LIFE Magazine 1944 - Civil War Breaks Out in Greece

LIFE Magazine - December 25, 1944 - Article titled "CIVIL WAR BREAKS OUT IN GREECE - Blood flows in ancient streets of Athens as Greek fights Greek".

"In these pictures LIFE Photographer Dimitri Kessel has recorded a story whose roots are in the basic antipathy - and the struggle for power - between European peoples who have suffered under German occupation and past leaders who can now return from exile.  In Greece this struggle flared out of hand on Dec. 3 after Greek police of the British-sponsored, pro-royalist Papandreou government fired on leftist and Communist demonstrators who were protesting an order to disarm and disband the ELAS resistance army.  Kessel, who witnessed the shooting, said police fired without provocation.  Justified or not, their action precipitated open civil war."  -  read rest of article and view photographs

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Georgia Keilman nee Stryker (Stratigakos)