26 Additional Books Added to Website

Last evening I updated the HellenicGenealogyGeek.com website with links to 26 antiquarian and newer books about the Greek diaspora, modern Greek history, etc.. They can help educate you, if you so desire, on your ancestors life and the times they lived in. I have included a listing of those books below. As always I hope some of you will find this information useful.

Good luck with your Greek family genealogy research.


"Images of Home" by Effy Alexakis and Leondard Janiszewski - published 1995

"In Their Own Image - Greek Australians" by Effy Alexakis and Leonard Janiszewski - published 1998

"The Occupation of Chios by the Germans" by Philip Argenti - published 1966

"Hybrids - Stories of Greek Australia" by Nikos Athanasou - published 1995

"Inside the Colonels' Greece" by "Athenian" - published 1972

"Greeks in America" by Thomas Burgess - published 1913

"Modern Greece" by John Campbell and Philip Sherrard - published 1969

"Christopher Columbus: A Greek Nobleman" by Seraphim G. Canoutas - published 1943

"Death Rituals in Rural Greece" by Loring Danforth

"Portrait of a Greek Mountain Village" by J. du Boulay - published 1974

"The Greeks in America 1528-1977" by Heike Fenton and Melvin Hecker (Editors) - published 1978

"The History of Greece Under Othoman and Venetian Domination" by George Finlay - published 1856

"An Historical Sketch of the Greek Revolution" by Samuel Gridley Howe - published 1828

"Letters and Journals of Samuel Gridley Howe During the Greek Revolution" edited by his daughter - published 1909

"Daddy's War: Greek American Stories" by Irene Kacandes

"Greek Immigrants at Work - A Lowell Odyssey" by Nicholas Karas

"Studies on Greek Americans" by George Kourvetaris - published 1997

"Modern Greece: Profile of a Nation" by Dimitrios George Kousoulas - published 1974

"Cyprus Under the Turks 1571 - 1878" by Harry Charles Luke - published 1921

"Remember Us" a novel by John C. Mavrovitis

"The German Experience: Migrant Greek Workers in West Germany" by Georgios P. Piperopoulos - published 1972

"A Guide to Greek Traditions and Customs in America" by Marilyn Rouvelas

"The Greeks in the United States" by Theodore Saloutos - published 1964

"They Remember America; the story of the re-patriated Greek-Americans" by Theodore Saloutos

"The Greeks in America" by J. P. Xenides - published 1922

"The Costumes of Chios; Their Development from XVth to the XXth Century" by Philip Argenti