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The Hellenic Preservation Society of Northeastern Ohio


HPS was established November 11, 1991

HPS' goals are to enhance the knowledge of our rich history by presenting programs and lectures that provide a link to the past and illustrate the contributions of Hellenism in Western Civilization.

Through our collection and archival materials current and future generations are exposed to the objects that reflect the culture and history of the Greek immigrants and their ancestors.

The mission of the Hellenic Preservation Society is to present a unified voice of the Hellenes in Northeastern Ohio that will promote the Greek experience through programs, collections and preservation.

Hellenic Organization: Panepirotic Federation of America


Name of Organization:  Panepirotic Federation of America

Location:  15 chapters throughout United States


Facebook Members:  Not active


Mission / Description: The Panepirotic Federation of America was founded in Worcester in 1942 by Greek immigrants from that region. It was created to improve the economic situation and quality of life of the people living in Epirus as well as to protect the human rights of ethnic Greeks living in Southern Albania.

Epirus, though historically considered a single region, was divided in the early 20th century between Greece and southern Albania. Following the communist takeover of Albania in the aftermath of World War II, the traditions of the ethnic Greek minority were criminalized, leading to the persecution of tens of thousands of Epirotan Greeks. One of the main goals of the Panepirotic Federation has been p…

Photograph - Lieutenant Pavlos Gyparis, leader of the Cretan volunteer force in the Gallipoli campaign....1915

Brought to my attention by a Facebook post from Helene Semanderes  (source of original photograph unknown)
Lieutenant Pavlos Gyparis, leader of the Cretan volunteer force in the Gallipoli campaign....1915
Background information from - 

Pavlos Gyparis (Greek: Παύλος Γύπαρης, 1882 — 22 July 1966) was a Greek Army officer famous as the commander of the personal guard of Prime Minister Eleftherios Venizelos. He took part in many conflicts, and in 1920 was implicated in the assassination of Ion Dragoumis, a political opponent of Venizelos.

Born in the Cretan village of Asi Gonia in 1882, as a young man he took part in paramilitary activities against Turkish, Bulgarian and Romanian interests during the Macedonian Struggle, with great success.  Later, during the Balkan Wars, he organized the liberation of the island of Samos (then still under Ottoman rule).  In 1915, he organized a volunteer corps of Cretans that fought for France in Alsace. After Greece's entry into Wo…

Anton Christoforidis: Largely Unheralded but Undisputed Boxing Champion

Anton Christoforidis: Largely Unheralded but Undisputed Boxing Champion
Published in The National Herald, March 26 - Aril 1, 2016 Issue Authored by Steve Frangos TNH Staff Writer
We are excited to announce that The National Herald has given Hellenic Genealogy Geek the right to reprint articles that may be of interest to our group. 

CHICAGO- Anton Christoforidis is one of the most successful professional boxers of all time. Winner of multiple middleweight and light-heavyweight titles in Europe, North Africa, and the United States, Christoforidis has long been recognized as the first Modern Greek to become a world class boxing champion. Yet such acclaim did not come easily or without considerable and sustained effort.

Christoforidis was born on May 6, 1917 in Mersin, a large port city on the Mediterranean coast of what is today southern Turkey. An interview with Christoforidis, a year before his death, offers th…

Book -- American Kid: Nazi-Occupied Greece through a Child's Eyes by Constance M. Constant

C. Constant's American Kid: Nazi-Occupied Greece through a Child's Eyes
Published in The National Herald, June 25 - July 1, 2016 Issue Authored Efthalia Makris Walsh
We are excited to announce that The National Herald has given Hellenic Genealogy Geek the right to reprint articles that may be of interest to our group. 


American Kid: Nazi-Occupied Greece through a Child’s Eyes reveals the despair and agonies that befell civilians during the Nazi occupation of Greece. Author Constance M. Constant digs deeply into an era that few people now remember, along with the horrors of bombings, ruthless killings of innocent people, and starvation that defiled bucolic Greek villages.
Fact or fiction? It is the truth presented as a gripping memoir, narrated by the youngest American kid, John, now a senior citizen living in California. Its focus on a child’s perception of events tells more about daily village life t…

Central Public Library, Sparta, Laconia, Greece

You will be able to do a book search through their online CPLS Catalogue.

The Central Public Library of Sparta was founded in 1972. It is a public entity and belongs to the group of public libraries, which are supervised by the Ministry of National Libraries Section and Education.

The  library, since 1989, housed in a private building in which the departments have grown to usable area 1500 sq. meters. On the ground floor there is a multipurpose hall of 230 seats, the use of which has been allocated at the Cultural Center of the Municipality of Sparta.

Argoliki History and Culture Archival Library

Location: Rep. Ypsilanti 24. Argos

The Argoliki Library of History and Culture, serves as a non-profit historic and cultural organization. The main purpose   of the research, identification, collection, classification, preservation, study and publication of archival material concerning the historical and spiritual evolution and development of the Argolis prefecture of the Peloponnese and generally in Greece.
Through the recording and promotion of this material aims to make partakers all those interested to learn, to study or to make this cultural and historical treasure.

Academy of Athens - portal to the digital collections

Panepistimiou 28, 106 79, Athens
Τ: 210 3664700, F: 210 3634806

The above link is to the portal for digital collections of the Academy of Athens.
The portal includes tabs covering the following areas: Academy Research Publications
Digital Academy

The general and overarching objective of the Academy of Athens, in accordance with its Founding Charter, is the cultivation and advancement of the Sciences, Humanities and Fine Arts, along with the communication of the Foundation and its Members with other Academies and fellow Academicians. In fulfillment of its objective the Academy conducts scientific research projects and studies in the areas of agriculture, industry, shipping, national economy. Furthermore it issues consultations, proposals, it adopts decisions and judgments for the instruction and guidance of the bodies and authorities of the state.

1867 - Village of KELEVI - Municipality of Ilidos, Province of Ilias, Greece - FREE Translation of 1867 General Election List

The digital collections of the Greek State Archives offer a wealth of information to those of us interested in Greek genealogy.  As part of their online collection is the "Election Material From the Collection of Vlachoyiannis" .  This includes "General Election Lists" for each Municipality; recorded by community (city, village, settlement, etc.).
You can view a scanned copy of each list, printed in the Greek language.  This is a GREAT resource, but very difficult to navigate for those who do not read Greek.  Each row includes:  Line # -  Given Name, Surname - Father's Name -  Age - Occupation.
I have translated these pages and made them available in both Greek and English, doing my best to transcribe the information accurately.  I would always recommend viewing the original scanned copies (link below). 
- To the best of my knowledge, these lists include all Males who were eligible to vote in the elections.  
- Names are in alphabetical order by Given name (First n…