Book - STATEN ISLAND’S GREEK COMMUNITY - 491 names & 209 photographs - New York

The Book “STATEN ISLAND’S GREEK COMMUNITY – Images of America Series”, authored by Christine Victoria Charitis, was published in 2005 by Arcadia Publishing.  

Below you will find a description of the book, the Table of Contents, and a list of 491 names included in the book.


In the early part of the 20th century, Staten Island experienced an influx of Greek immigrants drawn to America by the promise of abundant opportunities. They settled in the farms of New Springville and Bulls Head and in the busy life of Port Richmond. Staten Island’s Greek Community highlights traditional aspects of Greek culture and exults in the Americanization, accomplishments, and contributions of this group. The historic images in this book capture familiar scenes such as Greek farms and roadside stands overflowing with succulent vegetables, truck farmers venturing into Manhattan to bring their produce to the Washington Market, and the Candy Kitchen in Port Richmond.

Coming to Staten Island
The Greek Farmers of Staten Island
The Port Richmond Greeks
Building a Church
A Year in the Life of the Greeks
Organizations of the Parish
The Americanization of the Greeks
Serving Country and Community

Alexander, Ann
Alexander, Costas
Alysandratos, Irene
Anagnostiades, Rev. Theodore
Anagnostis, Anastasia
Anagnostis, Basil
Anagnostis, Chris
Anagnostis, George
Anagnostis, George B.
Anagnostis, Gus
Anagnostis, Harista
Anagnostis, Helen
Anagnostis, Jimmy
Anagnostis, John
Anagnostis, Nick
Anagnostis, Peter
Anagnostis, Stelios
Anagnostis, Tim
Anastos, Mike
Anastos, Pauline
Anastos, Stacy
Anctil, Rev. Nicholas
Angelidis, Stacy
Antoniadis, Fotini
Antonopoulos, Angela
Antonopoulos, Emily
Apicos, Harry
Aslanides, Father John
Athanasopoulos (Athens), Steve
Athas, George
Athas, Louis
Avdalas, George
Awagnostov, Miss Helen
Bakalis, John
Bakousis (part owner of Annadale diner)
Bakousis (part owner of Woodrow diner)
Bakratsas (part owner of Island Coffee Shop)
Bessas, Kostas
Bonner, Gerard
Bonner, Lea
Bonner, Michael Shane
Booras, John
Borg, Anna
Bouhouris, Catherine
Bouhouris, George
Bouhouris, Marianthe
Bouhouris, Nick
Bouhouris, Petros
Caffentzis, Costas
Caffentzis, Nicholas
Caffentzis (owned Candyland Shop)
Calipolitis, Catherine
Calipolitis, Emily
Callaham, Ken
Callas, Angie
Callas, Robert
Callimachos, Rev. Dr. Dimitrios
Cass, April
Cass, Catherine
Cass, Melody
Cass, Patty
Cass, William
Cassolas, Christe
Cassolas, Polyxeni
Cassolas, William
Cassolas (aka Cass)
Catsoris, James
Charitis, Christine
Charitis, Joanna
Charitis, John
Chrampanis, Anthony
Chrampanis, Antonio
Chrampanis, Frank
Chrampanis, Georgia
Chrampanis, Irene
Chrampanis, Louis
Chrampanis, Louis “Big Louie”
Chrampanis, Maria
Chrampanis, Mary
Chrampanis, Olympia
Chrampanis, Pauline
Chrampanis, Peter
Chrampanis, Stamatia
Chrampanis, Tony
Chrampanis, Zacharoula
Christofilakes, Peter
Christon, Christ
Christopoulos, Peter
Chukalas, Christina “Mrs. C.”
Chukalas, James
Condaxis, Helen
Condaxis, James
Constant, Diana
Constant, Mike
Corinotis, Costas
Corinotis, Fannie
Corinotis, George
Corinotis, Helen
Coussoule, Helen
Criaris, Emanuel
Criaris, John
Croce, Michael Della
Cummings, Catherine
Cummings, Emily
Dallas, Spiros
Dallas (owned Auto Driving School)
Demoleas, Andrea
Demoleas, Dora
Demoleas, Sophia
Denis (Ntenis), Constantine
Diamond, Richard
Diamondakis (part owner of Unicorn diner)
Diamondas, Gus
Diamondas, Steve
Donohue, Camille
Dontis, Christopher
Dorgas, Lefty
Dorgas, Peter
