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Relatives Born in Greece, but died in France between 1970-2018?

Do you have relatives who were born in Greece, but died in France between 1970-2018? has completed an index to the records on the death database - It's hard to determine an exact number of records that fall into this category, but my estimate is that there are about 4,700 people born in Greece in this database.Source WEB: France, Death Records, 1970-2018 [database on-line]. Lehi, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2020.Original data: Fichier des personnes décédées. France: WEB: France, Death Records, 1970-2018All data in this third-party database was obtained from the source’s website. does not support or make corrections or changes to the original database. To learn more about these records, please refer to the source’s website.

22 born in Greece - South Africa, Orange Free State, Civil Death Registration 1902-1954

Image has a new FREE database titled "South Africa, Orange Free State, Civil Death Registration 1902-1954".  There are records for 22 people born in Greece.
Images are courtesy of National Archives of South Africa. These records are in Afrikaans and English. For help reading these records please see the following:
Afrikaans Genealogical Word List
South Africa Languages -
The following information may be found in this record:
Name Parent's name if under the age of ten Mother's residence Age Sex Birthplace Marital status Occupation Whether pensioner or pensioner is dependent Place and date of death Residence Place of burial Cause and duration of death Background of informant

938 born in Greece/Turkey - New Jersey, Naturalization records 1905-1944, various counties

Image has a new FREE database titled "New Jersey, Naturalization records from various counties, 1905-1944".  It includes 757 people listed as being born in Greece and an additional 181 born in Turkey.This collection contains naturalization records from the counties of Newark, Trenton, and Camden counties in the state of New Jersey. The federal records are originally housed at The National Archives office in New York.Detailed information on these records can be found on the Wiki -,_New_Jersey,_Naturalization_Records_From_Various_Counties_-_FamiySearch_Historical_Records