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A Few Historical Facts About Greek Jewry


Published in The National Herald, February 6, 2006 Issue


I am excited to announce that The National Herald has given Hellenic Genealogy Geek the right to reprint articles that may be of interest to our group. 



Jews may have first settled in Greece as early as the Hellenistic Period, using the Greek language in their daily life after extensive contact with ancient Greek culture, the dominant culture in Palestine at the time, and established firm ties with Greece. 

According to information recorded in the historical archives of the Greek Foreign Ministry (Documents on the History of the Greek Jews), after the Jewish state came to an end under the Roman rule in 63 BC, many Jews left Jerusalem, and some of them migrated to Greece, where they joined the Romaniotes (Greek-speaking Jews) who were already established there, mainly on the islands of Crete, Rhodes, Cos and Delos, and in the cities of Corinth, Athens, Sparta, Ioannina and Chalkis. 

From the 14th century, the Romaniotes were joined by Ashkenazi refugees from Central Europe. The first groups came to the city of Thessaloniki from Hungary in 1378. Sephardic Jews, expelled from Roman Catholic Spain, first appeared in Thessaloniki in 1492. 

Throughout the Greek War of Independence in the 19th Century, Jews aided the Greek cause and many fought as soldiers in the Greek army, as they did later in the Greek campaigns between 1911 and 1922. Unlike the Romaniotes, who asserted their Greekness and adapted to the Athenian environment, the Sephardic Jews formed a separate constellation within the decentralized Ottoman system, which permitted them to flourish, in Thessaloniki, where they eventually constituted a majority of the population. Between a devastating fire in 1917, which left many people homeless, and the 1922 evacuation of Asia Minor and the flight of its indigenous Greeks to mainland Greece, the Jewish community of Thessaloniki suffered the most among the Greeks who lost their homes, businesses, property, services and important monuments in the city. 

During the First World War, nearly 13,000 Jews from all parts of Greece were drafted into the army, and 513 died in battle. In the Second World War, arrests and deportations began in Thessaloniki in March of 1943, and they were made easier when Chief Rabbi of the city, Cevi Koretz, surrendered the archives of the community to the Germans. 

Even more tragic was the fate of Jews in the Greek territories of eastern Macedonia and western Thrace, held by the Bulgarian allies of Germany, from where they were deported and later exterminated in Treblinka. 

After the Italian armistice of September 1943, the Germans tried to locate the Jews of Athens. A universal refusal to hand them over to the occupation authorities and organized efforts saved most Athenian Jews. The EAM-ELAS resistance movement, Archbishop Damaskinos of Athens, Athens Police Chief Angelos Evert, in cooperation with the British, all worked together to save the Jews of Greece, along with the efforts of ordinary Greek citizens. After the repatriation in 1945 and 1946 of those who survived the death camps of Poland and some 8,000 who emerged from the Greek underground, only 10,000 Greek Jews survived out of a total of 70,000. 

Immediately after the liberation, the Greek State passed legislation for the restitution of Jewish properties to their legal owners and appointed the Jewish communities as administrators of all property whose legal owners had perished or were lost without trace. In 1944, the Cabinet of George Papandreou resolved that all Jewish property which remained in abeyance due to the absence of heirs, up to and including the 4th degree, was not to revert to the sate, as laid down by law, but was to be ceded to a common fund for the rehabilitation of indigent Jews (Law 846/1946). Three years later, the Cabinet resolved to grant the sum of 8 million drachmas as a first installment to meet urgent educational and religious needs of the Jewish communities. 

Winston Churchill wrote, “The Greeks rival the Jews in being the most politicallyminded race in the world… No other two races have set such a mark upon the world. Both have shown a capacity for survival, in spite of unending perils and suffering from external oppressors, matched only by their own ceaseless feuds, quarrels and convulsions. The passage of thousand years sees no change in their characteristics, and no diminution of their trials and their vitality. They have survived, in spite of all that the world could do against them (Triumph and Tragedy, Vol. V, Book II, pages 532-533, Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston: 1951).” 


“Documents on the History of the Greek Jews,” BY Greek Foreign Ministry and the University of Athens Department of Political Science, researched and edited by Photini Constantopoulou and Professor Thanos Veremis (Kastaniotis Editions, Athens: 1999)

“The Jews of Greece,” by Nicholas Stavroulakis (Talos Press, Athens: 1990)

“Wartime Jews - The Case of Athens,” by Alexander Kitroeff (ELIAMER, Athens: 1995)

“The Illusion of Safety - The Story of the Greek Jews During the Second World War,” by Michael Matsas (Pella Publishing Co., New York: 1997)

“Essays on Orthodox ChristianJewish Relations,” by George C. Papademetriou (Wyndham Hall, Bristol, England: 1990)

“548 Days with Another Name,” by Rozina Asser-Pardo (Gavrielides Editions, Athens: 1999)


The following obituaries and article were published in the February 18, 2006 issue of The National Herald.  I am providing them as a possible tool for Hellenic genealogy research.


Peter DANAKAS, Hotelier who Rubbed Elbows with Canadian Prime Ministers, Dies at 69 

by John Chaput, The Globe and Mail

REGINA, Sask. - Peter Danakas put everything he had into the things he loved, like the unabashed pride he felt for his two countries. 

His passion for his native Greece was evident in his support of Greek culture and his strong Hellenic ties. As for his adopted home, his commitment was even more emphatic. 

“Peter came from a strong community background in Greece, and from what I came to understand, he was well involved in it,” says Larry Schneider, a former mayor of Regina and member of Canadian Parliament. “He carried that attitude here with him, and wasn't the slightest bit shy about expressing it. He'd say: 'I don't know what some of you people have to say against this country. I chose it, and I'm happy I did. You were born into it; you had no choice. Don't ever say I'm not a good Canadian.' And we didn't.” 

Peter Danakas, who would become a masterful hotelier and restaurateur, emigrated from Greece in 1957. The following year, his fiancée, Voula, followed and they were married.

" We were young people looking for a fresh start, a fresh future,” Mrs. Danakas says. “We thought Canada was the friendliest country, the one that was most accepting of immigrants at that time. We had no plans and spoke very little English.”

They started out in Winnipeg, and Mr. Danakas took his first job as a restaurant busboy. He read books to learn the language, and within four months, he was tending bar in a 150-seat lounge. Demonstrating an aptitude for observing detail and organizing tasks, he was hired in 1960 as assistant manager for the International Inn. There, he came under the wing of Arthur Jenkins, who became his mentor

By 1964, Mr. Danakas came into his own, revitalizing the Edmonton Inn as its general manager and serving as a troubleshooting consultant for several other hotels. He was general manager of the Regina Inn when it opened in 1966, a consultant on the setup of the Royal Centre in Vancouver and several motor hotels in Calgary, and a regular consultant for the Hyatt chain. 

In 1973, the Seibu corporation assigned Mr. Danakas to oversee the beginning of its first hotel in Canada: the Prince International in Toronto. As usual, he ensured the amenities and staff were of the highest order, and that all the proper dignitaries were invited to the grand opening, where they were treated to a unique ceremony. Instead of the usual ribbon cutting, a coronation was staged, with a helicopter placing a giant crown atop the 22-storey Prince. 

Mr. Danakas opened his own restaurant, the Danakas Palace, within the Hotel Toronto complex in 1976. The establishment's fine dining and elegant atmosphere attracted numerous celebrities but after three years, a more promising though less illustrious opportunity presented itself: ownership of the Regina Inn. 

“It had to be the last stop,” Mrs. Danakas says. “We had a goal in life, and we were very comfortable, very happy. I didn't mind him working until 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning. He would get our daughters involved, give them jobs, help them learn the business, but they were also going to school and traveling. I insisted that the children would not be left home for trips or promotions, or else I wouldn't take part.” 

Devotion to family didn't really require any coercion. Birth complications left son John, now 46, developmentally disabled, but he remains a Danakas household resident to this day. Granddaughters Panayiota Argyrides and Christiana Danakas-Weinkauf invariably received phone calls from Santa Claus on their Christmas visits to Regina - while their grandfather was suspiciously out of sight and earshot. 

“He had his son with him all the time,” says Gus Kolitsas, a Greek emigrant who began work as a busboy in the Danakas-managed Regina Inn in 1968 and, two years later, began what would become a chain of pizzerias. “He was always perfect at work, never sloppy or slow, and he had high expectations for everyone. I thought he was tough, but never rude. He helped a lot of people, many of them immigrants.” 

