Online Gazetteer for Greece, Cyprus, Turkey

This website has apparently been around for many years, but I just found it.  It is a FREE ONLINE GLOBAL GAZETTEER by a company named Falling Rain Genomics, Inc. and looks like it could be very handy.  

There are links for Greece, Cyprus and Turkey.  Here is a screen shot of Greece.

Listed are all the Regions of Greece, for example, I clicked on Nomos Lakonias.  

In Lakonias it then displays "Place Names" along with the Latitude, Longitude, Elevation (feet), and Population.

From this list I picked Sparti.  The top portion of the page for Sparti is shown below.  What I found to be very helpful is that under the main title of the page there is a section titled "Other names": and it lists a variety of spellings for this particular location i.e. Sparte, Sparta, Lacedaemon, Spartē, Spárti, Lakedaimon, Lakedaímon. 

As usual, good luck with your Greek family history genealogy research.

Georgia Keilman nee Stryker (Stratigakos)
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