Drossos, Sevasti
Eliopoulos (owned DeLux Candy Shop)
Eliopoulos (part owner of Kings Arms diner)
Exarchos, Andrew
Exarchos, Anna
Exarchos, Dimos
Exarchos, Efthemia
Exarchos, Georgia
Exarchos, Gus
Exarchos, Kiki
Exarhakis, Catherine
Fakas, Constantine
Fakas, Katherine
Filipidis, Nicholas
Fillou, John
Garefalos, James
Garefalos, Magda
Garefalos, Maria
Garis, George
Garis, Margaret
Genetos, Theodora
George, Catherine
George, Gust
George, John
Germanakos, Louis
Ghiberti, Carla
Gramenos, Socrates
Grammatikopoulos, Dimitri
Grammatikopoulos, Voula
Gregoriou, George
Haliotis, Catherine
Haliotis, Edward
Haramis, Vassilios
Harros, Donna
Hatsipetros, Maria
Hatsis, Helen
Hatzipavlis, Philip (aka Philip Hatzis)
Hatzis, Lambros
Heliopoulos, Rev. Demetrios
Hitsous, Peter
Imprescia, Ina
Itsines, Alex
Itsines, Bessie
Itsines, Catherine
Itsines, Connie
Itsines, Dr. Nicholas
Itsines, Gus
Itsines, John
Itsines, Madeline
Itsines, Nicholas
Itsines, Nick
Itsines, Penny
Johanides, Catherine
Johanides, Nick
Johansen, Heather
Jonas, Eftychios
Jonas, Georgia
Jonas family
Kafes, Matthew
Kakounis, Jennie
Kalaizes, Catherine
Kalaizes, George
Kaleri, Miss Stauroula
Kanakaris, Peter
Kanakos, Marina
Karatalis, Nick
Karelas, Andreas
Karelas, Dimitri
Karelas, Dr. Demetrios
Karidis, George
Karidis, Maria
Karidis, Stephanie
Karson, Byron “the weasel”
Karson, Philip “Beano”
Kartalis, George
Kartalis, Nick
Kartelias, John
Kartsonas, Catherine
Katsanos, Christopher
Katsanos, Eleni
Katsanos, Susan
Katsaros, Basil
Katsaros (owned Flower Shop)
Katsarou, Miss Ioanna
Katsarou, Miss Mary
Katsoris, Betty
Katsoris, Emanuel
Katsoris, Emmanuel
Katsoris, Evangeline
Katsoris, George
Katsoris, Georgia
Katsoris, James
Katsoris, Peter
Katsoris, Rose
Katsoris (owned New York Confectionery)
Katsoris (owned Port Richmond Candy Square Kitchen)
Kefalianos, Anthony
Kefalianos, Dionysia
Kefalianos, Evelyn
Kefalianos, Kate
Kefalianos, Mary
Kefalianos, Ted
Kefalianos, Teddy
Kefalianos, Tom
Kindos, Alan
Kindos, James
Kindos, Tessie
Kindos, Tom
Kindos, Tommy
Knapp, Tara Lynn
Kokkinos, Christopher
Kontovasilis, Artie
Kouloulis, Thomas
Koulouris, Chrysoula
Koulouris, Harry
Koulouris, Kevi
Koulouris (part owner of Unicorn diner)
Koussandianas, Helen
Koutsovasilis (part owner of Kings Arms diner)
Kusas, Efthihia
Kusas, John
Kusas, Mary
Kusas, Rita
Kyvelos, Anthony
LaBau, Nicholas B.
Lazarous, Mr.
Leonidis, John “the worker”
Leos, Tina
Leunes (part owner of Unicorn diner)
Leventis, Sylvia
Litos, Andrew
Litos, George
Litos, Nicole
Loizos, Chris
Lucas, Maria
Macris, Anne
Macris, Father Spyridon
Marangoudakis (owner of South Shore Country Club)
Mardikas, Thassalia
Mardikos, Thessalia
Markos (owner of Cafe Del Mondo)
Matheos, George
Mavroudis, Christos
Mazilescu, Alexandru
Mikroutsikos (owned Tuscana Market)
Mireau, Allison
Mireau, Christine
Mitchell, Mary
Mitsogiorgakis, Melina
Mitsogiorgakis, Stephanos
Mondreas, Mary
Mondreas, Stavroula
Mondreas, Vasili
Morafetis, George
Mose, Anna
Moudatsos, Mike (owner of Mike’s Place diners)
Mousmoutis, Besssie
Mousmoutis, Nicholas
Nichols, George
Nichols, John
Nicolaides, Marina
Panagakos, Anthony
Panagakos, Elizabeth
Panagakos, Emily
Panagakos, Gus
Panagakos, Helen
Panagakos, John
Panagakos, Julia
Panagakos, Martha
Panagakos, Nick
Panagakos, Peter
Papadopoulos, Costa
Papadopoulos, Taso
Papanikas, Rev. Vasilios
Papanikas, Vasileos
Papanikolaou, Tammy
Papapavlou, Louis
Papas, Elizabeth
Papas, Nick
Papas (owned Shoe Repair)
Papasavas, Harry
Pappas, Charles
Pappas, Rev. Christos
Pappas (owned Central Dry Cleaners)
