The Greek Collections at the Harvard Libraries

THE GREEK COLLECTIONS AT THE HARVARD LIBRARIES - This is the official blog of the Modern Greek Section of the Harvard College Library. It was created to showcase the items in the Modern Greek Collections at the Harvard Library with the aim of inspiring students in the Department of The Classics and beyond to further explore the resources available in the collections. All posts contain links to the item record in the Harvard Library System.  Every other month they post a list of recent acquisitions.  

If you find an item you are interested in, visit your local public library either in person or online and order the book through the Inter-library loan program.  If you have trouble contact your local librarian for assistance.
For more information about the Modern Greek Collections, please contact the Librarian for Hellenic Studies and Coordinator for the Classics, Rhea Lesage, at:
A few categories that someone doing genealogy research might find interesting are:
Modern History
History and Biographies
Folk Arts and Cultiure


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