, Sophie Menutes
Hadjes, Wanita
Hadjes, William
Haginas, Fr. Seraphim
Harris, Marie
Harris, Rudolph
Harrison, Stella
Ioannou, Elli
James, John
Jelson, Alexander A.
Jelson, Angelo
Jelson, Athanasios
Jelson, Cleo
Jelson, Demetra nee Roupakiotis
Jelson, George
Jelson, John
Jelson, Johnny
Jelson, Margaret
Jelson, Nick
Jones, Jesse
Kalaboukidou, Chrissi
Kalantzakis, Leo
Kalantzakis, Spiros “Leo”
Kaldanis, Steve
Kaldanis, Toula
Kaler, Jerry
Kallos, Rev. Archimandrite Christodoulos
Kalogiannis, Nikos
Kalpaxis, Fr. George
Kalpaxis, Presbytera Athena
Kamas Verges, Pauline
Kamas, Paul
Kamas, Sam
Kanakis family
Kanakis, Gus
Kanakis, Pvt. Alexander J.
Kanakis, Sgt. Joseph A.
Kandis, Thomai
Kantralis, Alec
Kantralis, Kiki
Karvelas, Louis
Kasemeotes, Angelo
Katsinas, Dimitris
Kefalas, Mary
Kefalas, Spero
Keffalas, Anastasi
Keffalas, Nikita
Kehagas, Pete
Kelley, George P.
Kladouris, George
Kochauf, Margaret Catsinas
Kostas, Ioannidis
Kouklis, Fr. Costas J.
Koumondouros, Alexander
Koumondouros, Christine Christodouli
Koumondouros, George
Koumondouros, John
Koumondouros, Katherine (Economides)
Koumonduros, Alex
Koumonduros, George
Koumonduros, John
Koumonduros, Katherine
Kousakis, Anastacia nee Mytelinaeos
Kousakis, Bill
Kousakis, John
Kousakis, Nota
Kousakis, Peter
Kousakis, Tasia (Mytilen)
Kouzounis, Anthony
Kritikos Lewis, Koula
Kritikos, Gus
Lardis, Argero
Lardis, Costa
Lardis, Julia
Lewis, Calliope
Lewis, John
Lewis, Michael
Lewis, Nick
Liolio, Steve
Liollio, George
Liollio, Steve
Liollio, Stylianos (Steve)
Lokis, Fr. Demetrios
Lum Fink, Maria
Lum, Chris
Lum, Helen
Lum, Maria
Lykos, Thomas J.
Lymberry, Jack
Magazis, George
Magazis, Nora
Makris, Art
Makris, Gus
Makris, Stella
Malakos, Gus (aka Malos)
Malakos, Lela (aka Malos)
Malavansos, Chris
Malavansos, Christos
Malavansos, Despina
Malavansos, George
Malavansos, Gus
Malavansos, Mary
Malavazou (Malavansos), Chris
Malavazou (Malavansos), George
Mallios, Mimi
Manakis, Dolly
Manikas, Ann
Manikas, Dolly
Manthos (Nash), Olga
Manthos, George
Margolis, Irene
Maris, Stelios
Markou, Anastasia
Markou, John
Markou, Mark
Markou, Paul
Marks, Jerry
Martel, Spero
Matandos, Katherine
Matandos, Michael
Mavrakis, Mrs. E. T.
Menutes Hadjes, Sophie
Menutes, Beulah
Menutes, Edward
Menutes, George
Menutes, James
Menutes, Jimmy
Menutes, Maria nee Lardis
Menutes, Mary
Menutes, Pete
Menutes, Sophie
Mickelis, Anastasi
Mickelis, Nick
Mickelis, Pat
Mitchell, George Phydias
Mousouliotes (Moss), Peter
Mousouliotes, Julia nee Lardis
Mousouliotes, Peter aka Moss
Mytelinaeos (Mytelin), Angelo
Mytelinaeos (Mytilen), Sophia
Mytelinaeos (Mytilen), Vassiliki
Mytelinaeos, Angelo
Mytelinaeos, Evangelos
Mytelinaeos, Evangelos (Angelo)
Mytelinaeos, Evangelos (aka Mytilen)
Mytelinaeos, Sophia
Mytelinaeos, Vasiliki
Mytilen, Angelo
Mytilen, Jim
Mytilen, Nick
Nahas, Fred
Nanopoulos, Fr. Chris
Nickolas, Chris
Nickolas, Evelyn
Nicolaou, E.T. “Jelly”
Nicolaou, Kallie
Nonopoulos, Fr. Chris
Pacheris, Tony
Pahis, George
Panagos (Colias), Jeannie
Panagos (Pappas), Dorothy
Panos, Angeliki
Panos, Effie
Panos, Mercena
Panos, Stavros (Steve)
Panos, Thomas
Panousieris, Stavros aka Panos
Pantazis, Cleopatra
Pantazis, Emmanuel (Mike)
Pantazis, Nicholas
Panzarakis, John
Papadakis, James
Papadakis, Tom
Papadopoulos, Rev. Fr. Ioannis
Papas, Nick J.
Papas, Sophie
Papasarandopoulos, Anastasios
Papasarandopoulos, Aristeide
Papasarandopoulos, Evyenia
Papasarandopoulos, George
Papasarandopoulos, Georgia
Papavassiliou, Kosta
Papazoglakis, Evangeline (aka Papas)
Papazoglakis, Freida (aka Papas)
Papazoglakis, Georgia
Papazoglakis, John
Papazoglakis, John (aka Papas)
Papazoglakis, Louis (aka Papas)
Papazoglakis, Thalia (aka Papas)
Pappas (Antonellos), Betty
Pappas (Kariotes), Meropy
Pappas (Peet), Marie Jacobs
Pappas (Peet), Matina
Pappas, (Giannukos), Vicki
Pappas, Chris
Pappas, George
Pappas, George J.
