Book - Greeks of Stark County (Ohio) - 403 Greek Names

The book "GREEKS OF STARK COUNTY, Images of America Series" was authored by William H. Samonides and Regine Johnson Samonides.  Published by Arcadia Publishing in 2009.  

The books in the Images of America Series include photographs on almost every page, this book is no exception. The GREEKS IN STARK COUNTY includes 215 photographs.  For your convenience I have listed below the 403 Greek names included in the book.

Book description:  By the early 20th century, Stark County was one of the fastest-growing regions in the nation. The home of martyred president William McKinley had become a major industrial center, with alloy steel as the engine of growth for the booming local economy. To fill the ever-increasing demand for labor, waves of immigrants from Greece and Asia Minor settled in Canton and Massillon. Some sought economic opportunity; others were fleeing the Pontian Black Sea coast, where ethnic cleansing of Greeks accompanied the creation of the Turkish state. For the immigrant earning less than $3 a day, building a church meant making a commitment to a new life. In Canton, St. Haralambos Greek Orthodox Church was founded in 1913 and Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in 1917. In Massillon, St. George Greek Orthodox Church was established in 1931. Churches and mutual aid organizations provided cohesiveness to the dynamic, often fractious, Greek community, which survived world wars, economic depression, and social discrimination and continues to flourish today.


