Years 2001-2003 Death Notices published in Greek Orthodox Observer Newspaper

The Orthodox Observer, the national publication of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese, functions as the primary news and information connection and is a direct physical link between the Archdiocese, the Metropolises, parishes and individual parishioners.

The Orthodox Observer has a section titled "In Memoriam" where they print detailed death notices about clergy, presbytera's, and various other important members of the church.

You can access the archives online at

The following are notices printed in the years 2001-2003

February 2001
Fr. John C. Poulos
John Rousakis
Angeline . Caruso

March/April 2001
Rev. George Peter Diamant
Matina S. Sarbanes

May 2001
Fr. Theodore Baglaneas
Presbytera Jean Vasilas
Christine Pavlakis
Effie Geanakoplos
Milton H. Sioles
Evangeline J. Zoukis
P. J. Gazouleas
Michael Faklis
Carolyn Korbos Lischett

July/August 2001
Fr. Basil Gregory
Presbytera Georgia Rassias
Presbytera Bessie Thanos
Mary V. Bicouvaris

February/March 2002
Fr. Nicholas J. Billiris
Fr. George Demetrios Gregory
Fr. George Hiotis
Presbytera Anastasia Hiotis
Edith Triantafilou
Peter C. Economou
Fr. Demetrios N. Mamalis
Deacon George Ward
Presbytera Antigoni Stathis
Cleo P. Tsounis
Christos Ballasiotes
Martha Pappalos

May 2002
Fr. John Stavros Kamelakis
Fr. Emmanuel N. Vergis

June 2002
Thomas A. Athens

July/August 2002
Rev. Constantine M. Monios

September 2002
William Chirgotis
Ellas Repanti
Elpis Halkedis Kyriazes
Steve M. Pahides

November 2002
Georgia Trakatellis
Elefteria Gergiannakis

January 2003
Fr. Athanasios E. Chamberas
Michael Chakeres, Archon
Augustis Philipotis
Charles A. Bililies

March 2003
The Very Rev. Michael Karloutsos
Fr. Andrew Karas

August 2003
Fr. Paraschou Paraskevas
Fr. Demetrios Karambelas

September 2003
Prof. George Pilitsis

October 2003
Fr. Carl G. Vouros
Fr. Athanasios Rizos