Book - REMEMBERING NEWARK'S GREEKS - 1039 names - 322 photographs

Book “REMEMBERING NEWARK’S GREEKS;  An American Odyssey”, authored by Angelique Lampros, introduction by John T. Cunningham, published in 2006 by The Donning Company Publishers.  
This book is beautifully illustrated with 322 photographs, including quite a few group photos where practically everyone is identified. In total there are 1,039 Greeks from Newark named. Note: I noticed that several of the names are spelled differently throughout the book.
What makes this book very different than others that have been published about Greek-Americans is that excerpts from many different interviews are scattered throughout the book.
Below you will find a description of the book, the Table of Contents, and a list of 1,039 names included in the book.


This memorable book documents the history of Newark's Greek immigrant experience in the early twentieth century. Through the immigrants' voices, the voices of their children, and their images, we journey with them through their Greek and American odyssey. Life unfolds on these pages, evoking memories, images of loved ones, and times gone by in Newark. This narrative, together with the illustrations and captions, provides a history of the odyssey and becomes the thread that interweaves the stories told by the voices and images of Newark's Greeks. Remembering Newark's Greeks is a wonderful gift, family heritage piece, and a wonderful keepsake for all. Don't miss your opportunity to own this beautiful commemorative volume!

The Odyssey
Establishing Churches in Newark
Religious and Secular Greek American Organizations
Business and Professions
Families and American Acculturation
More Voices and Images
About the Author


Adamakos, Reverend
Adams, Dorothea
Adams, Emanuel
Adams, Maria A.
Adams, Marie
Adams, Peter
Adams, Thomas
Adams (Adamopoulos), Adam A.
Adonis, Harold J.
Agalias, George
Agalias, Jerry
Agriantonis, Andrew
Alevras, K.
Alevras family
Aloupis, Constance
Aloupis, Presbytera Georgia
Aloupis, Reverend James A.
Amprazis, Bill
Anagnostis, Athanasios
Anastas, Teddy (aka Teddy  Smacka)
Anastassiou, George
Anderson, Angeliki Morris
Anderson, Angeliki Skopelitis
Andrews (Papandreopoulos), Paul
Andrian, A.
Andrian, G.
Anest, Arthur
Anest, Elaine
Angelides, Helen
Angelopoulos, Michael
Antonakos, John
Antonius, Dr. Nicholas
Apostolakos, A.
Apostolakos, Helen
Apostolakos, J.
Apostolakos, Margaret
Apostolakos, Nora
Apostolinas, N.
Aprazis. Steve
Arbes, Bess
Aretakis, Angelina Halamandaris
Argyriou, Sophia (nee Papastathi)
Argyriou, Stephan
Argyris, Archie
Argyris, Argyris P.
Argyris, Chris A.
Argyris, Esther
Argyris, George
Argyris, Helen
Argyris, John
Argyris, Maria Spyridakis
Argyris, Mary (nee Kambissis)
Argyris, Mr. A.
Argyris, Stephen
Argyris, Thomas
Argyris, Thomas A.
Argyris, Tom
Argyros, Mickey
Arianas, Eleni
Arianas, Panagiotis
Aridas, Bobby
Aridas, D. O. Steven A.
Aridas, G.
Aridas, Helen
Aridas, Jean
Aridas, S.
Aridas family
Arnold, Jack
Arvanites family
Assimacopoulos, Nicholas
Bacchus, Helen
Bacchus, Katina
Bacchus, Mr. & Mrs.
Bacos, George
Balatsos, Jim
Balatsos, Spiro
Bales, Stella Corodemus
Barlas, John
Belasco, E.
Beretsos, Mrs. (nee Polychronopoulos)
Billias, James
Billias, Nick
Billias, Rose
Bisbas, Dot DeNicholas
Bistis, Constantine
Bistis, Margaret
Bistis, Matthew
Bistis, Nicholas
Bistis, Nick
Bistis brothers
Bliablias, Dino
Blikas, Asimina
Blikas, Athanasios
Borgias, Gramatiki
Botsolas, Katherine Gevas
Boucouvalas, Olga
Boucouvalas family
Boutsikaris, B
Boutsikaris, N.