Mr. Danakas turned over the Regina Inn at a profit after three years and settled into restaurant ownership in the Saskatchewan capital, most notably with The Brown Derby and Stats, a luxurious dining room and a sports bar, respectively. The Brown Derby, in the southwest corner of Regina, was in a locale now surrounded by thousands of residents and easily accessible by Lewvan Drive. It wasn't so in the 1980's, and that inevitably contributed to the restaurant's closure. 

“Peter had big-city ideas and he proved it with the Brown Derby,” says Jimmy Baiton, owner of two Regina restaurants. “It was fancy, but all at a reasonable price, which is a necessity in Regina. He had the foresight to realize it was not going to work out there in the boonies. You had to be a cabbie to know how to get there.” 

Politics stirred Mr. Danakas, who could be opinionated on issues, but still maintain friendships with men whose political stripes differed, the likes of whom included John Diefenbaker and Pierre Trudeau. 

“He was small-p political in terms of city affairs,” says Mr. Schneider, who was mayor from 1979 to 1988 and a Tory Member of Parliament in the Mulroney and Kim Campbell governments from 1988 to 1993. “He and Voula were the first to volunteer for community projects. Peter was on a first-name basis with both Trudeau and Brian Mulroney, and had aspirations for me, more so than I had for myself. He wanted, in the worst way, to have me promoted to a higher position in Parliament. He wrote letters to Mulroney telling him I should be in cabinet, and I kept telling Peter it wasn't going to happen, that first time MPs just don't get those appointments.” 

In any event, Mr. Schneider did become Minister of Western Economic Diversification in the short lived Campbell regime before losing his seat to Liberal Ralph Goodale in the 1993 election. 

Mr. Danakas enjoyed rubbing elbows with the famous and powerful, partly for its own sake and, to a great extent, as a learning experience. What made society's elite feel pampered, he reasoned, would do the same for all his customers. “He loved people and loved meeting people,” says Mr. Baiton. “His reputation was built on treating people special.” 

Panagiotis (Peter) Danakas was born on June 9, 1936 in Molai of Lakonia, Greece. He died of cancer on October 2, 2005 in Regina. He was 69. He is survived by his wife Voula; his son John; his daughters, Angie Argyrides and Mia Weinkauf; his brother Gus; and several grandchildren. 

The Toronto Globe & Mail published the above on January 17. The original; headline is, “PETER DANAKAS, HOTELIER, 1936-2005: New Canadian who had a hand in the operation of numerous hotels from Vancouver to Toronto started out as a busboy in a Winnipeg restaurant and became something of a backroom political powerbroker.”


APOSTOLAKES. Constantine J. - Of Valley Stream, LI; died on February 6, 2006. Beloved husband of Tess. Loving father of James, Helene Kanellis and Patricia (John) Limberis. Dear grandfather of six and great-grandfather of one. Also survived by his brother Louis Apostol and sister Catherine Matthews. Reposing, Fairchild Sons Funeral Home, 1201 Franklin Ave., Garden City, LI, on February 7 and 8. Funeral services at the Greek Orthodox Cathedral of St. Paul, Hempstead, LI, on February 10. Interment, Pinelawn Memorial Park. 


BAKIARES, Sophie. - Beloved wife of the late John P.; loving mother of Joan (the late Theodore) Kendros, George (Josephine) Bakiares and the late Peter; dear sister of Beca (the late George) Vroustouris and the late James (Jenny) Cromydas; dear grandmother of seven; greatgrandmother of 10; and greatgrandmother of one. Funeral was on February 9 from Drake & Son Funeral Home in Chicago, IL. Service was at St. Andrew Greek Orthodox Church. Interment Memory Gardens Cemetery. Visitation was on February 7. Arrangements by Pfaff-Garner-Adinamis Funeral Home. 


BAKOSH, Ardis L. “Babe” (nee LEONTEOS) - Beloved wife of John M. Bakosh; devoted daughter of the late Thomas and Vasiliki Leonteos; loving sister of Helen (the late Carl) Morris, Mary (the late Edward) Slanec, Connie (the late Raymond) Keenan, the late Ted (Hazel), the late Gus (Helen) Leontios; fond sister-in-law and aunt of many. Retiree of Western Electric Cicero, IL. Visitation was on Wednesday, February 8 at Conboy's Westchester Funeral Home in Westchester, IL. Funeral was the following day from the funeral home to Transfiguration of Our Lord Greek Orthodox Chapel at Elmwood Cemetery River Grove, IL for funeral service. Interment Elmwood Cemetery. Memorial donations to the American Cancer Society, appreciated.


CHARIZOPOULOS, Loukas. - Beloved friend of Melina Kakoulli; loving father of Alexis, Michael and Christopher Charizopoulos; devoted son of Elena (the late Chrysostomos) Lalos and the late Alexander (Nitsa) Charizopoulos; dear brother of Niko in Greece; fond uncle of Elena. Visitation was on February 7 at Smith-Corcoran Funeral Home in Chicago. Family and friends met on February 6 in the morning at St. George Greek Orthodox Church in Chicago for funeral service.


DARIOTI, Eugenia. - Beloved wife of the late Apostolos; loving mother of Ioanna (Manolis) Zannis, Irene (Sam) Sianis and Dionysios (Maria); proud grandmother of 10; great-grandmother of two; dear sister of Eftihia Koutsoumis in Greece. Visitation was on Tuesday, February 7 at Smith-Corcoran Funeral Home, 6150 N. Cicero Ave in Chicago, IL. Funeral service and interment were held in Greece. Memorial donations to Sts. Anargyroi Greek Orthodox Church, 11360 S. Lawler, Alsip, IL 60482, would be appreciated. Arrangements by John G. Adinamis Funeral Director Ltd.


ECONOMIDES, Frieda (nee [PLATON) - Age 75; late of Plainfield, IL and formerly of Hinsdale and Chicago, IL passed away Friday, February 3, 2006 at home. She worked 11 years as a reservationist for Eastern Airlines and also worked with her husband in his commercial photography business in Chicago. Frieda also enjoyed volunteering at Treasure House, Glen Ellyn, for Metropolitan Family Services of Dupage. An outstanding pastry cook, she loved music and playing piano, tending her plants and traveling. Surviving are her husband, A.J. Economides of Plainfield; four sons, John (Joyce) of Downers Grove, Steven (Annette) of Scottsdale, AZ, Jason (Patricia) of Mt. Pleasant, MI and Gregory Theo of Chicago; nine grandchildren, Timothy, Sarah, John, Rebekah, Roy, Joseph, Abigail, Zoe and Eleni. Preceded by her parents, Steven and Zaharoula, nee Tsitsibourouni, Platon; two brothers, Nicholas and Eugene. Funeral services were held Thursday, February 9, 2006 from Fred C. Dames Funeral Home, 3200 Black at Essington Rds., Joliet, to All Saints Greek Orthodox Church, 102 N. Broadway, Joliet, for services. Interment Woodlawn Memorial Park. In lieu of flowers, memorials to Metropolitan Family Services of Dupage, 222 E. Willow Ave., Wheaton, IL 60187, would be appreciated. Visitation was on Wednesday, February 8 with Trisagion Services at the funeral home.


ELIAS, Catherine Presvytera. - Age 100; formerly of Bethlehem, VA; died Thursday, February 9. Born in Megali Panaghia, Greece, she was the wife of the late Rev. Nicholas M. Elias. Together, they came to America in 1939 with their three children. Survivors: Sons, Michael and Christ, both of Allentown; brother, George Galatsianos of York; sister, Angeliki Tambros of Everett, Wash.; grandchildren, Athan Atsales of Saugus, Calif., Paulette Hood of Hollywood, Md., Dr. Nicholas Elias of Boulder, Colo., Andrew Elias of Bethlehem, Nicos Elias of Allentown; three great-grandchildren. She was predeceased by children, Loukia and Theodore. Services: Saturday, February 11 at St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church in Bethlehem. Contributions: To the church, PA, 18018, to benefit the Mount Tabor project.


