Book - CAMERA OTTOMANA: Photography and Modernity in the Ottoman Empire 1840-1914

This book was written in Turkey, by people with Turkish sentiments.  Many in the group will find some things in the text and photographs offensive.  I am posting information about this book as a sometimes shocking look at the Ottoman Empire, which is of historical interest to those of us researching our Hellenic family history.


CAMERA OTTOMANA:  Photography and Modernity in the Ottoman Empire 1840-1914

Edited by Zeynep Celik and Edhem Eldem
Texts by Zeynep Celik, Edhem Eldem, Bahattin Ozstuncay, Frances Terpak & Peter Louis Bopnfitto

Copyright 2015 by Koc University Publications, Istanbul.

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Note on Spelling, Transliteration, and Dates



Frances Terpak & Peter Bonfitto Transferring Antiquity to Ink - Ruins from the Americas to Asia Minor and the Development of Photolithography

Bahattin Öztuncay The Origins and Development of Photography in Istanbul 

Edhem Eldem Powerful Images - The Dissemination and Impact of Photography in the Ottoman Empire, 1870–1914

Zeynep Çelik Photographing Mundane Modernity

- Political Change
- Abdülhamid as Paterfamilias
- Ottoman Exoticism
- Bookish Portraits
- Amateur Photographers
- Bad Boys
- Formal Order
- Photography at the Service of Art
- Foreign Dignitaries in the Empire
- A Taste for Folklore
- Appropriating Antiquities
- Orientalist Reality
- Serving Science and Scholarship
- Personalized Photo Cards
- Abidin the Snitch
- Private Albums, Public Spaces
- Forbidden Kitsch
- Unity in Diversity