Boutsikaris brothers
Bravakis, Alice
Bravakis, Anastasia G.
Bravakis, Ann
Bravakis, Estelle
Bravakis, George
Bravakis, George J.
Bravakis, George P.
Bravakis, John
Bravakis, John George
Bravakis, Katherine
Bravakis, Kathryn J.
Bravakis, Louis J.
Bravakis, Louis P.
Bravakis, Martha P.
Bravakis, Sophie
Bravakis, Sophie J.
Bravakis, Stella J.
Bravakis, Theodore
Bravakis, Theodore John
Bravakis Ida P.
Bravakis Lillian P.
Brousalis, Christos
Buclary, Apolon
Buclary, Esminnie
Buclary, Straty
Cap, Helen Peters
Capetanos, Mr. & Mrs.
Caranasos, Mary
Carpousis, Arthur
Carumpalos, Cathy
Carumpalos, Gus
Chamouras, Billy
Chenes, Eleni
Chimenides, S.
Chiminidis, Sotirios
Chiplakes, Olga
Chirgotis, Helen
Chirgotis, Jean
Chirgotis, William
Chirgotis, William G.
Chletsos, Catherine
Chletsos, Katherine
Chletsos family
Chrisicos, Esther Argyris
Chrisoveris, Demetrios
Christman, Nia
Christos, John
Christos family
Churus, A.
Churus, Doris
Condoleon, Reverend Christopher
Coniaris, Andrew
Coniaris, Charles
Coniaris, Dr. Charles
Coniaris, Dr. John
Coniaris, Mr. & Mrs. Sam
Coniaris, Mrs. (nee Polychronopoulos)
Coniaris, Soterios
Coniaris, Venetia
Corodemus, Christy
Corodemus, H.
Corodemus, James
Corodemus, Marina Motsovolos
Corodemus, Soterios
Corodemus, Stella
Corris, V.
Cosmoglos, George
Costantakos, Nick
Costopoulos, Angeliki
Costopoulos, Ann
Costopoulos, Demesthenis
Costopoulos, Irene (nee Grammata)
Costopoulos, Michael
Costopoulos, Olympia
Costopoulos, Politimi
Coutros, Reverend
Coviello, Louis
Criona, Demetre
Criona, Mrs.
Critides, Dr. Charles
Cunningham, John
Curtis, Mr. & Mrs. Peter J.
Daniskas, Betty
Daskalakis, Reverend Vasileos
Delaporas, Angelo
Demas, Efstathia
Demas, James
Demas, Tess
Demas family
Demetropoulos, Jimmy
Demetroulakos, Kaliope
Demopoulos, Theodore
Demos, John C.
Demos, Mary
Dendrinos, Spyros
Dermousis, Mr. & Mrs.
Dermousis, Tassos
Dermousis family
Diakoumakou, Mary
Diamandas, Anthony
Diamandas, Euterpe
Diamandas, Gus
Diamandas, Kostas
Diamandas, Mary
Diamandas, Mary Faraklas
Diamandas, Nick
Diamandas, Steve
Diamandas family
Dillon, Harriet
Dokas, Andrew
Dokas, Esther
Dolias, M.
Drivas, Tony
Economides, William
Economo, Jerry
Economo, Marion
Economo, Stella (nee Visas)
Economou, John
Efstathiou family
Evangelis, F.
Evrotas, Nicholas
Faraklas, Eugenia
Faraklas, John
Faraklas, Mary
Faraklas, Nicholas
Faraklas, Nick
Faraklas, Sylvia
Faraklas, Ted
Faraklas brothers
Fillio, A.
Foltis family
Frangos, Artie
Frankos, Ethel
Frankos, Nicholas
Frankos, Ona
Frankos, Steven
Galanoplos, Helen
Galanopoulos, Anastasios
Galanopoulos, Catherine
Galanopoulos, Christos
Galanopoulos, Eugenia
Galanopoulos, George
Galanopoulos, Jean
Galanopoulos, John
Galanopoulos, Ruth
Gallos, Fran
Gallos, Frances
Gargas, Anastasios
Gargas, Athanasia
Gargas, George
Gargas, John
Gargas, Michael
Gargas, Mike
Gargas, Panagioti
Gavalas, Chris
Gavalas, Dena
Gavalas, George
Gavalas, Leonidas
Gavalas, Lt. Col.
