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Greek Feminine Given Names

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Here's another tool to help you with your Greek Genealogy research. You can also view a copy at
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Greek Feminine Given Names

Greek Name & Variations

English Transliteration English CounterpartΑγαθή

AgathiAgathaΑίκατερίνη, Κατίνα

Aikaterini, KatinaKatherineΑλεξάνδρα, Αλέχα, Ρίτσα

Alexandra, Aleka, RitsaAlexandraΑλίκη


AndoniaAntoniaΑνδρομάχη, Μάχη

Andromakhi, Makhi

Book - Ottoman Greeks in the Nineteenth Century - 190 Greek Names Transcribed

The book "Ottoman Greeks in the Age of Nationalism: Politics, Economy, and Society in the Nineteenth Century" edited by Dimitri Gondicas and Charles Issawl was published in 1999 by the Darwin Press, Inc., New Jersey. Below you will find the 190 Greek names mentioned in the book. This book includes a group of essays by the following contributors: Charles Issawi, Elena Frangakis-Syrett, Alexis Alexandris, Resat Kasaba, Haris Exertzoglou, Richard Clogg, John Koliopoulos, Ilber Ortayli, Paraskevas Konortas, Thanos Veremis, and Catherine Boura. Talk to your local librarian if you would like the borrow a copy of this book, or visit for a link to purchase. Good luck with your Greek family genealogy research. Georgia ----------------------- Adamantides, Ath. Adamides, P. Agelastos, A. Alamanos Amira Andreas Anthopoulos, Konstantinos Antones Apodiakos Argenti Aristarches, Ioannes Artas, G. Arzoglou, Th. Athenogenes, G. Augerinos Bakolas Baltatzes…

Growing Up Greek in St Louis

The book "Growing Up Greek in St Louis" by Aphrodite Matsakis, Ph.D. was published in 2002 by Arcadia Publishing
If you have a relative that migrated to that area there is a good chance you might find them mentioned. Below you will find the 385 Greek names mentioned in the book. Check with your local librarian to see if they can get you a copy of this book.
Good luck with your Greek family genealogy research.
--------------------------------Afentoulis, SteveAnagnos, RegoAnagnos, StevenAnagnos, TheodoraAndraethou (Mrs.)Andrews, Constantine (Rev.)Andrews, NickyAngelides (Father)Angelides, Erineos (Rev.)Annas, G.P. (Rev.)Annas, Gerasimos (Priest)Antonopouous, AlexApostolakis, Harry (Priest)Apostolakos, Apostolon (Priest)Argeropoulos (aka Auger), AfendulaArgeropoulos (aka Auger), CharilaosArgyries, HarryAshford, NickAshford, RobertAshford, TedAshford, TheodoreAshford, VennetteAslan, ValasiaAthanasidadis, PattyBalaskas, ManolisBamvakis, BobBa…