Paramithis, Pantellis
Parathiras, Gus
Parathiras, John
Parathiras, Mary
Parathiras, Neoclis
Pashalakis, Rev. Emilianos
Passias (owned Palace Pressing)
Passios, Thomas
Patsis, Elizabeth
Pavalis, Harry
Pavalis, John
Paximadas, Stergios
Pefanis (owner of New Dakota diner)
Petrides, Constantine
Petrides, Gus
Petrides, Marlene
Petrides, Michael
Petrides, Michael (Petros)
Petrides, Vanessa
Petrides family
Petropoulakos, Rev. Nicholas P.
Piromaglou, Stratis
Plaitis, Michael
Plaitis (owner of Andrews diner)
Plasteras, Demetrios
Platis, A. (owner of Colonnade II diner)
Platis, Alexis
Platis, Anita
Platis, Ariana
Platis, M. (owner of Colonnade diner)
Plevritis, John
Polychroni, Miss Cleopatra
Poulmentis, John
Poulos, Christo
Proskefalas, Tony
Protopapapas, Georgia
Psomas, Al
Psomas, Alex
Psomas, Anthony
Psomas, Antonio
Psomas, Cathy
Psomas, Eleni
Psomas, Eugenia
Psomas, George
Psomas, Georgia
Psomas, Gus
Psomas, Katherine
Psomas, Mary
Psomas, Miss Katherin
Psomas, Ody (Odysseus)
Psomas, Peter
Psomas, Tony
Ranieri, Christina
Rassias, Irene
Rassias, James
Rassias, Pat
Rassias, Peter
Robustelli, Catherine
Roussopoulos, Vasili
Routsis, Gus
Routsis, Jeannie
Routsis, Stella
Russias (owned Port Richmond Deli)
Sakoutis, Artemis
Sarver, Barbara
Savakis, Chrisanthy
Scarpelos, Aliki
Scozzare, Helen
Sfoungaris, Jimmy “the Colonel”
Sheherlis, Jack
Sideris, Nicholas, B.
Sidiropoulos, Dimitri
Sidiropoulos, Jim
Sigalos, Angela
Sigalos, Charles
Sigalos (owned Spa Restaurant along with Vallas)
Silas, Pat
Siozios, Angelo
Skunakis, Anna
Skunakis, Chrisanthy
Skunakis, Cynthia
Skunakis, Georgia
Skunakis, Gus
Skunakis, John
Skunakis, Nicholas
Skunakis, Nick
Skunakis, Olympia
Skunakis, Sophie
Skunakis, Stella
Skunakis, Stratis
Smith, Melanie
Souliopoulos, C.
Spiridon, Peter
Spirocostas, Christen
Spyridon, Basilia
Stark, Stephen
Stathis, Chris
Stathis, James
Stathis, John
Stathis, Panos
Stathis family
Susalis, Angelo
Susalis, Nick
Susalis, Steffi
Svinos, Effie
Talumbos, Costas
Talumbos, George
Tambakis, Maria
Tambakis, Molly
Tambakis, Molly
Tambakis, Peter
Tamborra, Michael
Tamborra, Nicholas
Telegadas, Seraphim
Telegadis, Chrisanthi
Teligadas, Erafim
Teris, Mary
Tesnakis, Costa N.
Thanasias (part owner of Island Coffee Shop)
Thanasoulis, Costas
Thanasoulis, Costas “Barbacosta”
Thanasoulis, George
Thanasoulis, Gus
Thanasoulis, Hariclea
Thanasoulis, Pericles
Thanasoulis, Stamatia
Thanasoulis, Thomas
Thanasoulis (owned Perry’s Luncheonette)
Thaten, Demetria
Theodorakis, Daphne
Theodorakis, Fotini
Theodoulou (owner of Golden Dove diner)
Theofanous, Maria
Thomas, George
Touloubos, Costas
Tragares, Matthew
Trataros, Paris
Trepel, Eleni Alexandra
Triantafillou, Christ
Triantafillou, Mrs. Rodo.
Triantafillou, Peter
Trivelas, Katherine
Tsagarakis (aka Garis)
Tsibros, Kathy
Tsikteris, James “Jimmy the Closer”
Tsikteris (aka Teris)
Tsourekias, Eleni
Tsourekias, Georgia
Tsourekias, Jordan
Tzemis, Jennifer
Uske, Mary
Uske, Pauline
Uske, Ray
Vallas (owned New Dinette
Vallas (owned Spa Restaurant along with Sigalos)
Vandoros, Victoria
Vasiladiotis (owner of Amboy diner)
Vasilakopoulos, Rev. Andrew
Vasilas, Andrew
Vastardis, Kayla
Venechanos, Krystle
Veros, Aristarhis
Veros, Arthur
Veros, Mary
Veros, Mary Parathiras
Viscione, Angela
Vissarites, Catherine
Vlastakis, Alex
Vlastakis, Helen
Vlastakis, Joanne
Vlastakis, Paul
Vlastakis, Tom
Vlitas, Tina Marie
Vozeolas, Spero
Vozeolas, Stella (nee Kakounis)
Weil, Penny
Weil, Tom
Weil, Tommy
Xenakis, Kaitlyn
Xouris, George
Xouris, Van
Xypoulea, Miss Catherine
Zazakos, Chris
Zougras, Peter