Greek Genealogy Find at Local Thrift Store

A few days ago my brother and nephew were browsing through a local Goodwill thrift store.  Neither one can read Greek, but my brother thought he found a book that was either written in Greek or Russian, with lots of pictures, so he bought it for me.  The price was only 89 cents.    

Our theory is that when the grandparents pass away the children don't know what to do with all of their parent's possessions, so they box them up and donate them.  You never know what you might find.  KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN and ALWAYS CHECK OUT THE BOOK SECTION.

At the 1st National Hellenic Genealogy Conference held last April in New York, Louis Katsos spoke about the fact that practically every community, or at least Municipality, in Greece has had some local historian write a book on the history of the area.  That might be true - here is the one my brother found:

Edessa city of waters and 3000 years of history

Municipaity of Edessa

Edessa, 2008

by Ευθυμια Ι. Γουναρα  (Efthimia I. Gounara)

This is quite a find for any genealogist researching family history in the area.  This book is 302 pages of local history, written in Greek, with photographs on practically every page.  

It looks as though it was privately published with a copyright@Ευθυμια Ι. Γουναρα
ISBN 978-960-930485-6

The following information is printed on page 2 and might be useful 
if you want to locate a copy of the book.