GENES, Nick H. - Age 84; of Sun City, Arizona, passed away on Saturday, January 28, 2006, in Youngtown, AZ. He is survived by his loving wife of 64 years, Josephine A. Genes, Sun City, AZ; two sons, Steven M. (Debbie) Genes, Peoria, AZ, Harry W. (Wanda) Genes, Hot Springs, South Dakota; two sisters, Anna Laoudis, San Diego, CA, Katherine Genes, New York, NY; brother, John Genes, New York, NY; grandchildren, Nicholas Genes, Surprise, AZ, Anthony Genes, Chicago, IL, David Genes, Tampa, FL; two great grandchildren, Nicholas and Demetrius Genes, both of Surprise, AZ. Nick served proudly in the U.S. Army during WW-II. Visitation was Sunday, February 5, 2006, with Trisagion Service, both at Sunland Mortuary in Sun City, AZ. Funeral Services were conducted on Monday, February 6, 2006 at St. Haralambos Greek Orthodox Church, 10320 N. 84th Ave., Peoria, AZ. Interment followed at Sunland Memorial Park.


GIANNOULIS, Athanasios N. - Age 69; beloved husband of Christina, nee Gatsakos; devoted father of Nikolaos, Angelo (JayeLee) Anagnostopoulos and Patricia Flannery; fond grandfather of Nikolaos (Jennie), Jimmy, Christopher, Kosta and Christian and great-grandfather of Sophia; dearest brother of Christos and the late Kostandinos; dear brother-in-law of Vasiliki (the late Chris) Spyropoulos, Keratso (Nikolaos) Andrianopoulos, Haralambos (Maria) Gatsakos, Niki (Vasilios) Blathras and the late Gust and Theodora Gatsakos; dear uncle of many nieces and nephews. Funeral was on Saturday, February 11from Salerno's Galewood Chapels in Chicago, IL to Assumption Greek Orthodox Church for Funeral Service. Donations to Assumption Church appreciated. Visitation was on Friday, February 10.


GOUVISIS, Loraine (nee Ottosen) - Age 64; died on February 2, 2006 at the Huntsman Cancer Center in Salt Lake City after a courageous two- year battle with cancer. She was born May 25, 1941 in Sterling Sanpete County, Utah to Don and Berniece Ottosen. She was a graduate from Manti High School and was a professional cosmetologist and later retired from Harman Music Group. She married Tom X. Gouvisis July 21, 1962 in the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Salt Lake City. They have two children, Nieca Bronson (Scott), and Phil Gouvisis and one granddaughter. She is also survived by her mother Berniece and sister Peggy Johnson (Mike). Preceded in death by her father. Loraine was a quiet loving and caring lady with a contagious smile. She enjoyed reading, swimming, traveling and especially shopping. A special service, in her honor, was held on Saturday, February 4, 2006 at Deseret Mortuary, 36 East 700 South, Salt Lake City. At her request she will be cremated so there will be no graveside services. A memorial dinner followed services. In lieu of flowers, the family requested donations to be made in Loraine's name to H.C.F., 500 Huntsman Way SLC, UT. 84108. Condolences may be sent to the family at www.celebratinglife-ut.com.


Dr. Steve DEMAKOPOULOS, Economist, Author And Columnist, Memorialized in Brockton, MA

NEW YORK - Steve A. Demakopoulos, Ph.D, a longtime resident of New York City and former Board member of Saint Spyridon's Church in Manhattan's Washington Heights, was remembered during a 40-day memorial service at the Greek Orthodox Church of the Annunciation in Brockton, Massachusetts this past Sunday, February 12. Dr. Demakopoulos, a retired economist who worked for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey for more than 25 years, was a linguistic columnist for the National Herald and other Hellenic American publications across the United States from 1966 to 1996. He died at the John Scott House in Braintree, Massachusetts on January 1, at age 75. The author of “Do You Speak Greek” and a variety of articles on the Greek language, Dr. Demakopoulos retired ten years ago and moved to Holbrook, Massachusetts, his wife's hometown, where he built a library to accommodate all his works. While living in New York, he always had his dictionary open and sitting on a lectern, and was able to assist in inquiries about both the English and Greek language from his many associates and friends. Having served in the United States Army during the Korean Conflict, he received his bachelor's, master's and doctorate degrees from New York University. His office with the Port Authority was on the 65th floor of the World Trade Center. A parishioner of the Annunciation Church in Brockton, Dr. Demakopoulos was buried in Union Cemetery. He is survived by his wife Madeline (Polisson); his brother, Chris; a nephew and a number of nieces.



The following obituaries and article were published in the February 11, 2006 issue of The National Herald.  I am providing them as a possible tool for Hellenic genealogy research.


John KATSAROS, Popular Teacher who Captivated his Students in Chicago Classrooms, Passes Away at 64

by Anne Marie Mannion, Chicago Tribune

CHICAGO - John Katsaros, a well-respected teacher for 28 years at East Leyden High School in Franklin Park, was both a dynamic force in the classroom and a nonconformist. 

He refused to shave his beard when school administrators asked him to in the early 1970's, and he donated his body for scientific study and wrote his own eulogy. 

"Even in death, he was a teacher. He talked about honesty, integrity and optimism," said Betty Katsaros, his wife of 12 years. 

"As a father, he was a teacher. He didn't stand for lying, and doing anything halfway was not allowed," said his daughter, Stephanie. 

Mr. Katsaros, 64, died on Tuesday, January 24, of lung cancer in Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn. 

The son of Greek immigrants, Mr. Katsaros was born in Chicago in 1941. After graduating from Lindblom High School, he attended the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, where he received a bachelor's degree in History, a teaching certificate and a master's degree in Social Science. 

He married Panagiota Moshovos in 1968. The couple had four children before the marriage ended. 

Mr. Katsaros taught for two years at a junior high school in Steger before taking a job at East Leyden High School, where he remained until his retirement in 1996. 

"He was never afraid to speak his mind, and was always quick with a joke. I learned a lot from him," said Steve Joyce, who graduated from East Leyden in 1983. 

Betty Katsaros married Mr. Katsaros in 1994. On one of their first dates, they went dancing. "I liked his openness. He was a great dancer. He did the jitterbug, and I love to dance,"she said. 

His daughter said her father had endearing quirks, like a preference for wearing penny loafers and for drinking V.O. Manhattans on the rocks with a twist. While raising his family, he also worked second jobs including keeping time during school wrestling matches and as a bartender at banquet halls. 

In addition, Mr. Katsaros was activities director at the high school for 20 years. 

Although she did not attend East Leyden, Stephanie said she had occasion to visit his classroom. "He was the kind of teacher that, when the bell rang, the students didn't rush out. They were still listening to him," she said. 

Mr. Katsaros lived in Hoffman Estates, Burr Ridge, Darien and, most recently, in Oak Lawn. In retirement, he followed the White Sox and Chicago Bears, traveled and watched "Jeopardy" every day with his wife. 

In addition to his wife and daughter, he is survived by two more daughters, Kim Isberg and Melanie Koehnen; a son, Alex; a sister, Connie Condrell; and two grandchildren. 

The Chicago Tribune published the above on February 4. The original headline is, “John Katsaros, 1941-2006, a Force in the Classroom: Teacher captivated his students, refusing to shave his beard in the '70's and promoting honesty, integrity and optimism.”


KALAMARIS, John. - Beloved husband of the late Flemmie, nee DiBasilio; loving father of William (Corey), Mark (Kathy) and Perry (Vicky) Kalamaris; proud grandfather of Billy (Maggie) and John P. Kalamaris; great-grandfather of Madison and Marissa; dear brother of Markela (the late Christo) Bergos, Anna (the late Tom) Alexiou, Nick (the late Helen) and the late Eleftheria and Steve (the late Esther); fond uncle of many nieces and nephews. Former member of Chios Society. Former Treasurer of the parish council of Holy Trinity Church and St. Haralambos Church. Family and friends met February 7 at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, in Chicago for Funeral Service. In lieu of flowers, donations to Holy Trinity Church would be appreciated.


KONAS, “Chris” Christos. - Age 57; calling hours were on Monday, February 6, 2006, at the funeral home; funeral service Tuesday, February 7, 2006, Service in Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, 1319 Main St., Fitchburg, MA. Died Friday, February 3, 2006.