Gavalas, Major General Leonidas George
Geannakakes, Calliope Dadenas
Geannakakes, Connie
Geannakakes, Louis
Geannakakes, Mr.
Geannakakes, Tom
Geannakakes, Tula
Gecas, Katherine
Gecas, Thomas
Gellas, Florence
Gellas, George
Gellas, Gus
Gellas, Ioanna
Gellas, James
Gellas, James T.
Gellas, Jim
Gellas, Joanna
Gellas, Panagiota
Gellas, Tom
Genakos, Antoinette
Genakos, Antoinette Markos
Genakos, Gus
Genakos, Helen
Georgatsos, Stathis
George, Angelica
George, Carol
George, Gus
Georges, Andrew
Georges, Ethel
Georges, Loula Givas
Georges, P.
Georgopoulos, George
Georgopoulos, Kikitsa
Geracos, Louis
Gerakos, Mary
Gevas, Angelo
Gevas, Beatrice
Gevas, Constantine (Gus)
Gevas, Cordelia
Gevas, Demosthenis
Gevas, Emorfia
Gevas, Eugenia
Gevas, Eugenia
Gevas, Gus
Gevas, James
Gevas, Jim
Gevas, Olga
Gevas, Phil
Gevas, Spero
Gevas, Tom
Gevas brothers
Gianakouris, Maria
Gianaras, A.
Gianaras, M.
Gianaris, Georgia
Gianaris, Katherine
Gianaris, Martha
Gianaris, Nicholas
Gianaris, Tini
Gianas, Helen Patsis
Gianas, John
Gines, Irene
Givas, Spiro
Givas, Spyros A.
Godfriend, Harry
Gondevas, Gus
Gonis, James
Gougoumis, Athena
Gougoumis, Bill
Gracias, Reverend
Grammata, Argyro
Grammata, George
Grammata, Kettie
Grammata, Persephone
Grieco, Chrysanthy Kehayes
Halakos, Helen
Halakos, Pauline
Halamandaris, Angelina
Halamandaris, Angie
Halamandaris, Ted
Hallax, Mary
Halulakos, Eva
Halulakos, Mr. & Mrs.
Haridimou, Haridimos Papa
Hatzaras, Charles
Hatzimihalis, Michael
Henos, Keriacos
Janulis, Gus
Janulis, Theodore
Jaulis, P.
Javas, Anastasia
Javas, Anthony
Javas, Bertha
Javas, Michael
Javas, Nicholas
Javas, Nick
Javas, Peter
Javas, Sophie
Javas, Zoe
Javas brothers
Jemas, Paul G.
Jemas, S.
Johnson, A.
Johnson, J.
Johnson, Marie
Johnson (Adams), Marie
Jolas, Constantine
Jolas, John
Jolas, Mary
Jolas, Mrs. Stella
Jolas, Pauline
Jovanis, C.
Jovanis, Peter
Jovanis, Theodore
Juvelis, Angelina
Juvelis, Angie
Juvelis, Ethel
Juvelis, George
Juvelis, Helen
Juvelis, Nick
Juvelis, Nikita
Juvelis, Nikitas
Juvelis, Stelio
Juvelis, Stelios
Juvelis, Yiannoula
Juvelis, Yianoula
Juvelis family
Kacandes, George
Kafalas, Betty
Kafalas, James
Kafalas, John
Kafalas, Mr. & Mrs. George
Kafalas, Steve
Kalanari Brothers
Kallas, Dr. John
Kallianes, A.
Kallianis, Katina
Kallianis, Mr. & Mrs.
Kanelles, George
Kapandais, Angeliki
Kapandais, Costa (Costandino)
Kapandais family
Kapandais, Garifalia
Kapandais, George
Kapandais, John
Kapandais, Kalliope
Kapandais, Maria
Kapandais, Sophia
Kapetanos, George
Kaplanes, Panagiotis
Kapsimalis, J.
