Hellas Australia - History of Greeks in Australia

If you have relatives that migrated to Australia you might be interested in this book -

Hellas Australia

The History of Greeks in Australia

(Book is printed in both Greek and English)

by Josef Vondra (Greek translation by George Psarros)

Published 1979 by Widescope International Publishers Pty Ltd.

Camberwell, Victoria, Australia

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Amanatides, Kyriakos - President Greek Culture League, Melbourne Australia

Amanatidis, Dina - Writer, husband Kyriakos Amanatidis

Amanatidis, Kyriakos - Writer, born northern Greece, migrated to Australia, wife Dina Amanatidis; quotes regarding thoughts on Greek-Australian writers

Andrianopoulos, Andreas

Andronikou, Emmanual - With brother Kosma, mentioned as cooperating in the publication of "The Life in Australia" in 1916

Andronikou, Kosma - With brother Emmanual, mentioned as cooperating in the publication of "The Life in Australia" in 1916

Argyropoulos, Constantine - From island of Sikinos, settled in Sydney Australia 1854

Arion, Spiros - Synopsis: Referenced as professional wrestler "The Golden Greek"

Aristarchos - Bishop of Greek Orthodox Church, Melbourne Australia; Born Alexandria; Photo

Aroney, Emanuel - Quotation from Dr. Emanuel Aroney, Professor of Chemistry at the University of Sydney; comments on multi-lingual radio programs in Australia

Aslanides, Timoshenko - Poet, resides in Canberra Australia

Black, John - aka John Mavrokefalos

Calomeris, Jim - born in Washington, came to Australia at age 19, printer, newspaper editor, quote re: Greeks in Australia - includes photograph

Chrisoulis, John - director of the play “The Maid” performed in Melbourne Australia

Christodoulou, Savvas - Cyprus born, lawyer, composer, musician, narrative relating to 1976 Glendi Festival in Melbourne, Australia - includes photograph

Christoforos - Archbishop - Primate of the Greek Orthodox Church of Australia (1924-1928)

Constantinou, Conn (Doctor) - Vice-President of Australian Greek Welfare Society established 1972

Ezekiel - Archbishop; Primate of the Greek Orthodox Church in Australia 1959 - 1974; born Patra 1913

Frangioudakis, Rena - born in Crete, 1977 voted most popular Greek announcer in Australia, awarded Golden Microphone Award - includes photograph

Friligos - Family settled in Brisbane Queensland Australia

Geminis, Tony - from Kastellorizo, founded Prunier’s Chiswick Garden Restaurant in Woollhara, Australia with George Koolis

George, Arthus (Sir) - Australian born Greek - first president of the Australian Soccer Federation

Georges, George - Born in Darwin, Western Australia, Australia Senator of Queensland elected 1967, son of Arthur Georgouras - includes photograph

Georgouras, Arthur - from Kastellorizo, arrived in Darwin, Australia 1916, father of Australian Senator George Georges

Giannopoulos, George - referenced as one of the first Greek bilingual teachers appointed in South Australia, 1971

Gikas, Damianos - said to have settled in Australia in August 1829

Gogos, Dimitrios (Takis) - born 1931, island of Chios, came to Australia at age 19, narrative on his life and role as originator of Neos Kosmos, a Greek Australian newspaper

Gouliovas, George - referenced as professional wrestler

Hatzianestis, Athanasios (Arthur) - sports editor of the Hellenic Herald in Australia

Ioannidis, Christos - Born, Florina, Greece - brother of Tassos Ioannidis - performed in concert with sections of Melbourne Australia Philharmonic Orchestra - includes photographs

Ioannidis, Tassos - reference Christos Ioannidis

Kaldis, Heather - Broadcasts along with husband Jim, the Greek Hour in Sydney, Australia

Kaldis, Jim - Broadcaster, along with wife Heather, of the Greek Hour in Sydney, Australia. Born in Lesros, came to Australia in 1949 at the age of eighteen. Commentary on his business background - includes photograph

Kapiniaris, Terpsi - referenced as coordinator of multi-lingual cultural studies in South Australia. Born in Kalamata Greece, came to Australia at age 5, commentary and quotes regarding her role in program - includes photograph

Kavaros, George - referenced as White House doctor and president of AHEPA

Kentavros, George E. - authored “The Life in Australia” published 1916. Born in Corinth, came to Australia 1911