MANIATIS, John E. - Age 90; longtime businessman and community leader; died on Saturday January 21 at the Berkshire Medical Centerin Pittsfield, MA after a brief illness. Born in Langadia, Greece on July 1, 1915, son o Efthemios and Vasiliki Karapanayiotis Maniatis, he attended schools in Greece and Pittsfield, after immigrating to the U.S. in 1929. He was a Navy veteran of World WarII. Mr. Maniatisstarted his restaurant career at the former Wendell Hotel in Pittsfield, serving as a waiter and bartender.In 1947, he became co-owner with his brother Christo Maniatis of Johnny's Restaurant. When it was forced to close because of urban renewal, the pair opened Christo's. They sold that restaurant in 1969 and opened Johnny's in Allendale in 1970. He retired in 1995. He was appointed to the Pittsfield Traffic Commission by the late Mayor Raymond L. Haughey and served one term. He was a communicant and active member of St. George Greek Orthodox Church in Pittsfield serving on the board for many years. The church established a scholarship fund in his name. He was an active member of the Order of AHEPA,serving his chapterin all positions. He served as District Governor of Yankee District #7 and was elected Supreme Governor. He was also elected AHEPA of the Year of District #7. Mr. Maniatis received many local and national awards for his participation in the Greek Community. He was especially proud of receiving the Metropolis of Boston Laity Award by His Eminence Metropolitan Methodios of Boston. He leaves two sons, Timothy J. Maniatis of Bethesda, MD and Peter J. Maniatis of Pittsfield; a brother Christo of Pittsfield; and two sisters, Helen Papas of Pittsfield and Demetra Kandianis of W. Barnstable, MA named six grandchildren. Donation may be made to St. George Greek Orthodox Church, 73 Bradford St. Pittsfield, MA in his memory.


PALOUMPIS, Andreas A. Dr. - Age 80; former president of Hillsborough Community College, passed away Tuesday, January 31, 2006, at his home. At the time of his death, he was vice president of Collegiate Enterprise Solutions, LLC. He served as president of HCC 1983-1997, coming here from Onondaga Community College in New York, where he served as president 1977-1983. Prior to that, he was founding president of Winston Churchill College. He also served as interim president of Luzerne Community College in Pennsylvania 2000-2002. He is survived by his wife, Bess; son, Tom, and wife, Jenny Abene Paloumpis, and their children, Andy and Laura; son, Evan, and wife, Linda, and their daughter, Michelle; sister, Presbytera Dr. Mary Hallick of Milwaukee, Wis.; and brother, Hercules Paloumpis of Minonk, Ill. Services took place on Monday, February 6, at St. John Greek Orthodox Church in Tampa, FL. In lieu of flowers, the family requested that donations be made to the altar fund at St. John's Greek Orthodox Church in Tampa.


PAPADOPOULOS, Georgia. - Age 79; of Portage, IN (formerly of Phoenix, AZ) passed away February 1. She is survived by her children Christos Papadopoulos, Magdaline (Marko) Karakozis, Vasilios Papadopoulos; grandchildren Chrisovalantou and Lazaros Karakozis; one sister, Kaiti Koumbourl and many nieces and nephews. She is preceded in death by her husband, Laznos. Visitation with Trisagion service were held Friday, February 3 at Paradise Sunset Chapel Funeral Home in Phoenix, AZ. Funeral services were held Saturday, February 4 at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Phoenix, AZ.


PAPPAS, Mary C. - Age 99; passed away Saturday, January 14, 2006 at home, with the love and comfort of her family and friends around her. Born in Gevgeliija in the former Yugoslavia, she was the daughter of Efthemia and Petro Saizovitch. She was a devoted wife to Christo Pappas, who passed away on November 26, 1963. Mary and her husband together owned and operated the Pappas Grocery in North Albany. She was warm, affectionate and caring, had a passion for religious readings, cooking and sewing and place family and her church above all. Mary issurvived by her three children, John Pappas (Stella) of Bloomfield Hills, Mich., Helen Cholakis (Nicholas) of Latham and Peter Pappas (Maria) of Loudonville; her six grandchildren, Christian Pappas (Kathy) of Chicago, Ill., Peter Cholakis of Delray Beach, Fla., Stephanie Stephan (Karl) of Bloomfield Hills, Mich., George Cholakis (Maria) of Waterford, Christopher Cholakis of Niskayuna, Kristen Kurtz (David) of Winchester, Mass.; her five greatgrandchildren, Estelle and Ian Pappas, Christopher and Peter Stephan, Anna Cholakis. A funeral service was held on Thursday, January 19, 2006 at St. Sophia Greek Orthodox Church, Albany, NY. Contributions in Mary's memory may be made to a memorial fund established in her name at St. Sophia Greek Orthodox Church, 440 Whitehall Road, Albany, NY 12208 to benefit the church.


STOLAKIS, John. - February 2, 2006, age 90. Loving husband of Dimitroula for 67 years. Dearfather of Vasilios "Bill" (Margaret), Christos (Evanthia), Dimitrios "James", Nancy Kalis (Dorotheos), Alkinoos "Al" and the late Eleni and Joan. Grandfather of seven and great-grandfather of nine. Also survived by sister, Marina Bitzas and sisters and brothers in Greece. Funeral Service Saturday, February 11 at St. John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church, 11455 Metro Pkwy. Memorial Tributes St. John Church.


VOLANAKIS, Mary. - Age 86; of 35 Forest Glen died Monday in Baystate Medical Center in West Springfield, MA. Mary was born and has lived in Springfield most of her life. She was a co-owner of the former West Springfield Motel on Riverdale Str. and also worked for the Red Cross. She was a member of St. George Greek Orth. Cathedral where she taught Sunday School and sang in the choir for many years. She was a member of the Philoptochos Ladies Society, the Cretan Ladies Society and the Order of the Eastern Star. After her retirement she traveled extensively for over 15 years. She leaves two brothers Peter G. and his wife Freda Volanakis of Erie, PA, and John C. Volanakis of West Springfield. She also leaves her niece Sandra Hanson of Cleveland, OH; and two nephews George Volanakis and his wife Ruth of Kingstown, RI., Peter Volanakis and his wife Cathryn of Corning NY. Service at St. George Greek Orthodox Cathedral. Donations may be made to the St. George Cathedral Building Fund, 22 St. George Place, Springfield, MA 01104.


Paris "Pete" DERIZOTIS, Politiican Par Excellence, Passes Away at 74

FARMINGTON, N.M. (AP) - Paris "Pete" Derizotis' wife had started a biography detailing the former state representative and magistrate judge's life. Now, Wanda Derizotis says she won't be able to collaborate with him. 

Pete Derizotis died on Wednesday, January 18, from liver and kidney failure. He was 74. 

He had a kidney operation in 2001, and during the first two weeks of this year, he had been a patient at the University of New Mexico Hospital. 

On Jan 15, the family decided to take him home, his wife said Saturday. 

Pete Derizotis was a magistrate judge in Gallup for 18 years and in Farmington for two years. He was a state lawmaker in the 1970's. 

Gallup Mayor Bob Rosebrough said Derizotis was the "classic" Gallup personality. "I have never known anyone who enjoyed the art of politics as much as he did," Rosebrough said. 

Derizotis was born in Kutsapogi, Greece. When he arrived in Gallup in the 1950's, he still had a heavy accent, and his friends said it became part of his personality throughout his career. 

His wife bragged about his cooking skills - Mexican, Italian, Greek, Chinese - he could cook it all, she said. 

Pete Derizotis worked in restaurants since his early days in Gallup and even owned some restaurants in the area. 

Wanda Derizotis said she still plans to finish the biography, only know she'll have to rely on his many friends for the information. 

"It's going to be a tribute to him, and people will see what a terrific guy, and what a character, he was" she said. "He was one of a kind." 

Visitation was held on January 21-22 at the Brewer, Lee & Larkin Funeral Home in Farmington. A rosary service was held at St. Mary's Catholic Church on January 22 with the funeral service afterwards. 

The Associated Press posted the above on January 21. The original headline is, “Former Magistrate Judge, State Representative Dies.”


The following obituaries and article were published in the February 4, 2006 issue of The National Herald.  I am providing them as a possible tool for Hellenic genealogy research.


ANASTAS, Violet. - Passed away on Thursday, January 26, 2006. Beloved daughter of the late Theodore and Meropi Anastas; dear sister of Theodore Anastas, Dorothy Jackson and the late Helen Georges, George and Harry Anastas; dear sister-in-law of Margo Anastas, Ruth Anastas, Christina Anastas and the late James Georges and William Jackson; our dear aunt, great-aunt and friend. Miss Anastas was a lifelong member of St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church and a past president of the Daughters of Penelope. Services: The family received friends at the Lupton Chapel in University City, Misouri on Sunday, January 29. Trisagion Service followed. The Funeral Service and Interment were private. Memorials appreciated to St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church.


