Article: 1919 Greek Press - 75+ names - Beginning of Women's and Girl''s Tripolitan Club


Saloniki - Greek Press, August 1919

After many conferences and consultations, the Greek women and girls descended from Tripolitans have finally established a club which they have named, Philanthropic Society of Tripolitan Women and Girls.

The main reason for the club was a letter sent from the priest of Metamorseos, Andrew Panagiotopoulos and Angeline Tsigos, which stated that there was imperative need for money to repair the church.

The initiative for this action was furnished by the following women:  Helen Giannopoulos, Sophia Nicholopoulos, Marika Malliros, and Basiliki Bousios.  At the first meeting of June 27, quite a few women appeared, who, upon hearing the contents of the letter, donated the following sums:

Helen S. Giannopoulos, $10; Marika H. Malliris, $10; Katina A. Deligiannis, $10; Marika I. Askounis, $10; Basiliki N. Marachos, $10; Marika I. Papanastasiou, $10; Sophia K. Nikolopoulos, $10; Helen P. Nikolopoulos, $5; Marika D. Koubelis, $5; Angeline T. Antonopoulou, $5; Sitsa I. Agriostathis, $3; Marika D. Papantoniou, $3; Georgia N. Marcus, $3; Basiliki K. Dousias, $4; Pitsa D. Boutoukou, $3, Catherine Bouloukou, $2; Georgia Bouloukou, $2; Paraskevoula Barkouli, $2; Erasmia G. Habilomatis, $2; Marigo G. Lazaropoulos, $2; Antonia B. Basilopoulou, $3; Helen P. Ladas, $3.  Total $116.00

At such an opportune moment, the Tripolitan women and girls set the foundations for this organization.  They chose a temporary chairman, Helen Giannopoulos and secretary, Katina Bouloukou.  They set the date of the next meeting, July 11.

There were many women and girls at this meeting.  After Miss Bouloukos read the minutes of the previous meeting the president and a few other women spoke a few words, the name of the organization was chose, new members were enrolled and the election of offices took place.  The results were:  Helen Giannopoulos, president; Sofia K. Nikolopoulos, vice-president, Marika Malliris, treasurer; Basiliki Dousias, secretary.  The Board of Trustees consist of Marika Askounis, Christina Anoriopoulos, Pitsa Bouloukos, Erasmia Hamilomatis, Marika Koubelis, Basiliki Theodoropoulos, Marika Galanopoulos, Helen Ladas, and Helen Panagakis.

The following women were enrolled as members which now total fifty:  Paraskevola Nikopoulos, Mary Matsouka, A. Hlepa, Hriso Katsaros, Stavroula Anoriopoulos, Stauroula Nasiopoulos, Helen Tellalis, Sophia Liapa, Helen Kanellos, Pitsa Manopoulos, Athanasia Athanasopoulos, Basiliki Stauropoulos, Marigo Kolemi, Pagona Kallas, Helen Xpireas, Anna Malliros, Paraskevoula Reka, Helen Giannakakos, Basiliki Nasopoulos, Pitsa Nasopoulos, Pagona Malebitou, Sophia Malebitou, Pitsa Sotirakopoulos, Katina Deligiannis, Antena Giskoumi, Basiliki Brahos, Georgia Markos, Helen Nikopoulos, Fofo Christophilos, Panagiotitsa Mouzakiotis, Angeline Antonopoulos, Georgia Kiriakopoulos, Basiliki Giannakopoulos, Margarite Tsoulos, Marika Papanastasiou, Boula Evthimiou, Dimitra Stauropoulos, Antonia Basiliopoulos, Marigo Lazaropoulos, Athanasia Galanopoulos, Tasia Kritikos, Ourania Panos, Anna Lekakis, Paraskevoula Barkoulis, Angeline Lampropoulos, Despina Priobolou, Irene Kana, Christoula Trakas, Katherine Bouloukos, Pitsa Hamilomatis, Georgia Bouloukou, Sophia Theodoropoulos, Athanasia Sarlas, Magdaline Bouloukos, Mary Kana and Chriso Katsarou.

Since the aim of the club is philanthropic, we are sure every woman from Tripoli will become a member to help along this worthy cause.


Source:  The Foreign Language Press Survey - The Newberry Library, Chicago, IL