15 born in Greece - Montana, Flathead County Records, 1871-2007

FamilySearch.org has a new FREE database titled "Montana, Flathead County Records, 1871- 2007" which includes 15 people listed on records with Greece as their place of birth.  

These people may be listed on multiple records.

Peter Kolizeras
George Edward Kolizeras
George Brown
James Christoff
Nick Angelos Kiourkas
Nick Rales
Pete Koliaras
Peter Sheaplas
Christ Tziolas
Christ Mbobos
Demetrios Burdas
Elina Daimadis
Michael Mitsoff
Austino Konisty
Austino Alexander

This collection contains county records that cover the years 1871 to 2007. The records currently available are:
  • Coroner's records
  • Court records
  • Divorces(1895-1980)
  • Land and Property records
  • Court records (1895-1981)
  • Probate records (1895-1950)
  • Public records
  • Birth records (1881-1942)
  • Death Records (1897-2007)
Each type of record within the county was created for a different purpose, but most were created to keep track of events happening in the lives of the citizens and to track land and property ownership. The records are located at Flathead County courthouse, Kalispell, Montana.