How to Use CHRONICLING AMERICA to Find Your Ancestors' in Newspapers

I would like to recommend this very helpful article, written by Lisa Louise Cooke, it includes step by step instructions on "How to Use Chronicling America To Find Your Ancestors' in Newspapers".  

This is how I found the location of archives for the Chicago Daily News from 1907 (not digitized).  I can now schedule some time to go look for any articles on my great-uncle, Sam Best (Bebetsos), the wrestler.

"Finding old newspapers from your ancestors’ hometown isn’t always easy. Here’s how to use Chronicling America to identify the newspapers that were in print at the time. Those issues may not be online, so Chronicling America also points you to copies of those newspapers at libraries and archives."

"But only 1.5% of the 155,000 newspapers published over time in the U.S. newspapers have been digitized at Chronicling America. So you’ll want to look those ones up and locate them offsite. The good news is that there’s a lesser-known tool at Chronicling America to help you do just that. It’s called the US Newspaper Directory. "