Facebook Group: Greek Born Adoptees

Facebook Group:  Greek Born Adoptees


We would Like anyone Who was adopted or Born In Greece then Came to Australia,Or Any Overseas Country to please contact Our Advocate for Australia Theodora Sullivan.She will be The New Advocate For Greek Born Adoptees From Greece here In AUSTRALIA We have Mothers searching for there children after news of Blackmarket doctors being caught in Athens For Illegal Adoption 3 years ago.They were selling and stealing new Born Infants and Selling them to Adoptive Parents and claiming them as there own. Please spread the word. The Doctors later would Announce the baby Dead Just after Birth. The mothers Never recieved Death certificates. ... Mothers are finding out all over Greece there children did not die and are now in Search for there children. We have Siblings looking for one Another. We Have Admins that can talk too you and also get your details. Thankyou.


  1. Hi There, My name is Angeliki Kolo. My mother fell pregnant in Greece and was sent to Australia to 'have the baby.' My father was going to come out to Australia but the Greek government wouldn't let him leave the county. Subsequently I was adopted out to Australian parents in Melbourne. I have found my birth mother however that didn't work out. I am now searching for my father. Are you able to help me please?


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