Kapsimalis, P.
Kapsimalis, Peter
Karakos, Catherine
Karakos, Charles
Karambatos, Mike
Karambelas, Clare
Karambelas, J.
Karanasos, F.
Karanasos, G.
Karanasos, J.
Karanasos, Mary
Karandreou, Mr.
Karanicholas, Gus
Karanikolas, B.
Karas, Steve
Karatzas, F. N.
Kargakos, Steven
Karis family
Karkakis, Steve
Karlash, Nicholas
Karmeris, Chris
Karonikolas, J.
Kasmias, Aphrodite
Kassel, Catherine Gianas
Katramados, Freda
Katsamakis, Helen
Katsamakis, Paul
Katsara, Anoula
Katsara, Demetrios
Katsara, Eleni Lambrou
Katsara, Nicholas
Katsdulakos, Cleopatra
Katsikas, Katherine
Katsoris, Anna
Katsulakos, Bill
Katsulakos, Cleopatra
Katsulakos, Nick
Kefalas, Olga
Kefalas, Sylvia
Kefalas family
Kehayes, Basil
Kehayes, Chrysanthy
Kehayes, Iphegenia
Kehayes, John
Kehayes, Mrs.
Kehayes, Spyridon Basil
Kiriakarakos, James
Kiriakatis, Avi Papatheodorou
Kitsos, Gus
Kitsos, Louis
Kokinakis, Deacon
Kokkalis, Peter
Kokkinakis, Deacon
Koloroutis, George
Koloroutis, Jean
Koloroutis, Mary
Koloroutis, Norma
Koronakos, Anna
Koronakos, Anthoula
Koronakos, Chris
Koronakos, Fota
Koronakos, John
Koronakos, Mary
Koronakos, Panagioti
Koronakos, Peter
Koronakos, Stavroula
Koronakos, Stella
Koronakos, Toula
Kostakes, Angelo
Kostakis, Sophie
Kostakos, Antonia
Kostakos, Charles
Kostakos, Charles J.
Kostakos, Georgia
Kostakos, John
Kostakos, Lula
Kostakos, Reverend Peter
Kostakos, Steve
Kostas, Gus
Kostas, Helen Halakos
Kostins, Bess
Kostoulakis, Peter
Kostoulakos, Charles
Kostoulakos, John
Kostoulakos, John
Kostoulakos, Margaret Apostolakos
Kostoulakos, Mr. & Mrs. Dan
Kostoulakos, Pamela
Kostoulakos, Paul
Kostoulakos, Pete
Koukousis, Andreas
Koukousis, Vasilios
Kounelias, Penny
Kounelias family
Kourebanas, Charles
Koutoukidis, Aristo
Koutsaftes, A.
Koutsaftes, C.
Koutsaftes, J.
Koutsoubelis family
Krentz, Constance Nicholas
Kyriakarakos, Demetrios
Kyriakarakos, George
Kyriakarakos, Katherine
Kyriakarakos, Vassiliki
Kyriakoulias, George
Lakos, B.
Lambros, D.
Lambrou, Eleni
Lampros,, Nicholas
Lampros, Demetra
Lampros, Demi
Lampros, George
Lampros, George N.
Lampros, Kiki
Lampros, Mr.
Lampros, Nicholas
Lampros, Vassiliki
Lamprou, Manny
Lamprou, Nick
Lanaris, James
Larres, Matina Antonakos
Lekas, Ted
Lellis, Ambassador
Lellos, Irene
Lemberes, Theophanes
Linardakis, A.
Linardakis, Gus
Linardakis, John
Linardakis, Mr. & Mrs. Peter
Linardakis, Nick
Logothetis, Tony
Lollos, Betty
Lollos, Chrysanthe
Lollos, George
Lollos, John
Loucopoulos, Elias
Louis, Thomas
Loukedis, Helen Corodemus
Louvis, M.
Lymp (Lymperopoulos), George
Macris, Constantine
Macris, Olga Boucouvalas
Makris, Gus
Malamis, Peter
Malavazos, A.