Kollivris, Harold - referenced as professional wrestler one-time holder of Australian light-heavyweight championship

Kominos, Arthur - from Kythera, opened restaurant in Sydney, Australia 1878

Kominos, John D. - published “The Life in Australia” in 1916, honorary president of the Greek Orthodox Community in Sydney, Australia

Kontos, Efthimios - Egyptian born writer - migrant to Australia

Koolis, George - from Kastellorizo - founded Prunier’s Chiswick Garden Restaurant in Woollhara, Australia with Tony Geminis

Koronis, Haralambos - settled in Charleville, Queensland, Australia - includes photograph

Kouris, Alfredos - born Canea, Crete, arrived in Australia 1955 at 28 years of age, settled Melbourne, Australia - narrative on business and social activities

Kouris, Mitsi - photo at the Hellas Machinist Professional Training School in Melbourne, Australia

Koussidis, Eva - Born in Macedonia, came to Australia at age 11. Held position as State’s Greek Inquiry Officer. includes photograph with former South Australian Premier, Don Dunstan.

Koutoulis, Demetra - poet - Greek Australian

Koutsoheras, Con - Melbourne Australia businessman, Vice-President of the Wills Federal Electoral Assembly, Secretary of the Wills Central ALP Branch

Koutsoheras, Irene - story regarding her generosity and friendship with new neighbors, Melbourne, Australia - Husband Nicolas, sons Peter, Con, and Bill arrived Australia March 1953 - includes photographs

Kypraios, Angela

Kypraios, George

Kypraios, Nick - Born 1944 in Vathy, Samos, Greece - referenced as one of Australias leading Greek-Australian painters - commentary on his work and quotes from the artist - came to Australia in 1972 with wife Angela and son George - includes photograh

Lone-Kalamara, Vasso - referenced as short story writer and poet working from Perth Australia

Lucas, Andrew - Sailor from Ithaca, arrived Melbourne Australia 1848 as member of a British crew, commentary on his life and business interests, Photo - Andrew Lucas' Town Hall Café in Swanson Street, Melbourne, Australia

Lucas, Antonios - Photograph

Marcellos, G. - referenced as Manager of the Hellenic Herald when it was first published in Sydney, Australia 1926

Mavrokefalos, John (aka John Black) - from Ithaca, settled in Brisbane Australia 1883, became one of Brisbane’s leading citizens

Melidonis, Dino - born Alexandria, Egypt, commentary on business background, mentioned as anchor-man for a Greek radio program - includes photograph

Messaris, George - from island of Cephalinia, narrative on his role as Editor of the Hellenic Herald in Australia, married to Joan Messaris - includes photograph

Messaris, Joan - narrative regarding her role as journalist on the Hellenic Herald in Australia, married to George Messaris - includes photograph

Michelakakis, George - artist, born in Pireus, Greece - migrated to Australia

Michelidis, Petros - from island of Kastellorizo, born 1882, came to Australia 1902. Successful businessman, appointed consul for the affairs of Imperial Russia - includes photo of shopfront of P. Michelides’ tobacconist and cigarette factory at Perth, Western Australia

Miliopoulos, Paraskevas - referenced as author

Mitrakas, Eugenia - Lawyer, Secretary of AGWS

Moraitis, Spiro - well-known Doctor in Melbourne, Australia - President of Australian Greek Welfare Society established 1972

Morfesis, Georgios - from Ithaca, settled in Melbourne, Australia, credited with opening on of the first Greek businesses in 1869

Morris, Michael - Fourth generation Greek-Australian; memorial to Antonios Manolis

Morris, Peter - Also referenced as Panayiotis Montiadis; July 1981; member of Australian Federal Parliament for the Labor Party. Elected in New South Wales, parents from island of Symi. Shadow Minister for Transport.

