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Tarpon Springs, Florida - Cycadia Cemetery Officially Listed as Historic

by TNH Staff
Published in The National Herald, March 31, 2019
I am excited that The National Herald has given Hellenic Genealogy Geek the right to reprint articles that may be of interest to our group. 
On March 20, the National Register of Historic Places officially listed Cycadia Cemetery in Tarpon Springs, Pinellas County as a Traditional Cultural Property with state and local significance on the basis of Greek cultural practices. Cycadia Cemetery had previously been deemed eligible for listing on the National Register by Florida’s Advisory Council on Historic Preservation on November 8, 2018. 

The cemetery was nominated to the National Register for a period of significance ranging from 1905 into the present. It is a Traditional Cultural Property (TCP) due to its direct association with ongoing Greek-American cultural and religious funerary practices and grav…

The Ariston Cafe: Oldest Restaurant on Route 66

by Steve Frangos
Published in The National Herald, March 31, 2019
I am excited that The National Herald has given Hellenic Genealogy Geek the right to reprint articles that may be of interest to our group. 
The Ariston Café, now located in Litchfield, Illinois, is credited as being the longest operating restaurant along the entire stretch of historic U.S. Route 66.  As such it is yet another among the uncounted host of Greek-owned restaurants that have and continue to play a significant role in the communities in which they are found. Unintentionally, this very same café, is also an example of what the future of other Greek-owned restaurants in North America are likely to one day experience. In 1924, Pete Adam, a Greek immigrant, founded the Ariston Café in Carlinville, Illinois. The original café was located on Route 4, the predecessor of Historic Route 66. When the original Ariston …

Recommended "THE EFTYCHIA PROJECT" - Helping Greek Adoptees Find Their Roots

Professor Gonda Van Steen emailed me to recommend the following Facebook group for Greek born adoptees looking to research and reunite with their families.  “There are plenty of not so great and not so active FB groups, but I’ve lent my support to the people I copy here, who are in it for the right reasons.  They also bring a new, fresher type of resources and a can-do spirit (such as the arrival video of two babies in Texas, which is quite unique).”
THE EFTYCHIA PROJECT - - (We are a nonprofit charitable organization dedicated to providing assistance & support to Greek adoptees, including: searching & reuniting with their birth families; reclaiming Greek citizenship; educational programs for Greek language, history & culture.)
As many of you already know, Professor Van Steen is actively researching this subject and will hopefully be publishing her book by the end of 2019.  Gonda Van Steen, Adoption, Memory, and Cold War Gre…

1867 - Village of POLYARAVON, Municipality of Malevriou, Region of Gythio, Greece - FREE Translation of 1867 General Election List

The digital collections of the Greek State Archives offer a wealth of information to those of us interested in Greek genealogy.  As part of their online collection is the "Election Material From the Collection of Vlachoyiannis" .  This includes "General Election Lists" for each Municipality; recorded by community (city, village, settlement, etc.).

You can view a scanned copy of each list, printed in the Greek language.  This is a GREAT resource, but very difficult to navigate for those who do not read Greek.  Each row includes:  Line # -  Given Name, Surname - Father's Name -  Age - Occupation.

I have translated these pages and made them available in both Greek and English, doing my best to transcribe the information accurately.  I would always recommend viewing the original scanned copies (link below).

- To the best of my knowledge, these lists include all Males who were eligible to vote in the elections.

- Names are in alphabetical order by Given name (First name…

Honor Due for the "Oxi" of Greek Merchant Seamen during WWII

NEW YORK – Alexander Billinis, inspired by his family history and by the endeavor of the Eastern Mediterranean Business Cultural Alliance (EMBCA) to place a memorial in Manhattan in honor of the more than 2000 Hellenic seamen who sacrificed their lives during WWII, is leading the research effort that will tell their noble though all-but forgotten story. 

Many elements in the history of the diaspora have been relatively neglected and are in danger of permanent burial as first the protagonists and then their children and grandchildren pass away. 

The story the Greek merchant seaman, once the paradigmatic tale of the passage to America, is especially dim and fuzzy. Often enough, those men transitioned as quickly as possible into work that would enable them to start families and businesses. 

Few Greek-Americans have memories of their fathers’ and grandfathers’ days as sailors – let alone their heroic sacrifices. However, like the Buddhist proverb, “When the student is ready, the teacher will…

Bill the Greek Shares Harrowing WWII Experience

Literary Review of book "Bill the Greek" authored by Bill Kanellis
Review written by Eleni Sakellis, published in The National Herald on March 16, 2019

The advent of online publishing has made it very easy for just about anyone to share a life story almost as soon as the last period dots the end of the first draft. 

In the past, publishing was such a complicated and daunting process, it discouraged most people from even attempting to publish their memoirs. More and more people can now record what they went through in life against the backdrop of the massive historical events of the past century, for example, for their families, friends, and future generations to read and cherish and hopefully to learn from the mistakes of the past. 

Bill the Greek by Bill Kanellis tells a harrowing true story of one boy’s experience in Greece during World War II, its aftermath, and the drawn-out process that brought him to the United States as an orphan adopted by a Greek-American couple in Mont…