BOLLOS, Nick J. - Age 75; of Des Plaines, IL; born in Nestani, Arkadias Greece; loving husband of Rena, nee Kopotas; beloved father of James Bollos, Toula (George) Gountanis and Steve Bollos; very loving papov of John Gountanis; dearest brother of Georgia Papadimitriou, the late Maria Paziotopoulos and the late Konstadinos Bollos. Visitation was on Monday, January 30 at Oehler Funeral Home, in Des Plaines. Family and friends met the following day at St. John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church, in Des Plaines for the funeral service. In lieu of flowers, contributions to St. John the Baptist Church, appreciated.(847) 824-5155.


CHURUS, Lilica. - Of Cedar Grove, NJ; died on January 28 at home. A service was held on the morning of January 31 in St. George Greek Orthodox Church, 818 Valley Rd., Clifton. Arrangements by Shook's Cedar Grove Funeral Home, Cedar Grove. Mrs. Churus was a registered nurse with the Essex County Hospital Center in Cedar Grove for 19 years. Before that, she worked at St. Michael's Hospital, Newark. She was a member of the New Jersey Nurses Association. Born in Patras, Greece, she lived in Newark before moving to Cedar Grove in 1957. Surviving are a daughter, Elaine Ferguson; a son, Nicholas Ferguson; a brother, Costa Vidouri; sisters, Eskarpia and Soula Vidouri, and a grandchild.


GEORGIOU, Andreas. - Age 90, of Warren, NJ; died on January 25, 2006; devoted husband to Nitsa Karsos Georgiou, dear father to Kostas Georgiou and his wife, Maggie, and George Georgiou, loving grandfather to Andreas, Anastasia and Victoria. Funeral services were held on Monday, January 30, at Higgins Home for Funeral in Watchung, NJ followed by a funeral service at Ascension Greek Orthodox Church in Fairview. Interment was at Fairview Cemetery. To send condolences, please go to www.higginsfuneral home.com.


GOULATIS, Loucas D. - Age 85; of Portland, OR; died in Portland, January 23, 2006. Visiting hours, were Friday, January 27 at Jones, Rich & Hutchins Funeral Home in Portland with Trisagion Service. Funeral was on Saturday, January 28 at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, in Portland. Burial followed at Forest City Cemetery, South Portland.


KALLIMANIS, William Stephanos. - A funeral was held at noon Monday, January 30, 2006, in Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Portland, Oregon for William Stephanos Kallimanis, who died January 23 at age 73. Mr. Kallimanis was born November 20, 1932, in Patras, Greece. He graduated from Washington High School and Portland State College. He served in the Army. He was an accountant, and past president of the church, who moved to Bend in 1999. In 1955, he married Helga Helmle;she died about 1975. Survivors include his daughter, Tina Reisfar; brother, George; sisters, Toulah Roll and Helen Buhler; and two grandchildren. Remembrances to Camp Angelos in care of the church. Arrangements by Deschutes Memorial Chapel in Bend.


LEGATOS, "Dora" Theodora. – Passed away on Tuesday, January 24, 2006. Born September 23, 1930, in Athens, immigrated to the United States as an infant. Beloved wife of Nicholas Legatos; loving mother of Maria Phillips, Demetra Kiriakosian, Despina Gaeta and Katherine Legatos; and dearest grandmother of Sophia Gaeta and Nicholas and Andrew Phillips. Daughter of the late Gerasimos and Despina Macris, sister of the late Reverend Spyridon Macris, and dear aunt of many nieces and nephews. Longtime resident of Syosset, Long Island, New York, and member of the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Hicksville, New York. Active in the local PTA and other school organizations during the children’s school years. For many years,Events Coordinator for, and loyal patron of, the Tilles Center for the Performing Arts at the C. W. Post Campus of the University of Long Island, Greenvale, New York. Funeral services were held on January 30 at the Holy Trinity Church, and internment at the Locust Valley Cemetery, Locust Valley, Long Island. Donations in memory of Theodora Legatos may be made to the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, 20 Field Avenue, Hicksville, New York, 11801.


MARGAS, James M. - Age 69; loving father of Michael (Angela) Margas and Michelle (James) Hladik; proud Papou of Michael, James, Sarah, Annabelle and Joseph; dear brother of Georgia (Andrew) Besbekos, John (the late Shirley), Adriane (Paul) Adams and the late Mary Margas; former husband of Diane Margas; fond uncle of many nieces and nephews. Visitation was on Tuesday, January 31 at St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, Oak Lawn, until time of funeral service. Interment Evergreen Cemetery. Visitation was held on Monday, January 30 at Blake-Lamb Funeral Home at Oak Lawn. Trisagion was held on Monday. In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Retired from city of Chicago department of revenue. For info, visit www.mem.com or call (708) 636-1193.


MASTORES, Nickolas Peter M.D. - A physician in the Chicago area for over 40 years, died of pneumonia on January 6 in Richmond, IN. Dr. Mastores was born in Chicago, on July 27, 1918, the oldest of seven children. He was graduated in 1936 from Marshall High School, where he was on the honor roll each year, attended the University of Chicago, and received early admission to the University of Illinois College of Medicine, where he received his M.D. degree in December, 1943. He then entered the U.S. Army Medical Corps and was discharged with the rank of Captain in 1947. He established a successful practice as a physician and surgeon during the golden age of American medicine, when doctors listened to their patients,spent time with them, and made house calls. Hospitalized for cancer in 1977, he was given a 5 percent chance of living as long as five years, but survived for 29 years. He retired in 1986. He enjoyed good food, traveling around the globe, tending his garden, and living on the lake in Evanston. He was proud of having been a yachtsman on Lake Michigan for over 35 years without a mishap. Dr. Mastores was preceded in death by his wife of 57 years, the former Mary Ellen Stockdale of Terre Haute, IN, and by his siblings George, Dorothy, Ethel, Louis, and James. He is survived by his sons, Kent Nickolas Mastores of Oakland, CA and Dr. Scott Mastores of Richmond, IN; his sister, Christine Rehnke of Nashville, TN; his granddaughter, Katherine Grace Mastores; and his nieces and nephews. Visitation was on January 21 in the Greek Orthodox Chapel at Elmwood Cemetery in River Grove, IL, and was followed by services and interment.


MANOS, (MANIATIS) Freida G. (nee KYRIAKAKOS) - Beloved wife of the late George H. Manos; loving mother of Roula (John A.) Photopulos, Harry G. (Joan E.) and the late Anthony G. Manos; cherished grandmother of Maria, Andrew, Georgia, Gregory George and Timothy; dear sister-in-law of Frieda (the late Steve) Aravosis, Stella (the late Peter) Carlis and Pota (Kostas) Iliadis; fond aunt and great-aunt to many. Member of Ladies Philoptochos and Nectarians Senior Citizens of St. Nectarios Greek Orthodox Church and the Sellasia Society. Visitation was held on Monday, January 16 at Smith-Corcoran Funeral Home, in Palatine, IL. Family and friends met the following morning at St. Nectarios Greek Orthodox Church in Palatine for funeral service. Interment Elmwood Cemetery. Memorial donations to St. Nectarios Ladies Philoptochos or the Assumption Greek Orthodox Church, 601 S. Central, Chicago, IL 60644 appreciated. Arrangements by John G.


NATSIS, “Bob” Charalambos. - Died on Wednesday, January 11, 2006. Beloved husband of Voula Natsis (nee Triandafilos); dear father of Jim Natsis, Frank (Shelly) Natsis, Bessy (Sean) Fitzmaurice and Maria (Peter) Bouras; loving grandfather of Jennifer, Alexandria and Jordan; dear great-grandfather of Emily; dear brother of John Natsis, Georgia Roumbos, Janie Koutsos, Frank Natsis and Maria Andriopoulos; our dear brother-in-law, uncle, great-uncle, cousin and friend. Services: visitation at Kutis Affton Chapel on Sunday, January 15. Funeral Services were held at St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, in St. Louis, MO on Monday, January 16. Interment St. Matthew Cemetery. Contributions to Alzheimer's Association appreciated. Mr. Natsis was the former owner and operator of Mediterranean Cafeteria with his family. He was deeply loved and will be greatly missed.


PANAGIOTRAS, Panagiota (nee PAPAMANOLIS) - Died on Saturday, January 21, 2006. Beloved wife of Themis Panagiotras; dear mother of Nicholas and Dimitrios Panagiotras; loving grandmother of Themis, Timmy, Ricky and Panagiota; dear great-grandmother of Anastasia; dear sister of Athena Tamaresi; our dear sister-in-law, aunt, great-aunt, cousin and friend. Services: Visitation and Trisagion Service at the Kutis Afton Chapel in St. Louis on Tuesday, January 24. Interment in Greece at a later date. Contributions to Assumption Greek Orthodox Church, 1755 Des Peres Rd., St. Louis, MO 63131 appreciated.


