Greek Immigrant Oral Histories -

Over 30 oral histories by Greek immigrants can be heard on

Ancestry is promoting their "Life Stories of Ellis Island Immigrants" Now Available Online for the First Time.  I did a search inserting Greece in the "Origin location" field and there were 32 results.  

These are 30 minutes interviews where the person remembers their life in Greece, the boat trip to the United States, the Ellis Island experience, first impressions and their life in America.  I have only had the time to listen to a few so far, but I really enjoyed them.  I could pick out things from each story that I am sure were similar to my own yiayia's and papouli's experiences.  Oh, how I wish I had tapes of them speaking about their memories.

I plan on listening to all of them over the next few weeks.  Take the time to listen to them yourself if you can.

Georgia Keilman nee Stryker (Stratigakos)