"The Turbulent Greeks" article - The Durango Wage Earner, Durango, Colorado - October 5, 1905

Published in the Durango Wage Earner, Durango, La Plata County
Thursday, October 5, 1905


The Greeks doing the construction work on the Farmington extension of the D. and R.G., becoming offended because their wages were cut down, raised sand the first of this week.  Throwing down their picks and shovels, they demanded free transportation out of the country, and this not being forthcoming  instantly, they began to tear up the railroad track and play havoc generally with railroad property.  Numbering over 100 men and all armed, the situation was critical.  The sheriff of San Juan county, New Mexico, hastily assembled a body of armed deputies and requested W. J. Thompson, sheriff of this county, to co-operate with him.  Mr. Thompson at once complied with the request and on a special train repaired to the scene of disturbance with deputies provided with Winchester rifles.  Fortunately, terms were agreed upon a conflict avoided, the Greeks being given transportation to Durango, where they could be handled.