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The collection consists of civil registration (stato civile) of births, marriages, and deaths within the custody of the State Archive of Napoli (Archivio di Stato di Napoli) for the years 1809 to 1865. Includes marriage banns (pubblicazioni; notificazioni); baptismal records (battesimi); ecclesiastical returns of marriages (matrimoni ecclesiastici); marriage memorandums (atti di memorandum); diverse records (atti diversi); marriages and deaths outside of the place of usual residence (matrimoni e morti fuori domicilio); and marriage supplemental documents (processetti). At the present time, this collection contains records for only certain sections (quartieri) of the city of Napoli. The quartieri of Napoli represented in the current collection include the following: Avvocata; Chiaia; Fuorigrotta; Mercato; Miano e Marianella; Montecalvario; Posillipo; San Carlo all'Arena; San Ferdinando; San Giuseppe; San Lorenzo; Santissima Annunziata; Stella; Vicaria; and Vomero. Additional records for the city of Napoli and for surrounding towns (comuni) will be added as they become available. Images for this collection were mistakenly made available to the general public who registered on this site. Because of the agreement signed 30 June 2011, the publication rights of images belongs to the Italian National Archives (DGA) who publishes them freely to all on their Portale degli antenati.