PANTAZES, Helen (nee SAMPSONIS)- Beloved wife of the late Angelos; loving mother of Katherine and the late Margaret; dearest sister of Nick (Stamata) Sampsonis and the late Jimmy (Litsa) Sampsonis; sister-in-law of Mary (late Norman) Nelson, Clara (late George) Dolas and Gus Pantazes; dear aunt of Stanely Sampsonis, Margarita Brown, Christina Sampsonis, Stanely Sampsonis, Kathy (Ted) Manos, Evelyn Dolas and the late George Nelson; great-aunt of Ted and Norman Manos; special friend of Keith Middleditch, Jill Shutay and Beverly Greenman. Funeral was held on Monday, January 30 from Wolniak Funeral Home to St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, with remains lying in state in church, until time of service. Interment Evergreen Cemetery. Visitation was on Sunday, January 29 at Wolniak Funeral Home with a Trisagion service


PAPADISKOS, Clara. - Age 83; of Cranford, NJ; died on December 28 in Union Memorial Hospital. A service was on December 30 in the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, Westfield, NJ after the funeral from the Paskas Funeral Service. Ms. Papadiskos was a cafeteria manager for JA-CE in Union County, retiring many years ago. Born in Greenwich Village, NY, she lived in Union before moving to Cranford many years ago. Surviving is a daughter, Evelyn.


PAPASTAMATIS, Ilias. - Age 40; of Camp Hill, PA; passed away Thursday, January 25, 2006. Born August 17, 1965 in Greece, he issurvived by his wife, Vicky (Dimopoulos) Papastamatis, and two children, George and Kalliopi, both at home. He was a member of the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral, Camp Hill. In addition to his immediate family, Ilias is survived by his parents, George and Eleni Papastamatis; a brother, Sakis Papastamatis, all of Greece; and he was the sonin-law of Michael and Kalliopi Dimopoulos of Camp Hill. Services were held at 12 Noon, on Tuesday, January 31, 2006, in the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral, Camp Hill, PA. Burial will be in Rolling Green Memorial Park. The family requests memorial contributions be made to the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral, 1000 Yverdon Drive, Camp Hill, PA 17011, in care of the Papastamatis family.


PETERSON, Michael. - Loving husband, caring father, doting grandfather, loyal friend, "who made a difference, always in our hearts, everin our memories." Beloved husband of Bess, nee Backos; loving father of Bruce (Wendy), Glenn (Laurel Ann), James (Marilee) and Paul (Meg); dear grandfather of Michael, George, Frank, Lauren, Samuel, Allison, Jaclyn, Ryan, Alexis, Olivia, Vanessa and Amanda; fond brother of James (Marie) Peterson. Resting at Chapel Hill Gardens West Funeral Home Chris J. Balodimas, Oakbrook Terrace, on Friday, January 27. Funeral was held on the following day to Holy Apostles Greek Orthodox Church, in Westchester, IL. Retired Marketing Executive for IBM Corporation for over 27 years. In lieu of flowers, memorials to Holy Apostles Greek Orthodox Church or the charity of your choice appreciated. For info,(630) 941-5860.


PSARAS, Emmanuel. - Age 72; beloved husband for 50 years of Maria (Hatzikostantis) Psaras of East Hartford, formerly of Wethersfield, Conn.; died December 26 2005. Born in Gennadi, Rhodes, Greece, he was the son of the late Dimitrios and Maria Psaras (nee Kamais). He lived most of his life in Wethersfield prior to moving to East Hartford. For the past several summers he has spent time with his grandchildren swimming in Greece. He was the owner of L & L Package Store of New Britain and Economy Liquors of Bristol until his retirement in 1997. For 30 years “Manoli” enjoyed his card playing and jokes with his “Parea Ton Deka.” He always brought a smile and laughter to everyone he met. Mr. Psaras was a member of the St. George Greek Orthodox Cathedral, Hartford. Besides his wife Maria he is survived by two loving children, son, Dr. James “Dimitrios” Psaras of East Hartford, and daughter and son-in-law, Stella and Vasilios Kourtis of Greece; his two adoring grandsons, Stamatis and Manoli Kourtis of Greece; a bother, Elias Psaras of East Hartford; three brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law, Kyriakos and Dimitra, Theologos and Evangelia Hatzikostantis of Australia, Markos and Kostandina “Dina” Hatzikostantis of Wethersfield; and several nieces and nephews. He was pre-deceased by two bothers, Pandelis, and Stelios Psaras. Funeral services were on December 29 in St. George Greek Orthodox Cathedral, Hartford. Donations may be made in his memory to the St. Nektarios Shrine, c/o St. George Greek Orthodox Cathedral, 433 Fairfield Ave., Hartford CT 06114. Providing care to the Psaras family is Giuliano-Sagarino Funeral Home at Brooklawn, in Rocky Hill.


PSICHOGIOS, Tasia. - Age 100; of Middletown, Conn. died December 26, 2005 at Middlesex Hospital, Middletown. Tasia was born in Patras, Greece and was the daughter of the late Dennis and Julia Bafis (nee Belusi). Mrs. Psichogios was formerly of Mattituck, NY and had moved to Heritage Commons in Middletown, in 1999. She was a graduate of Teachers College in Greece, and taught Greek privately for many years. She came to America as a bride of Peter in 1928 and lived happily for 50 years. In 1980, she married Alexander Alexopoulos and were together for four years until his death. Tasia was a member of St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church in Jamaica, NY and the Church of the Transfiguration of Christ of Mattituck, NY, where her husband Peter was a cantor. In February 2003, she was at Aaron Manor, Chester, for almost three years. Tasia is survived by her two daughters, Bess Schinas and her husband, Michael of Haddam, and Julie Stagias and her husband, Nicholas, of Mendham, NJ; five grandchildren; 11 great-grandchildren; her stepson, John Alexopoulos of Jackson Heights, NY; and her stepdaughter, Niki Catsavis of Arkansas; and several nieces and nephews in Patras, Greece. Funeral rites will be held Friday, December 30, at 11 a.m. at the Church of the Transfiguration of Christ, Mattitick, L.l., New York. Committal service and final resting place will be in Cutchogue Cemetery, Stillwater Avenue, Cutchogue, LI, New York. Relatives and friends called at the Church of the Transfiguration of Christ on December 30.


PSOINAS, Charles “Chuckie” J. Jr. - Beloved son of the late Mary and Charles Sr. Dear brother of Ellen and Peter Fisher, Laura Psoinas and Robert and Dana Psoinas. Loving uncle of Meagan, Nicole, Lukas and Johnny. Also survived by many cherished family and friends. Services, were held on Thursday, January 25 at the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, in Hicksville, L.I. Visitation was held the previous day at “Gutterman's,” 8000 Jericho Tpk., Woodbury, L.I.


SARANTOPOULOS, Georgia P. (nee ADRIANAKOS) - Beloved wife of the late Peter; loving mother of Vasili (Vasilo) Sarantopoulos, Adonia (Spiro) Tsagoiropoulos, Fotis (Evangila) Sarantopoulos and Xanthe (Christo) Kalagis, beloved daughter who lived and took care of her mother since 1966 and was at her bed side when she fell asleep to the lord; proud grandmother of Peter and Xanthe Sarantopoulos, Vasiliki and Georgia Tsagoiropoulos, Peter (Carla) Sarantopoulos, Loukia (James) Rodriguez, Georgia Sarantopoulos, Niko Kalagis and Peter (Janette) Kalagis; great-grandmother of 17; dear sister of Eleni Adrianakos of Greece, Ageliko Papachristakis and the late Niko, Dimitri, Andreas and Penelope Adrianakos; fond aunt of many nieces and nephews. Georgia was very active with the Greek Orthodox Church throughout her entire life. Visitation was on Wednesday, January 25at Smith Corcoran Funeral Home, in Chicago, IL. Family and friends met on the following morning at St. John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church in Des Plaines, IL for Funeral Service.