Pappas, H. D.
Pappas, Harris
Pappas, James
Pappas, James “Jim”
Pappas, John
Pappas, Mary
Pappas, Matina
Pappas, Mickey
Pappas, Nick
Pappas, Peter
Pappas, Peter H.
Pappas, Tina
Pappas, Tom
Pappas, Victor
Paul, Betty Maduros
Pavlides (Sterling), Mary Ann
Pavlides, Paul G.
Peet (Kostas), Lea
Peet, Bessie
Peet, Constantina (Mytilen)
Peet, James
Peet, Kaliope
Peet, Mary
Peet, Nick
Peet, Nick G.
Peet, Theo
Peet, William
Peet, Willie
Pepps, Steve
Perheriotes, James
Petheriotes, Angela
Petheriotes, Angelo
Petheriotes, Chris
Petheriotes, Demetrios
Petheriotes, George
Petheriotes, George N.
Petheriotes, James
Petheriotes, James G.
Petheriotes, Jimmy
Petheriotes, Katherine
Petheriotes, Paul
Petheriotes, Sophia
Petheriotes, Sophia (Mytilen) 
Petheriotes, Sophia nee Mytelinaeos
Petheriotes, Sophia nee Mytelinaeos Mytelin
Phucas, Peter B.
Picramenos (Peet) Constantina
Picramenos (Peet) George
Picramenos (Peet), Anastacia
Picramenos (Peet), Constantina
Picramenos (Peet), Elizabeth
Picramenos (Peet), George N.
Picramenos (Peet), Kalioe
Picramenos (Peet), Kaliope
Picramenos (Peet), Nick
Picramenos (Peet), Theo
Picramenos (Zgourides), Anastacia
Picramenos, Anastacia (Peet)
Picramenos, Anna
Picramenos, Constantina
Picramenos, Constantina nee Mytelinaeos
Picramenos, George
Picramenos, George (aka Peet)
Picramenos, George N.
Picramenos, George N. (aka Peet)
Picramenos, Kaliope
Picramenos, Kaliope (aka Peet)
Picramenos, Mary
Picramenos, Theodore
Piucramenos, Bessie
Plainos, Nicholas
Polemanakos, Anthony
Polemanakos, Edward
Polemanakos, George
Polemanakos, John
Polemanakos, Nick
Polemanakos, Peter
Polemanakos, Theo
Polemanakos, Theodore
Poleminacos, George
Poleminacos, Peter
Pomonis, Giasemitsa
Pomonis, Peter
Pontikes, Angelo
Poulos, Anastasios
Poulos, Anastasios Pete
Poulos, Ann
Poulos, Chrissi
Poulos, Jim
Poulos, John
Poulos, John A.
Poulos, Katherine
Poulos, Mary
Poulos, Pete
Poulos, Pete A.
Poulos, Raleigh
Prappas, James
Prappas, Jimmy
Pratley (Brailas), Dorothy
Priovolos, James (aka James Christie)
Retsios, Alfred
Retsios, John
Rose (Stenis), Sophie
Rose, Stamatia
Roupakioti, Cleopatra
Sacaris, George
Safos, Angelo
Sakellarides, Dimitrios
Sakellarides, Fr. Nicholas D.
Sallas, Helen nee Seitanidis
Sallas, Paul
Santire, Paul
Sarandos, William G.
Seitanidis, Alexander
Seitanidis, George (aka Standish)
Seitanidis, Glykeria nee Kostas
Semos, Basil
Sinathis (Makris), Evelyn
Skandalis, Alex
Spiliotopoulos, George N.
Spillios, Bessie
Spillios, George
Spillios, Nick
Stamos, Charles
Standish, Capt. Constantinos (Gus)
Stathakis, Andromichae “Michae”
Stathakis, Louis P.
Stefanidakis, George
Teflos, Jim
Theocharides (Boulafendis), Evelyn
Tragakis, Sam
Triantafilides, Archimandrite Theoclitos
Triantafilou, Fr. Nicholas C.
Triantafilou, Presbytera Diane
Tropoli, Artie
Tropoli, Mercena
Tsangalakis, Constantina
Tsangalakis, George
Tsikinis, George
Tsochalis, ?
Vasos, Angelo
Vassiliades, Andrew
Vassiliades, Thalia
Veletsos, Katherine
Verges family
Verges, Angelo
Verges, Aphrodite (Faye)
Verges, Aphrodite (Mytilen)
Verges, Bessie
Verges, Faye
Verges, Faye nee Mytelinaeos
Verges, George
Verges, Harry
Verges, Mary M.
Verges, Mike
Vionis, Sotirios (Steve)
Vlahos, Kalliope
Vlahos, Leonidas
Vlamides, Fr. Anastasios
Voinis (Koumonduros), Christine
Voinis, Amalia
Voinis, Amalia Coronis
Voinis, George
Voinis, Irene (Chilivetis)
Voinis, Katherine
Voinis, Katherine (Cramer)
Voinis, Nicholas
Voinis, Nick
Voinis, Nick George
Voinis, Paul
Voinis, Pete
Voinis, Steve Paul
Voinis, Theodore
York, Anastasia Catsinas
Zgourides, Anastasia
Zgourides, George
Zgourides, John
Zoes, Harry
Zoes, Steve
Zografos, Alexandra