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Wonderful Book - 818 Names - Legends & Legacies (Memories of Greek Community in Ann Arbor, Michigan)

I loved this book!  - Earlier this month our fellow Hellenic Genealogy Geek member, John N. Vasilakos, recommended this book.  So glad.  Thanks John.

by Pearl Kastran Ahnen - award winning journalist.

Foreword by the Rev. Fr. John Paul, Priest of St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Published in 1995 - this book is available on for as low as $4.25

I wish more books were written like this one.  The author writes a separate chapter on each family, based on multiple interviews with family members. She tells the personal story of their life in Greece, why they migrated to the U.S., their arrival in this new country, their work and family histories.  The book is filled with quotes from the interviews and personal stories about their lives.  She has included the names of family members and other people who played a major role in the lives of her subjects.  

There are 818 names woven into these stories.  I have listed them below for …