Crete Revised - 60 links

I am in the process of updating the website - it has gotten so unruly that even I can't find what I am looking for.  

The updated website will include sections for the different prefectures in Greece.  Below you will find the new list of links for CRETE.  There are 60 links, about 75% of which are new additions.

I invite you to recommend additions to this list that you think would be helpful to those researching their Greek family history.

Georgia Keilman nee Stryker (Stratigakos)

Greece - Crete Prefecture (Kriti, Κρητη) 
(Chania, Heraklion, Lasithi, Rethymno)

The Genealogy of a Cretan Family - A Kouklakis/Angavanakis Family History  -  This website documents the genealogy of the Kouklakis (Koulis) and Angavanakis families, originally from the island of Crete, Greece.  The information in this website is from oral history and documented sources.  Surnames in addition to Kouklakis and Angavanakis referenced in this website are:  Kouklis, Angisoulakis, Saatsakis, Gianikou, Papadakis, Rallakis, Spirdakis, Papidakis, Galdakis, Marousakis, Mantoudakis, Tzeranis, Christodoulou, Vorinakis and others.

The Cretan Insurrection of 1866-7-8 - by William J. Stillmann, published 1874 by Henry Holt & Company, New York
“The Lost Battle:  Crete 1941”  by Callum MacDonald;  Published 1994 by Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing Group 
“Ten Days to Destiny:  The Battle for Crete 1941”  by G. C. Kiriakopoulos;  Published 1985 by Scholastic Library Publishing
“Crete:  The Battle & the Resistance” by Antony Beever;  Published 1994 by Westview Press
Chania (Χανια) - Diocese of Kissamos & Selino 
Chania (Χανια) - Municipality of Kissamos 
Chania (Χανια) - Municipality of Voukolies 
Chania (Χανια) - Municipality of Kandanos 
Chania (Χανια) - Diocese of Kydonia & Apokoronos 
Chania (Χανια) - Municipality of Chania 
Chania (Χανια) - Daily Press - Haniotika Nea 
Chania (Χανια) - Municipality of Vamos 
Chania (Χανια) - Municipality of Sfakia 
Rethymno (Ρεθυμνο) - Historical and Folklore Museum of Rethymno 
Rethymno (Ρεθυμνο) - Municipality of Rethymno 
Rethymno (Ρεθυμνο) - Municipality of Arkadi 
Rethymno (Ρεθυμνο) - Municipality of Lambis 
Rethymno (Ρεθυμνο) - Municipality of Kouloukonas 
Rethymno (Ρεθυμνο) - Municipality of Geropotamos  
Rethymno (Ρεθυμνο) - Municipality of Anogeia  
Rethymno (Ρεθυμνο) - Municipality of Syvritos 
Heraklio (Ηρακλειο) - Municipality of Tylissos 
Heraklio (Ηρακλειο) - Municipality of Gorgolaini 
Heraklio (Ηρακλειο) - Daily Press - Patris
Heraklio (Ηρακλειο) - Daily Press  - Tolmi
Heraklio (Ηρακλειο) - United Artists of Traditional Cretan Music
Heraklio (Ηρακλειο) - Municipality of Heraklion
Heraklio (Ηρακλειο) - Nikos Kazantzakis Museum 
Heraklio (Ηρακλειο) - Municipality of Malia
Heraklio (Ηρακλειο) - Municipality of Nikos Kazantzakis
Heraklio (Ηρακλειο) - Municipality of Gouves
Heraklio (Ηρακλειο) - Municipality of Chersonissos
Heraklio (Ηρακλειο) - Municipality of Rouva
Heraklio (Ηρακλειο) - Municipality of Mires
Heraklio (Ηρακλειο) - Municipality of Gortyna
Heraklio (Ηρακλειο) - Municipality of Kofinas
Heraklio (Ηρακλειο) - Municipality of Asteroussia
Heraklio (Ηρακλειο) - Municipality of Arkalochori
Heraklio (Ηρακλειο) - Municipality of Viannos
Lassithi (Λασιθι) - Municipality of Oropedion Lassithiou
Lassithi (Λασιθι) - Mirambelou - Church of the Savior at Neapolis
Lassithi (Λασιθι) - Mirambelou - Church of Agios Ioannis Prodromos at Kritsa
Lassithi (Λασιθι) - Mirambelou - Diocese of Petra and Herronissos
Lassithi (Λασιθι) - Prefectural Administration of Lassithi
Lassithi (Λασιθι) - Municipality of Neapoli
Lassithi (Λασιθι) - Municipality of Agios Nikolaos
Lassithi (Λασιθι) - Municipality of Ierapetra
Lassithi (Λασιθι) - Municipality of Sitia
Lassithi (Λασιθι) - Municipality of Makrys Gialos
Lassithi (Λασιθι) - Municipality of Lefki
Lassithi (Λασιθι) - Municipality of Itanos