Mourikis, Chris - Mentioned as assistant editor of Neos Kosmos, a Greek Australian newspaper, and secretary of the Greek Orthodox Community of Victoria

Ninis, Damianos - Acknowledged as one of the first Greeks in Australia; his story

Ninolakis, Nicos - Cretian poet, Greek-Australian writer

Papadopoulos, George - lecturer in law at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Chairman of AGWS

Papasavas, Sam - Melborne Australia lawyer - president of the Australian Soccer Federation

Papasavas, Sam - born Tremetouscha, Cyprus 1941, migrated to Australia as a boy, first Greek to sit on Victoria, Australia’s State Parliament

Paschalides, Lambis - referenced as running a one-man newspaper, Kyriaki, in Sydney, Australia, approx mid 1900‘s - mentioned as leading political journalist for the Hellenic Herald in Australia - includes photograph

Peponis, George - Doctor - Australian sports star

Piperoglou, A. V. - Chairman of the Education Committee and Director of the Education Liaison Team for AGWS

Polites, Nick - includes quotes re: AGWS and photograph

Polites, Theodore - born island of Lefkas, came to Australia 1901, commentary on several successful business interests

Raftopoulos, Efstathios - from Kolliery on Ithaca, came to Australia 1890, mentioned as businessman, poet, actor, entertainer, and community leader. Describes how he personally publishes they Ulysses, the newspaper/journal of the Ithacan Philanthropic Society in Melbourne, Australia - includes photos

Raftopoulos, Spiro - father of Efstathios Raftopoulos from Ithaca

Rafty, George (aka Raftopoulos) - Sydney, Australia - well known cartoonist

Roma, Diamantina - Countess from Ithaca, died 1893, wife of first Governor of Queensland Australia, Sir George Bowen

Skalkos, Theo - describes publishing empire built by Theo Skalkos in Australia

Skiadopoulos, Nicos - mentioned as Greek radio announcer in Australia, and journalist for Neos Kosmos Greek newspaper

Skiadopoulos, Nick - actor-director, formed Greek Theatrical School in 1974 in Australia

Skiotis, Dennis - lecturer at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia, quoted in relation to Neos Kosmos, a Greek Australian newspaper

Skourtis, George - author of the play “Karagiozis Almost Governor” -

Solomos, Dionysios - Greek poet

Spyridon - Archbishop - Head of Independent Greek Orthodox Church in Australia

Strombolis, Constantine - Acknowledged as one of the first Greeks in Australia; his story

Stylianos - Archbishop; Primate of the Greek Orthodox Church in Australia, arrived 1975, born Rethimnon, Crete 1935; Photo; Quotations

Taxiarchis, Dinos - author of the play “The Maid” - performed in Melbourne Australia

Theophylactos - Archbishop - Primate of the Greek Orthodox Church of Australia (1947-1958)

Timotheos - Archbishop - Primate of the Greek Orthodox Church of Australia (1931-1947)

Triantafyllopoulos, Andreas - composer, also worked as fitter and turner, taxi driver - migrant to Australia

Tsaloumas, Dimitris - Greek poet - narrative regarding some of his works, born on the island of Leros in 1921, settled in Australia - includes photograph

Vasil, George (see George Vasiliades)

Vasilakakos, John - writer, Australia

Vasiliadis, Amalia - mentioned as Greek radio announcer in Australia, and Greek language poet

Vasiliades, George (aka Vasil) - gained sixth place in the 1972 Olympics at Munich in the weight lifting feather weight division

Venizelos, Eleutherios - Premier of Greece

Zafiropoulos, Sakis - President of Greek Festival Week in Melbourne, Australia, quotations regarding festival

Zervos, Kevin - Director of Child Care and Family Centre in Richmond, Australia - established 1977

Zoumis, Savas - poet, interpreter by profession, Greek-Australian


There Must Be More to it Than That

A Countess, Successful Greeks and Massive Migration

Australian Life

Of Words and Voices

Expressions from the Antipodes

The Metropolitan See of Australia

‘Dialogue is a Word of Greek Origin’

A Matter of Welfare

The Story of a Family


Following is the synopsis from the book cover:

“Hellas Australia traces the story of Greeks in Australia from their first mention in Sydney newspapers in 1818 to their present status as one of the largest and most dynamic ethnic communities in multi-cultural Australia

But Hellas Australia is much more than just a history book. It is also a investigation of Greek life in Australia. Hellas Australia examines closely the unique contribution of Greeks both to their own Greek-Australian community and to Australian society at large in fields as diverse as sport, business, the arts, welfare, ethnic broadcasting, religion and politics.

Often brought under the post-war mass immigration schemes to a country publicised as a land of milk and honey, many Greeks have found Australian society to be intolerant and even hostile. Some of their individual stories, of their aspirations, years of hard work and their responses to a strange new country, are told in Hellas Australia.

With parallel Greek and English text, Hellas Australia is a unique publishing venture aimed at enhancing the mutual understanding of Greeks and other Australians.”


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