"Nick the Greek" Denies $100,000 World Series 'Cleanup' article - Chicago Daily Tribune, October 6, 1920

Published in the Chicago Daily Tribune, October 6, 1920

DENIES $100,000
Calls N.Y. Story a Fake;
Says He Lost $4,000

"Nick the Greek" - Nicholas Dandolos, a Chicago gambler known all over the country - is wanted by the New York authorities in their investigation of the baseball scandal.  They have heard strange tales of $100,000 they say he won on last year's world series.

Dandolos came into THE TRIBUNE office last night after he had heard the New York stories and denied them.  He is ready to go to New York if necessary, but he'd rather go to Texas, where he has some oil interests recently acquired.

The New York yarn has it that Nick visited New York last year, when broke, borrowed $2,500, came west with the information on the series, cleaned up the $100,000, split with the man who loaned him the $2,500, and then won $45,000 in a crap game.

Nick says he was not in New York last year and that he bet $6,000 on the White Sox and lost - despite the fact all his friends told him he was burning up his money.  He won $2,000 on the game Cicotte won, so his net loss on the series was $4,000.  He says he hasn't bet on a ball game and hasn't seen a big league game all this year, though he never used to miss a game in other years.