Malavazos, Dr. Anthony
Mamalou, Bessie Kostins
Mamangakis, Reverend
Mamouni, Iphigenia
Mamouni, Reverend Panayoti
Mandas, M.
Mandos, Catherine
Manolis, Patricia Vasilion
Manos, Bertha
Manos, Bertha Pallantios
Manos, Theda
Manos, Thomas
Manos, Tom
Manos, Tommy
Mantzaris, Gus
Manuel Joannides
Margeotes, Spero
Margeotis, J.
Markos, Anna
Markos, Antoinette
Markos, Marigo
Markos, Peter
Markos, Sam
Markos, Tom
Markos, Tommy
Markos, Toni
Marolakos, Mary Thomas
Marolakos, Pamela
Maroulakos, George
Maroulakos, Jim
Maroulakos, Mary G.
Maroulakos, Mr. G.
Maskaleris, Constantine
Maskaleris, Corinne
Maskaleris, Corinne Pappas
Maskaleris, Steve
Maskaleris, William
Massad, Barbara Christos
Mastaka, Mike
Mastaka, Nick
Mastakas, Mike
Mastakas, Nick
Matheakis, Harriet
Matheakis, Milton
Matthews family
Matzaris, Gus
Mavrades, Leo
Mavrode, Bill
Mavrode, William
Mehalaris, Antonia
Mehalaris, John
Mehalaris, Pete
Mehalaris, William
Mellas, Garifalia Kapandais
Mendrinos, George
Mesenazos, Charles
Metsopulos, Charles
Metsopulos, Dimitri
Metsopulos, Dimitri (Jim)
Metsopulos, Eugenia
Metsopulos, Helen
Metsopulos, Nicholas
Metsopulos, Peter
Metsopulos, Peter J.
Micheludis, Nicholas
Micheludis, Sophie
Migakis, Lambrini
Migakis, Nicholas
Militinis, Mrs.
Mimides, Anita
Mimides, Stephanos
Mistra, Charles
Mitilins, Marika
Morikas, Androniki
Morris, B.
Moschona, Nicolaos
Moskogiannis, Costas
Moukas, Ellie
Moutis, G.
Moutis, Jennie
Moutis, Mr. & Mrs.
Moutis, Nicholas
Moutis, Peter
Moutis family
Chiminides, Mrs.
DeNicholas, Mrs.
Kanas, Mrs.
Scorda, Mrs.
Mumtzis, Costas
Nagnostopoulos, Kanella
Nagnostopoulos, Thomas
Neres, Odysseas
Nicholas, Anthony
Nicholas, Constance
Nicholas, Eugenia
Nicholas, James
Nicholas, Keith
Nicholas, Mary
Nicholas, Rebecca
Nicholas, William
Nickolopoulos, Gus (Constantine)
Nickolopoulos, Stamatike
Nickolopoulos, Themistocles
Nickopoulos, Angeliki
Nickopoulos, Ann
Nickopoulos, Constantine
Nickopoulos, Themistocles
Nikitakis, Ann
Nikitakis, Bertha
Nikitakis, Evangelos
Nikitakis, James
Nikitakis, Jim
Nikitakis, John
Nikitakis, Mr. & Mrs. John
Nomos, Tess Demos
Padakis, Asemina Hintze
Padakis, John
Padakis, Peter
Padakis, Zenovia
Pagonis, George
Paleologos, Theona Padakis
Pallantios, Bertha
Pallantios, Christina
Pallantios, G.
Pallantios, James
Pallantios, Jim
Pallantios, Mr.
Pallantios, Mr. & Mrs. William
Pallantos, Peter
Panagakos, Anthony
Panagakos, Bertha
Panagakos, George
Panagakos, Harry
Panagakos, Helen
Panagakos, K.
Panagos, Christos
Panagos, George
Panagos, Panagiotis
Panopalis, Demetrios
Pantages, Dorothea Adams
Pantages, Katherine
Pantages, Louis
Pantages, Louis J.
Pantelis, Mary Vasiliow
Pantos, Theodore
Papademetriou (Pappas), Reverend Nicholas
Papadopoulos, A.