TOULOUMES, Kathryn L. - Age 86; of Dauphin, PA passed away peacefully on Tuesday, January 24, 2006, at her residence. She was a retired co-owner of the St. Moritz Cafe' in Harrisburg; and a member of Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral, Camp Hill. Surviving are her husband, Sam N. Touloumes; a daughter, Jo Ann and husband, Ron Nye of Lewes, Delaware; a son, Nicholas S. Touloumes and wife, Audrey of Dillsburg; 5 grandchildren; 4 great- grandchildren; and numerous nieces and nephews. Funeral services were held on Saturday, January 28, 2006, in the Cathedral, in Camp Hill. Burial was in Paxtang Cemetery, Sharon and Kelson Street, Harrisburg, PA. Memorial contributions may be made to Cathedral, 1000 Yverdon Drive, Camp Hill, PA 17011.



The following obituaries and article were published in the January 28, 2006 issue of The National Herald.  I am providing them as a possible tool for Hellenic genealogy research.


George P. NICOLETOPOULOS, Former Director of the International Monetary Fund, Passes Away at 84 Years of Age

George P. Nicoletopoulos, who served as Director of the Legal Department of the International Monetary Fund, died on January 12, 2006 at the Hospice of the Washington Home in Washington, D.C. He had pneumonia. He was 84 years old. 

Mr. Nicoletopoulos, a national of Greece, became a U.S. citizen in 1986, holding dual citizenship. He was educated at the University of Athens, Greece, and at Columbia University in New York. After practicing in Greece and working briefly in the Legal Department of the United Nations, he joined the IMF's Legal Department in 1949. 

There he held a number of positions, rising to be Director from 1979 to 1985. His career spanned the formative years of the Fund during which it steadily grew in importance on the international financial scene. 

During these years, he participated in the general strategy of the organization and many of its significant decisions. 

He was closely associated with the drafting of the first and second amendments to the Fund's Articles of Agreement that changed the legal underpinning of the international monetary system. 

Highly respected by his colleagues, Mr. Nicoletopoulos was admired for his breadth of knowledge and experience in the field of international law and for his distinguished service as an international civil servant. 

Mr. Nicoletopoulos is survived by three brothers, Nicolaos P., Dimitrios P., and Panayiotis P. Nicoletopoulos, and a sister, Maria Spiliopoulou, and their families, all of whom reside in Athens. An informal gathering in his honor will be held at the Cosmos Club, 2121 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C., on Wednesday, February 1, 2006, at 10:30 a.m. Memorial gifts may be made to one of the following organizations, or to a charity of the giver's choice: - American Lung Association National Capital Area Office 14435 Cherry Lane Court, Suite 410 Laurel, Maryland 20707-4958 (301) 483-3164 - Community Hospices 4200 Wisconsin Avenue, N.W., 4th Floor Washington, DC 20012 (202) 895-2600 - Doctors Without Borders, USA P.O. Box 1869 Merrifield, Va. 22116-9644 (212) 655-3759 


BENETATOS, Konstantinos. - Age 86; born in Kefalonia, Greece, passed away in Newport Richie, FL, cherished husband of the late Anastasia; devoted father of Vasilios (Eleni), Andrea (Donna), Hariklia (Konstantinos) Tirovolas, Eleni (Elias) Kokalis; fond grandfather of 15; great-grandfather of four; dear brother of Michael, Athanasia, Aristidi, Maria, Stamo, Stavroula, the late Parthenoula; dear uncle of many nieces and nephews; friend to many. Funeral was held on Wednesday, January 25 from OlsenBurke/Sullivan Funeral and Cremation Center in Chicago, IL to St. Harlambos Greek Orthodox Church in Niles,IL.


DELLIS, Stella (nee KAKALETRES) - Beloved wife of the late Peter M. Dellis; devoted daughter of the late Gus and Helen Kakaletres; loving sister of the late Georgia, Dora Kakaletres and Christine (the late Harry) Geocares; fond aunt of the late Mary (the late Constantine) Kakureotis; great-aunt of Dean Kakureotis; cousin and friend of many. Visitation was on Tuesday, January 24 at Smith-Corcoran Funeral Home in Chicago, IL. Funeral was the following morning from the funeral home to Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Chicago.


DIMITRI, Eftihia. - Age 92; of West Hartford, Conn. widow of Kiriako Dimitri, died on Monday, January 16, 2006 at Hartford Hospital. She was born in Istanbul, Turkey and immigrated to the U.S. in 1960. She along with her husband and son ran Dimitri's Restaurant in Hartford for many years. She was a member of St. George Greek Orthodox Cathedral. She is survived by her son, Steve Dimitri of Shasta Lake, CA and several close friends. The funeral was held on Saturday, January 21 in St. George Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Hartford. The Rev. Thomas Cokotis officiated. Burial was in Cedar Hill Cemetery and was private. Friends called at the Cathedral on the day of the funeral services. Contributions in her memory may be made to St. George Greek Orthodox Cathedral.


JOHNS, Anne. - Age 83; peacefully passed away on Thursday, January 12, 2006. Devoted sister of Dr. Constantine Johns of West Chester, PA; beloved aunt of Alexander Johns, Stacie and Dave Fink of West Chester, PA and Christopher and Xenia Johns of Denver, CO; dear great-aunt, Godmother and loving lifelong friend of Mollie, Timothy, Lexie and the late Marshall Walters. 'Miss Johns' was 'Dewey School's favorite 1st Grade teacher' for most of her 40+ year teaching career with the St. Louis Public School District. She is fondly remembered for her selfless kindness, warmth, compassion, humor and pride in her Greek heritage.Services: Funeral services were conducted on Tuesday, January 17 at St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church in St. Louise. Memorial contributions may be sent to St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church Building Fund.


KARNEZIS, James “Demetrios” N. - Age 90; of Hickory Hills, IL, passed away Thursday, January 5, 2006. He was born in Louka, near Tripolis, Greece in 1915 and immigrated to the United States in 1955. He was the beloved husband of the late Soula; loving father of Christine (Ralph) Nicksarlian and Nicholas (Jacqueline) Karnezis; cherished grandfather of Gregory, Mark and Diana Nicksarlian, Cassandra and Nicholas Karnezis; dear brother of Nicoletta Priovolos, Maria (Konstantinos) Gionis and the late Theodore, Stylianos, Panagiotis, twin brother, George and Athanasios; beloved uncle to numerous nieces and nephews, both here and in Greece. Mr. Karnezis was a retired barber and proprietor of Jim's Barbershop. He was a parishioner of SS. Contantine & Helen Greek Orthodox Church and a WWII Veteran in the Greek Army. Visitation was January 9 at Hills Funeral Home in Palos Hills, IL. Funeral was the following day from the funeral home to SS. Constantine & Helen Greek Orthodox Church. Interment Evergeen Cemetery. Memorials to SS. Constantine & Helen Greek Orthodox Church appreciated.


KOUVELAS, Vasilis “Basile” Michael. - Born on May 24, 1936 in Aris-Kalamata, Greece, passed away on January 3, 2006 following a brief illness, surrounded by his loving family. His early years were spent in Greece, after which he relocated to Munich, Germany where he worked as an engineer at Deutsche Airbus. He was fluent in numerous languages and enjoyed classical books and music. While in Germany he met and married his wife of 36 years, Vera. The couple was blessed with two children, daughter Katherine "Tina" and son Michael. The family moved to Greece for a number of years where Basile became involved with the hotel industry as part owner/operator of the King Saron Hotel at the Canal of Corinth. In 1975 the Kouvelas family moved to America where they settled in Belle Mead, New Jersey. They eventually relocated to Arizona in 1987 because it reminded them of Greece. Basile was part owner and managing partner of the Best Western Cottonwood Inn in Cottonwood, Arizona until the time of his death. Throughout his years in Arizona, he was very active in the Assumption Greek Orthodox Church and was awarded the Saint Paul Medal for his exemplary efforts in building the new Church in Scottsdale. He was also very active in the Arizona Hotel//Motel Association, and particularly interested in furthering the careers of young people in the hospitality industry through scholarships. He was preceded in death by his parents, Michael and Angeliki and by his beloved cousin, Constandinos. Basile is survived by his loving wife Vera; son Michael; daughter Katherine “Tina” and her husband Don Edick; granddaughter Nikki; step-grandchildren Courtney and Matthew; brother Anthony Kouvelas and wife Helen; nieces Angie and Evi of Toronto, Canada; sister-in-law Litsa Kouvelas; and nieces Anastasia and Pavlina of Athens, Greece. Basile's greatest pride and joy was his family. We will always be grateful for the years and special times we spent together. He will live in our hearts and memories forever. Visitation was held at the Assumption Greek Orthodox Church in Scottsdale, AZ on January 6. Funeral Services was also held at the church on January 7, followed by interment at Paradise Memorial Gardens, 9300 E. Shea Blvd. in Scottsdale. Arrangements by Messinge rIndian School Mortuary.


