List of 101 Greeks named in book "Greece, the Hidden Centuries" by David Brewer


The book “Greece, the Hidden Centuries:  Turkish Rule from the Fall of Constantinople to Greek Independence” by David Brewer.  The book was first published in 2010 by I. B. Tauris & Co. Ltd.

Below you will find a description of the book, Table of Contents, and a list of the 101 Greek names mentioned in the book.

Book Description:

For almost 400 years, between the fall of Constantinople and the Greek War of Independence, the history of Greece is shrouded in mystery, distorted by Greek writers and begging the question: What was life really like for the Greeks under Ottoman rule?  In this wide-ranging yet concise history, David Brewer explodes many of the myths about Turkish rule of Greece. He places the Greek story in wider, international context and casts fresh light on the dynamics of power not only between Greeks and Ottomans, but also between Muslims and Christians, both Orthodox and Catholic, throughout Europe. This absorbing account of a crucial period will ensure that the history of Greece under Turkish rule is no longer hidden.

Table of Contents:

Prologue – The Greek View of Turkish Rule

Greece Before the Turks

1453 – The Fall of Constantinople

Sultans and Patriarchs

The Greek Peasants

The Italians in the Aegean

Pirates and Slaves

The Fall of Cyprus

1571 – Lepanto

Mainland Greece and Town Life

The Greek Church

Venetian Crete

1669 – The Turks Take Crete

Turkish Rule in Cyprus and Crete

The Changing Ottoman Empire

Hunger and Disease

Travellers to Greece

1770 – The Orlov Revolt

Greeks Abroad

Greeks and the Enlightenment

The Enlightenment Attacked

Prelude to Revolution

1821 – The War of Independence

One Man’s War – Nikolaos Kasomoulis

Some Conclusions


Greek names mentioned in the book:

Andhroutsos, Odysseus

Angelos family

Barotsis, Andhreas

Botsaris, Notis

Christodhoulos (Archbishop)

Christopoulos, Panayiotis (from Zakinthos)

Christostomos, St. John

Coronaeus (or de Coron), Thomas

Dhamaskinos (Archbishop)

Diassorin, James

Evyenikos, Markos (Bishop of Ephesus)

Frank, Thomas

Gizis, Nikolaos

Greke, Thomas

Ipsilantis brothers

Ipsilantis, Alexander

Ipsilantis, Dhimitrios

Isidore, Cardinal of Kiev (Greek by birth)

Iskos, Andhreas

Kalleryis, Alexios

Kanaris, Konstantinos

Kantakuzenos family

Kantakuzenos, John VI (Byzantine Emperor)

Kantakuzenos, Manuel (Despot of the Morea)


Karaiskakis, Georgios


Kasomoulis, Georgios

Kasomoulis, Mitros

Kasomoulis, Nikolaos

Katsonis, Lambros (from Livadhia)

Kolettis, Iannis

Kolokotronis, Konstantinos

Kolokotronis, Theodhoros

Komnenos, Michael Angelos

Korais, Adhamantios (1748-1833)

Kornaros, Vitsentzos

Kostis, Kostas

Kourtesis, Georgios

Laskaris, Theodore I.

Londos, Andhreas

Loukaris, Kirillos I.

Makarios (Archbishop)

Makarios (Greek Bishop)

Malaxos, Manuel

Mammas, Grigorios III

Mavrokordhatos, Alexander

Mavromichalis brothers (of the Mani)

Mavromichalis, Georgakis

Mavromichalis, Ilias

Mavromichalis, Petrobey

Miaoulis, Andhreas

Misiodhax, Iosipos (c. 1730-1800)


Notaras, Anna

Notaras, Loukas

Palaiologos, Dimitrios

Palaiologos, John VIII

Palaiologos, John

Palaiologos, Michael VIII

Palaiologos, Thomas

Palamas, Gregory

Panayiotis, Nikousios

Papadopoullos, Theodore


Papazolis, Georgios (Greek from Macedonia)

Parios, Athanasios (1725-1813)

Perrevos, Christophoros

Phereos, Rigas (aka Valestinlis 1757-1798)

Plithon, Georgios Yemistos

Polemis, Iannis

Psalidhas, Athanasios (born in Iannina 1767-1829)

Psaros, Antonios

Rangos, Konstantinos

Rangos, Yannakis

Sinas, Georgios

Sinas, Simonas

Skouphas, Nikolaos

Sphrantzis, Georgios

Stournaris, Irene

Stournaris, Nikolaos

Stournaris, Photinis

Tarchaniotis, Nikolaos

Terpos, Nektarios

Theotokopoulos, Dhomenikos (El Greco)

Tombazis, Iakoumakis

Tsakalov, Athanasios

Tsavellas, Kitsos

Tsouvaras, Nikolaos

Valestinlis (aka Rigas Phereos 1757-1798)

Valtos family

Varnakiotis, Iannis

Vissarios (Cardinal – a Greek who converted to the Catholic Church)

Voulgaris, Evyenios (born 1716 in Corfu)

Xanthos, Emmanuel

Xilokaravis, Markos II

Yannakou, Marietta

Yennadhios, Georgios Scholarios (born Georgios Kourtesis)

Yerasimos (Archbishop)

Yermanos, Georgios (Bishop of Old Patras)

Zosimadhes brothers