475 Born in Greece - Holocaust Survivor List from the Files of World Jewish Congress

Ancestry.com has a database online that is titled - HOLOCAUST SURVIVOR LIST FROM THE FILES OF WORLD JEWISH CONGRESS  which includes 475 entries for those who listed Greece as their place of birth or last residence.

Don't forget - most of you can access these records online at your local public library for FREE.  Read more on one of my previous posts "Something New To Try When Using Ancestry.com in the Library for FREE"

You can also do a search directly on the World Jewish Congress website.


About the World Jewish Congress:
The World Jewish Congress (WJC) is an international Jewish representative organization established in 1936. Originally headquartered in Europe, the WJC's main office was moved to New York in July 1940 when most of Europe was overrun by the Nazis. 
About the Database:
The World Jewish Congress collection (1918-1982) consists of the archival records of the New York office.
A partial listing of major subjects dealt with in the entire collection include: anti-Semitism, human rights, Jewish communities in various countries, Jewish displaced persons, Jewish-Christian relations, immigrants and immigration, Jewish culture, relations with governments and non-governmental organizations (including the United Nations and the Red Cross), restitution, reparations, Jews in Germany, Soviet Jewry, World War II, western hemisphere Jewry, Zionism, war crimes, and crimes against humanity.
Information provided in this database includes:
  • Name (Surname and Given Name)

  • Birth Place

  • Date of Birth, and/or Age

  • Place of Last Residence

  • Citizenship

  • Camp Liberated From / Displaced Persons Camp

  • Requested Contact

  • Comments

  • Set Number

  • Page Number