Has the Google Maps Street View car been to your ancestors village in Greece? Agios Ioannis, Sparta, Laconia featured

Has the Google Maps Street View car been to your ancestor's village in Greece?  

I recently found that it had driven through 5 of my ancestor's villages in 2011.  Below is a photo from their drive through Agios Ioannis, Sparta, Laconia   

Follow this link to view the TRIP THROUGH AGIOS IOANNIS.  .  This is a car driving through the village's main road with a 360 degree camera mounted on the top of the car.  You can view this in several different ways: 1) the bottom strip of photographs are highlights from the video;  2)  on the lower right side of the main picture you will see "backward and forward" symbols < > which will allow you to move forward on the road incrementally;  3) you can place your cursor on the road and drag your way forward;  4) on the bottom right side of the main picture is a red and white pointer surrounded by circular arrows which will allow you to look at a 360 degree view from any point on the road.

There are people in some of the views.  Do you know them?  In a different video from the village of Manthyrea, Tegea, Arcadia there is a woman photographed in front of the home where my grandfather was born.  The face is unclear, but I think it might be my mother's cousin (which is a little weird.)

Search for your ancestor's village at www.google.gr/maps

Note:  Cities like Sparta usually have every street photographed.



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