130 Born in Greece, World War I - Canada - CEF Personal Files, 1914-1918

Ancestry.com added a new database named CANADA, WWI CEF PERSONAL FILES, 1914-1918 which covers surnames beginning with A through G,   At the end of this posting you will find a listing of the 130 people born in Greece.  If you locate an ancestor's name, you can go to the website for the Library and Archives of Canada to do a search for FREEhttp://www.bac-lac.gc.ca/eng/discover/military-heritage/first-world-war/personnel-records/Pages/search.aspx

Shortly after the British declaration of war in August 1914, Canada offered an initial contingent of 25,000 for service overseas. A second contingent was offered in the autumn of 1914. The 1st Canadian Division was formed from units of the first contingent in January 1915, and was fighting in France the following month. In September 1915, the Canadian Corps was formed, incorporating the 1st and 2nd Canadian Divisions, and the Canadian Cavalry Brigade. Further contingents and reinforcement drafts continued to be sent overseas. At the time of the Armistice in November 1918, the Canadian Corps had expanded to include four infantry divisions and corps units. Other Canadian units, including some artillery batteries, engineering companies, and railway and forestry troops, served directly under British command in France and Belgium. Still other units, responsible for administrative support, training, forestry and medical care, served in England. The Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF), as the army raised during the First World War was designated, grew in the course of the conflict to 619,636, of whom 424,589 served in Europe.
The service files of CEF members can consist of up to two or three dozen forms, dealing with enlistment, training, medical and dental history, hospitalization, discipline, pay, medal entitlements and discharge or notification of death. A copy of the Attestation paper or Military Service Act Enlistment form is invariably present on the file, unless the soldier was a deserter or defaulter (failed to report for duty). Service files indicate the locations of postings in England, but do not provide similar information for theatres of war, such as the Western Front. They indicate only the unit to which the individual was posted.
The above text was taken from the website of the Library and Archives Canada.
This database consists of service files for men who enlisted in the Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF) of the First World War. The database currently contains records for surnames beginning with A through G, and for most surnames beginning with H. As more service files are digitized and indexed, additional records will be added to this database.
Details available in a service file vary depending on the soldier, but typically include:
  • Name of enlistee
  • Address
  • Birthplace
  • Birth date
  • Age
  • Name of next of kin
  • Relationship to next of kin
  • Regimental number
Additional information about the enlistee, such as their occupation, marital status, religion, and/or physical description is often included as well.

Peter Adamakos
James Agapitos
Gust Alex
George Alexander
Spiros Alivisatos
Gust Amers
Christ Anagnostou
Kostas Anastasiou
Thomas Harry Anasson
John Androff
George Andros
Stavros Androulakis
Peter Angelos
James Antoria
John Apostle
James Asteriades
Harry Jerome Astoria
Kostas Athan
Nick Athas
Dioniseos Avlonity
Thomas Bacis
James Bajootas
James Balalas
eter Banson
John Barbers
Vasilos Baroumas
Kostos Bastas
George Bell
John Bell
Greg Antonio BellArthur Bellos
Antonios Berris
John Bichikas
George Bitsis
George Blongos
George Borovilos
John Botses
John Bouras
Arthur Bullos
George Camche
Gust Camitses
Antonio Capandritis
Phillip Capatos
Gustava Caravos
Emmanuel Casimatis
Crist Cerehalloz
George Chacon
Jafres Chaparcas
Mike Charlie
George Cherevas
Anigilos Chityifers
Miltiades Cholekas
Louis Christ
George Christo
Louis Christofis
Harry G. Christou
John Chungranes
Paul Clark
Georges Coitelakis
Gust Colengen
Christ Collias
Christ Colonero
Nick Coloutsos
Theodore Stergies Constant
John Cook
Ernest Cooros
George Cornelius
Peter Cotaras
Thomas Coonos
Gust N. Creacas
Angel Dalipi
James Dametrion
James Danas
Andrew Deliginais
William Demitropowlos
Mike Demo
Goven Demoff
Andrew Augerinos Demont
Constine Demos
George Hleacopoulos Dervears
Adam Dimitroulakis
Basil Diogenes
Steve Diogenis
Pane Divitcoff
Constant Dixon
Louis Dollacki
Wiliam Donald
George Langtry Doyle
Spiros Dragondidis
Michael Drouliskos
John Arthur Drumps
Anthony Frank Dumas
Peter Economon
William Efthemes
Charles Ellis
Peter Farettis
James Ferris
Noso Filo
Demetrios Finonakis
Apostolis Floris
Frank Fortinos
Edward Fourgezos
Peter Demetra Franggus
Gus Gadois
George Stratis Galon
George Ganas
Gus Nick Gelep
William Genes
George Georgantis
William Georgas
William George
Thomas George
Pete George
Alex George
Samuel Geramanis
James Pete Gerasimos
George Giacumalous
John Gianacopulos
Angelos Ginaros
James Girgulis
James Gordon
George Gregars
Gregory Gregoriades
George Gregors
Gust Grekas
Panagiotes Grilonagis
Haralambos Grivakis
John Guman
Malate Hanzakos
Thio Havaris
James Herick
Harry George Herman