Greeks in UK & Ireland Medical Directories, 1915-1942 has a new database titled UK & IRELAND, MEDICAL DIRECTORIES, 1845-1942.  These directories include four doctors that have Greek names and were working in Greece.  

Note:  There are probably more doctors that do not have the word Greece in the description and I could not identify them without looking at each entry in the many directories.  If you have an ancestor that was a physician and worked in the UK, Ireland or Scotland this maybe a resource you could search by name.

Here are the four doctors that I referred to above:

Alex. Cawadias - Year 1925
Charilaos Kyriakou Joannidis - Years 1940, 1942
John Papa Nicolas - Years 1925, 1930, 1935, 1940, 1942
John Precopoulos - Year 1915


This collection consists of a Medical Directory of Doctors registered with the Royal College of General Practioners in the United Kingdom and Ireland for the years 1847 until 1942.

Medical Directories list most practising and retired doctors in Britain and its colonies, although it was not compulsory for a doctor to be included.  Entries provide details of addresses, qualifications, places of training, places of work and any publications.

The format changes over the years; at some stages the volumes list doctors in a straight alphabetical sequence and at others divides them between London and the Provinces with separate sections for Scotland and Ireland.