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Facebook Group: Greek Born Reunited Adoptees


Facebook Group:  Greek Born Reunited Adoptees
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Comments:  This group has 52 members (as of the date of this posting).  Doesn't seem to have recent activity, however, I requested membership and received a response within a few minutes.

Facebook Group: Greek Adoptees in Search of Their Birth Family

Facebook Group:  Greek Adoptees in Search of Their Birth Family


Greek adoptees who were born 1950-1985 in Greece and adopted in USA.



As of the date of this posting there are only 12 members in this group. It is a closed group and you must become a member to view postings by other members.

Facebook Group: Greek Born Adoptees

Facebook Group:  Greek Born Adoptees
We would Like anyone Who was adopted or Born In Greece then Came to Australia,Or Any Overseas Country to please contact Our Advocate for Australia Theodora Sullivan.She will be The New Advocate For Greek Born Adoptees From Greece here In AUSTRALIA We have Mothers searching for there children after news of Blackmarket doctors being caught in Athens For Illegal Adoption 3 years ago.They were selling and stealing new Born Infants and Selling them to Adoptive Parents and claiming them as there own. Please spread the word. The Doctors later would Announce the baby Dead Just after Birth. The mothers Never recieved Death certificates. ... Mothers are finding out all over Greece there children did not die and are now in Search for there children. We have Siblings looking for one Another. We Have Admins that can talk too you and also get your details. Thankyou.

Let's Talk - Greek Wedding Traditions



The following article was published in The National Herald on February 10, 2018

Authored by Eleni Sakellis


The Greek wedding has taken on mythic proportions in the popular imagination worldwide, thanks in no small part to the film My Big Fat Greek Wedding, even if it is nearing sixteen years since its release. 

Greek-Americans have done their part in expanding the idea of the Greek wedding in all its grandeur, from the huge guest list to the impressive reception menu, but the traditional aspects of the Greek wedding are what make it truly unique and special. Those of us from the average, usually large, Greek family will undoubtedly have attended numerous weddings throughout a single lifetime. I recall being shocked and saddened to hear that one of my classmates (non-Greek) had never attended a wedding in her life at the ripe old age of 12 or 13. By that age, most GreekAmericans have been to at least three or four w…