KRITSAS, “Jimmy” Demetrios A. - Age 76; of Forest Park, formerly of Park Ridge, IL passed away Wednesday, January 18, former owner of the Hyde Park Coffee Shop in the '60's and '70's, loving father of Stacy (Joan), Dr. John (Dina) and Teresa; dear grandfather of Jimmy, Ange, Chris, Nikolas and Zoe; fond brother of Elvira Kritsas. Put to rest at Chapel Hill Gardens West Funeral Home on Sunday, January 22. Funeral was held on the following morning to Holy Apostles Greek Orthodox Church. Interment Elmwood Cemetery, River Grove. Memorials to Holy Apostles Greek Orthodox Church, 2501 S. Wolf Rd., Westchester, IL 60154. For info,(630) 941-5860.


LAMNATOS, Christ. - Age 78 years; beloved husband of the late Athena, nee Fanuris; loving father of Nick Lamnatos and Rhea (Thomas) Hilton; proud grandfather of Nicole and Christopher; dear brother of the late William and brother-in-law of Bertha (the late Tony) Stamas, the late Pauline (the late Paul) Sallas, the late Amy (the late Nick) Stevenson and Sandra (Pete) Coules; fond uncle of many nieces and nephews. Visitation Wednesday, January 18 at St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, IL until time of funeral service. Visitation was on Tuesday, January 17 at Blake-Lamb Funeral Home, Oak Lawn. Memorials may be made to St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church. Member of Ahepa-Oak Lawn Englewood Chapter #323. Former Village of Bridgeview Trustee, 1969 to 1981. Info (708) 636- 1193.


LIALIOU, Magdalini. - Passed away, suddenly on Friday, January 13, 2006, in her 96th year. Beloved mother of Pantelis Lialios and Anneta Goumas; sadly missed by her beloved grandchildren Argerios Goumas; Violetta and husband Elias Sevaptsidis. Beloved sister of Marika Giannoudis and Athena Chrisikopoulou; nieces Katina Kazaris; Paraskevoula and husband Demetrios Petrides. Magdalini was predeceased by her husband Stephanos; sons, Evangelos and Petros; parents Stephanos and Eleni Chrisikopoulou; sister Olga Kalaitzis; brothers Michael Chrisikopoulos and Anastasios Chrisikopoulos; brothers-in-law, Methodios Kalaitzis, Panayiotis Giannoudis and nephew Apostolis Kalaitzis. Magdalini was born in Sklithron, Florina, Greece on August 8, 1910 and emigrated to Canada in December, 1968. She will be fondly remembered by customers of the Gaslight Restaurant who knew her by the name of "grandma" and her incredible sweet pasteries and bread making. She was a devoted member of St. Peter and Paul Greek Orthodox Church in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. She will be fondly remembered for her caring love she showed both to her family, especially her grandchildren and her friends in the community. The family received friends at the Ratz-Bechtel Funeral Home on Monday, January 16 and Tuesday, January 17. Trisagion was held on Tuesday, January 17. Funeral service was held on Wednesday, January 18, from St. Peter and Paul Greek Orthodox Church. The Very Reverend Father Konstantinos Chatzis officiated. Interment Parkview Cemetery, Waterloo. A special thanks to Dr. Kitzul and Mary; home health care workers (Paramed and Comcare) for the great patient care over the years. In Magdalinis' memory, donations to St. Peter and Paul Greek Orthodox Church would be appreciated by the family as expressions of sympathy.


LYMBERIS, Athanasios. - Age 79; formerly of Nea Hora, Rouvale, Kastri, Greece. Beloved husband of Staiko "Loula" nee Nikita; devoted and cherished father of Gus and John (Jodi); dearest brother of Peter (Vasiliki), Maria (the late George) Doumos and the late Tasos (Georgia) living in Greece; dear uncle of many nieces and nephews here and Greece. Funeral was held on Tuesday, January 17, 2006 from Salerno's Galewood Chapels, in Chicago, IL to Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Chicago for funeral service. Interment Elmwood Cemetery. Visitation was held on Monday, January 16. Arrangements by Hellenic Funeral Service (Nicholas M. Pishos Funeral Director) (773) 745-1333.


MASOURAS, George Christos. - Age 81; of Hamilton, NJ, passed away December 24 in Care One of Hamilton. Born in Easton, PA, he was a longtime resident of Phillipsburg, NJ, and has been a resident of Hamilton since the mid-1950s. He was a graduate of Phillipsburg High School and Blair Academy, where he was a member of their wrestling teams, and attended Rider College. He began his career with Dixie Cup and also worked for BF Goodrich. He continued his career as a right of way negotiator for the State of New Jersey Department of Transportation. He was an Army Air Force veteran of World War II. He was a member of St. George Greek Orthodox Church, Hamilton, and past active board member. He also was a member, past president and secretary of the Fraternal Order of AHEPA, the Crescent Shriner Patrol Association where he served as Captain, the Masonic Lodge of Belvidere, NJ, the American Legion, Tall Cedars of Lebanon, Princeton Shrine Club, the New Jersey Fraternal Order of Police, the New Jersey Department of Transportation Retirees Association, and the Hamiltonians Senior Citizens, where he previously served as president, secretary and treasurer. Survivors: Wife, Antonia (Toni) G. Masouras; sisters, Dorothy (Peggy) Masouras Garvey and her husband John of Easton, Catherine (Renie) Masouras of Los Angeles, Calif.; brother-in-law, John N. Galitis and his wife Linda of Bethlehem, Pa.; many cousins in the U.S. and Greece;many friends, especially Joe Russo. Funeral Service on December 30 in St. George Greek Orthodox Church, Hamilton. Family and friends called the previous day in Saul Colonial Home. Contributions to St. George Greek Orthodox Church, NJ 08619 or Shriners Hospital for Children, 3551 N. Broad St., Philadelphia, PA 19140.


Anastasios "Tom" ZAVRADINOS, Greek Resistance Hero, Passes Away at 88

ST. LOUIS, Mo. - Anastasios “Tom” Zavradinos, retired owner of a civil engineering and land surveying company, died on November 7, 2005, at Agios Dionysios Hospital on the island of Zakynthos, Greece. He was 88 and a former resident of St. Louis. 

Mr. Zavradinos founded Zavradinos Professional Services of Chesterfield. He was born in Zakynthos and attended school in Athens, where he studied engineering and surveying. 

In World War II, Mr. Zavradinos fought with the Greek underground against Germany. Near the end of the war, while smuggling weapons into Athens in his motorcycle sidecar, he was captured and narrowly avoided execution. He was sent to a displaced persons camp near Vienna. In the last few months of the war, he was forced to go to Vienna to work for an engineering firm, but had to return every evening. After a few weeks, he quit going back to the camp. 

In 1945, Mr. Zavradinos worked for Morrison-Knudsen as a field engineer for a tunneling project for a hydroelectric plant in Sao Paulo, Brazil. 

In 1951, while visiting family in St. Louis, he met and married Mary Kallaos. The couple raised three sons. Their son, John, died in 1974. Mary Zavradinos died in 1990. 

Mr. Zavradinos worked for Rowland Engineering in the 1950's. In the early 1960's, he worked for a firm in St. Charles. In 1957, he obtained his citizenship and his professional surveyors license. 

In 1962, he started Zavradinos & Associates, originally located in Creve Coeur. He moved the company to St. Charles in 1978 and operated it until he retired in 1986. His son, Demetrios “Jim” Zavradinos of Creve Coeur, is the company's president and chief executive officer. In 2002, the firm moved to Chesterfield. 

In 1993, Mr. Zavradinos returned to Greece and married the former Stella Bastas.

 A memorial reception was held at Kries's Restaurant in Frontenac on November 20. Funeral and burial were in Zakynthos. 

In addition to his wife Stella and son Jim, among the survivors are his son Alexander of St. Louis; his brother, Popo of Zakynthos; and three sisters, Katina Tikirian, Fifi Tatsoglou and Lela Kadademetris, all of Athens. 

Memorial contributions may be made to Operation Liftoff, 4204 Bonfils, Bridgeton, Mo. 63044. 

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch published the above on November 16, 2005. The original headline is, “Anastasios ‘Tom' Zavradinos Engineer who Fought with Greek Underground.”