Papadopoulos, Mr.
Papageorgiou, Reverend Thomas
Papanicolaou, S.
Papasavas, George
Papastamatis family
Papastavros, T.
Papastavrou, Polycarpos
Papatheodorou, Mrs. Eufterpe
Pappaliou brothers
Pappas, Christine
Pappas, Constantine
Pappas, Corinne
Pappas, Father Nicholas
Pappas, George
Pappas, George C.
Pappas, Georgia (nee Gavalas)
Pappas, Gus
Pappas, J.
Pappas, K. G.
Pappas, Marigo
Pappas, Michael J.
Pappas, Penelope
Pappas, Pete
Pappas, Reverend Nicholas
Pappas, Sylvia
Pappas (Papachristou), Christine
Pappas (Papachristou), George
Pappas (Papachristou), Mrs.
Pappas (Papachristou), Penelope
Pappas (Papachristou), Peter
Pappas (Papachristou), Sylvia
Pappas (Papachristou), Tom
Pappas (Papadopoulos), Mr & Mrs.
Paras, Nick G.
Parmakis, Vagelis
Paskas, Michael
Paskas, Mike
Paskas, Pat
Paskas, Sophie
Patrakis, Gus
Pavlakos, Anna
Pavlakos, George
Pavlakos, Irene
Pavlakos, M.
Pavlakos, Panagiota
Pawlakos, Alice
Pawlakos, Irene
Penek, George
Penek, Peter
Penek, William
Perylis family
Peters, Angelo
Peters, Persifone
Peters (Petropoulos), Helen
Peters (Petropoulos), Percy
Peters (Petropoulos), Peter
Petine, Demetri
Petine, Dick
Petine, George
Petine, James
Petine, Jim
Petine, John
Petine, Mike
Petine, Mr.
Petine, Nicholas
Petine, Nick
Petrakis, Constantine
Petropoulos, Angelo
Petropoulos, Evelyn
Petropoulos, George
Petropoulos, Peter
Petropoulos, Victoria
Petrou, S.
Petrou, Z.
Pilavakis, Nick
Pitouli, Mr.
Platanos, Eugenia
Plates, E. N.
Platis, Alex
Platos, Argio
Poet, Albert
Pogidas family
Policantriotis, Jim
Polychondriotis, C.
Polychondriotis, J.
Polychronopoulos, M.
Polychrony, Bertha
Polychrony, Helen
Pontiakos, George
Pontiakos, Jean
Pontiakos, Michael
Post, James
Pouliot, Maria Hallas
Poulos, Alice
Poulos, Betty
Poulos, Catherine
Poulos, Chris
Poulos, Dr. Peter
Poulos, Fotini
Poulos, Frank
Poulos, George
Poulos, Jenny
Poulos, John
Poulos, John F.
Poulos, Michael
Poulos, Mollie
Poulos, Mrs. (nee Polychronopoulos)
Poulos, Mrs. Jenny
Poulos, Ourania
Poulos, Peter
Poulos, Spiro
Poulos, Vageli
Poulos (Papanikolopoulos), Chris
Poulos (Papanikolopoulos), Peter
Poutsiaka, John
Prassas, Fifi
Prousianos, Very Reverend
Psihas, Mrs.
Psychogios, Constantine A.
Psychogios, Panagiotis
Pulos, Catherine
Pulos, Nicholas
Pyriles family
Reod. Ted
Rodostolou, Archbishop Alexander
Rusopoulos, P. N.
Sacclaris, N.
Sachariou, Captain
Sakelakos, Stella
Sampatakos, Kostas
Sarames, Bertha (nee Pallantios)
Sarames, Chris
Sarandoulias, Anna
Sarandoulias, Chris
Sarandoulias, Mr.
Sarantos, Angelo
Sarantos, Athena
Saratoes, Elinore
Saros, Ileana N.
Saros, Nicholas
Saros, Nicholas P.
