3,009 Toy Photos - Explore the Benaki Toy Museum Online - Greece

The Benaki Toy Museum is fabulous!  Not only can you visit in person, but you can also view photographs of 3,009 toys online - https://www.benaki.gr/index.php?option=com_collections&view=collection&id=17&lang=el

Below are excerpts from a recent article titled "Explore the Benaki Toy Museum" by Chryssoula Katsarou, published on windycitygreek.com -- https://windycitygreek.com/benaki-toy-museum/

"The Benaki Toy Museum recently opened to the public, offering visitors a unique journey throughout the centuries, using toys tour guides.

The fairy tale begins as soon as the visitor arrives at the imposing tower. The beautiful 19th-century building with neo-Gothic, Baroque, and Art nouveau elements is part of the Kouloura House in Palaio Faliro, where the museum is located.

There’s so much to see here. Find dolls with traditional costumes as well as Barbie’s “grandmothers”, mini carousels, even lead soldiers with spears – some wear foustanelles! Other highlights include the wooden horse that Eleftherios Venizelos gave to his grandson, a miniature of the Averof battleship, a wooden puppet theater, motorbikes, trains and airplanes, puppets, and so much more. Colorful, attractive, and curates for the best experience, all these toys arouse the curiosity, as well as emotions of joy and nostalgia for the older visitors. Inquisitive young minds begin to ask questions. One little boy asked his grandfather about his toys, and how kids played years ago. , , , ,"

"The museum features about 3000 toys, with emphasis given to the Greek collection, dating from antiquity, the Roman and Byzantine eras, and the handmade traditional toys made for the panigiria. . . . ."

"Finally, visitors have the opportunity to visit the museum’s library where they can read books about the toys and games, see archival material and photos, read facts about Greek toy makers, and view any of the 3000 books of children’s literature."