Hellenic Organization: Pan-Rhodian Benevolent Society of NSW "Colossus" LTD. - New South Wales, Australia


Name of Organization:  Pan-Rhodian Benevolent Society of NSW "Colossus" LTD.

Location:  New South Wales, Australia

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Pan-Rhodian-Benevolent-Society-of-NSW-Colossus-LTD-230968463641360/

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The Pan-Rhodian Benevolent society of NSW is a non profit organization formed in 1958 by a group of Greek migrants whose origins were from the Greek Island of Rhodes in the Eastern Aegean sea. The society’s mission was to provide a platform where migrants from their community could come together in this new country and celebrate their “greekness”, memories of their heritage and to provide charitable assistance.

Today more than 54 years latter, the second and third generation of the families of those first men and women who formed the society continue to uphold the values and mission of the society. It’s year long list of social activities act as a means of bringing Australian Greeks together whilst raising money for those that are facing hardship and are less fortunate.

In the past year the society has made generous donations to the Queensland Flood relief appeal and the New Zealand earthquake to name just two causes.