Saros, Sylvia
Semetis, John
Sfalanga, Elene
Sgourakis, Steve
Shenis, John
Sideris, Elaine
Sideris, Helen
Sirakedis, Chris
Sirakedis, Leo
Skopelitis, Dionisios Papanastasio (Dan Skopas)
Skouras family
Soppas, Ann Nikitakis
Soppas, Roy D.
Soros, Anastasios
Soumalakakis family
Sousanis, M.
Sousanis, Sophia
Spanioles, Mrs. (nee Polychronopoulos)
Speros, Gus
Speros, Toula
Spiridoulias, Maria
Spiropoulos, George
Spyridakis, Mrs.
Spyridakis, Reverend George
Staikos, Arthur
Staikos, Harry
Staikos, John
Staikos, Mr.
Stamatakos, G.
Stamatakos, M.
Stathopoulos, Constantine
Stathopoulos, Diana
Stathopoulos, Gus
Stathopoulos, Sarantos
Stathopoulos, Vassiliki
Stefanos, Pauline
Stephanis, G.
Stravelakis, Gus
Strobolakos, Tony
Tachinos, Mr.
Terzakos, Angie
Theodorou, Nikolaos
Theodos, Carol
Theodos, Gus
Theodos, Helen
Theodos, Helen Nicholas
Theodos, Nicholas
Theodosopoulos, Nicholas
Theofilopoulou, Catherine
Theofilos, Billy
Theoharis, Ida
Theophiles, Angeliki
Theophiles, Angelo
Theophiles, Ann
Theophiles, Constantine
Theophilos, J.
Theophilos brothers
Theoxalis, Dot
Thevos, John
Thomas, Mary
Thomas, Mrs.
Thomas, Peter
Thomas Fredericka
Tomasco, Mary
Triandafilou, Angelo
Triandafilou, Charles
Triandafilou, Louis
Triandafilou, Reverend Nicholas
Tsairis, Lee
Tsairis cousins
Tsaolis, Helen
Tsaptsinos, Ernie
Tsaptsinos, John
Tsaptsinos, Virginia (nee Pilavakis)
Tsavlis, Steve
Tseppes, Steve
Tsotakos, Georgia
Tsotakos, Kay
Tsotakos, Pauline
Tsotakos, Stella
Tsoutsalas, Nicholas
Tzavalas (Gavalas), George
Valauri, Pipina Vasiliow
Vardakis, Artemis
Vardakis, Evelyn
Vardakis, Spiredon Apostolos
Vardakis, Spiro
Vasilakos, Costas
Vasiliades, John
Vasilion, George
Vasilion, Patricia
Vasiliou, George
Vasiliou, Patricia
Vasiliow, Chris
Vasiliow, Mary
Vasiliow, Mary Gianas
Vasiliow, Pipina
Vassiliki, Demetrios
Vathis, Basil
Vathis, Basil G.
Verres, O.
Visas, George
Visas, Helen
Vlahakes, Connie
Vlahakes, Effie Maskateris
Vlahakes, Maria
Vlahakes, Peter
Vlahakes, Peter L.
Vlahakes, Tony
Vlahakes family
Vlahos, B.
Vlahos, Spiros
Vlahou, B.
Vlakes, John
Vlastaras, Anthony
Vlastaras, John
Vranas family
Vretos, Harriet
Warner, Dave
Xenofanes, Arthur (Athanasios)
Xenofanes, Father George A.
Xenofanes, Louis (Elias)
Xenofanes, Presbytera
Xenofanes, Reverend George A.
Xenofanes, Rita (Rigoula)
Yeannakis family
Yiannis, Barba
Zafferes, Peter T.
Zervakos, Bill
Zervakos, Frank
Zervakos, William
Zigopoulos, A.
Zigopoulos, Frank
Zizos, G.
Zizos, J.
Zizos, M.
Zografos, George
Zografos, Olympia
Zois, Asimina (Minnie)
Zois, Athanasios
Zois, Barbara
Zois, Chrysoula
Zois, Fautini
Zois, Gus
Zois, Harry
Zois, Katherine
Zois, Leon
Zois, Louis
Zois, Mrs. Minnie
Zois, Nick
Zois, Penny
Zois, Reverend
Zois, Stamata
Zois, Stamatia

Zois, William