Adams, Steve
Alex, Angel
Alex, Georgia
Anastas (Anastasiades), Philip
Anastas, Anna
Anastas, Fifi
Anastas, Mary
Anastas, Philip
Anderson (Andritsanos), John
Anderson, Anna
Anderson, Flora
Andreadis, Chryssi
Andreadis, Evropi
Andreadis, Harry
Andreadis, John
Andreadis, Mary
Andreadis, Nicholas
Andreadis, Nikolaos
Andrews, Peter (Panagiotis Andrutsopulos)
Anesty, Zoe
Angeklis, Marian (Marianthe)
Angelas, Marcella
Anifantes, Constantinos
Antoney (Antonopoulos), George
Argea, Helen
Artopoulou, Maria
Aslanides, Helen
Aslanides, Peristera
Aslanides, Theodore
Athamakos, Fr. Leonidas
Athenagoras, Archbishop
Athens, Nick
Athens, Sophie
Bascos (Basiakos), Panagiotis
Beftoulides, Eleftherios
Beftoulides, Vasiliki
Bellas, Maria
Bellas, Nancy (Athanasia)
Betsacos, Henrietta
Betsacos, Stella
Biris, Harry
Biris, Jack
Biris, Jack C.
Biris, Panagiotitsa
Biris, Persephone
Bossis, Peter
Chantes, Kyriakos
Chantes, Maria
Chantes, Pat
Chantes, Virginia
Chebithes, V. I.
Chiamardas, Fr. Demosthenes
Christopher, Gust (Constantinos Christoforou)
Christopher, Helen
Christopher, Irene
Christu, Haritine
Chuchanis, Anastasios (Andy)
Chuchanis, Ann
Chuchanis, Esther
Chuchanis, Fotini
Chuchanis, Georgene
Chuchanis, Gust
Chuchanis, John
Chuchanis, Mary
Chuchanis, Sylvia
Chuchanis, Theodore
Copanos, James
Corosides, Harry
Corosides, John
Corosides, Sophia
Davides, Mary (Marika)
Delianides, Dorothy
Delis, Anthony
Delis, George
Demis, Barbara
Demis, Chrysanthe
Demis, Dena
Demis, Diamando
Demis, James
Demis, Louis
Demos, Jan
Demos, SophieNicholas, Joanne
Dimetriou, William
Dolmas, Demetrios
Dolmas, George
Dolmas, Maria
Douka, Maria
Doulgerakis, Fr. Ioakeim
Economopoulos, Frosini
Economopoulos, Harry
Economopoulou, Christina
Effantis, Joanne
Effantis, Sophia
Effantis, William
Ekonomou family
Ekonomou, Helen
Eleftheriades, Catherine
Eleftheriades, Tommy
Elias, Bessie
Elias, George
Elias, Louis
Elias, Parthena
Elite, Emanuel
Elite, Mary
Ergon (Economopoulos), Antonios
Ergon (Economopoulos), Harry
Ergon (Economopoulos), John
Ergon (Economopoulos), Themistocles
Eustathios, Evelyn
Eustathios, William
Flocos, Theodore
Foradas, Froso
Foradas, George
Foradas, John
Forades, Michael
Gallanis, Gust
Gatsios, James
George, James
George, Joanne
George, Olga
George, Peter
Georgiades, Betty
Georgiadou, Chrysanthi
Giavasis, George
Giavasis, Helen
Godagidis, Gust
Goglos (Agoglossakis), George
Goglos, Freda
Gotides, Athena
Gotides, Eleni
Gotides, Haralambos
Gotides, Parthena
Gounopoulos, Elizabeth
Hadigian, Theodore
Hadjian, Constantinos
Hadjian, Magala
Heliopoulos, Fr. John
Heliotes, James
Heropoulos, Anastas
Janidou, Dorothea
Janidou, Panagiotis
Janidou, Pelagia
Janidou, Fotini
Janikides, Nicholas
Janikis, Manolis
John, Andy
John, John
John, Mary
John, Sophia
Johnson, Helen (Eleni Ioannou)
Kalagidis, Nicholas
Kalagidis, Olympia
Kalenterides, George
Kallas, Freda
Kallison, Lula
Kallison, Sam
Kallos, Anthony
Kapenekas, Fr. John
Karalis, Harry
Karapanagiotides, Stylianos (Steve John)
Karipides, Anatoli
Karipides, Dimitrios
Karipides, George
Karipides, Magdalene
Karipides, Parthena
Kiminas, John
Kiminas, Stacy
Kirkilis, William
Kirman, George
Kiryakides, Harry
Klide, Eugene (Eugenios Klidoniaris)
Klide, Maria
Klide, Sophia
Klodakis, Elaine
Koinoglou, Katina (Stutz)
Kokinos family
Korosedes, Louis
Kotanides, Despina
Kotanides, Elbus
Kotanides, John
Kotanides, Maroula
Kotanides, Parthena
Kotanides, Pete
Kotanides, Sophia
Koufos, Anastasios
Koufos, Kosta
Kourmoulis, Peter
Kourmoulis, Sophia
Kyriakis, Angelo
Kyriakis, Deena
Laggeris, Eleni
Laggeris, George
Laggeris, Harry
Lambrou, Peter L.
Lavriotes, Fr. Chrysostomos
Lazarides, George
Lazarides, Harry
Lazarides, Helen
Lazarides, John
Lazarides, Mary
Lazarides, Peggy
Lazaros, Anastas
Lazaros, Basil
Lazaros, Sam
Lekorenos, George
Lekorenos, Stavria
Lemonopoulos, Christine
Letjekides, Eftherbe
Letjekides, John
Linardos brothers
Liossis, Chris
Liossis, Mary
Liossis, Nick
Liossis, Peter
Macrides, George
Macrides, Irene
Mahairidou, Despina
Mannos (Mantzounis), George
Mannos, George
Manos (Manousakis), Gust
Manos (Manoussarides), Harry
Manos (Menounos), Anna
Manos (Menounsos), John
Manos, Despina
Manos, Nancy
Maragakes, Gust
Maragakes, Helen
Maragakes, Penelope
Marinakis, Alexander
Marinakis, George
Marinakis, Gust
Marinos, James
Markakis, Harry
Masters, Paul
Mentzelos (Menzelopoulos), Sylvia
Mergus, Frank
Meskel, Cynthia
Michailides, Ferna
Michailides, John
Michailides, Liza
Michalos, George
Michalos, Peter
Mitatakis, Fr. Simeon
Mittakos, Fr. Demetrios
Morris, Gus (Konstantinos Marvrimidis)
Mortas, Katherine
Mossides, George
Mossides, Harry
Mossides, Helen
Mossides, Toula
Muratides, Fotini
Muratides, George
Muratides, Muratios
Naves, Mary
Navrozides, Stat John
Neamonitas, Fr. Dorotheos
Nickas, Andrew
Nickolas, Christ
Nicodemos, Deacon
Norris, Peter (Panagiotis Nianiaris)
Nosis, Steve
Orphan, Alexandra
Orphan, Annie
Orphan, George
Orphan, Gust
Orphan, Harry
Orphan, Nick
Orphan, Sophia
Orphanides, Steve
Pachares, Lula
Pachis, Fr. Leon
Paleologou, Panayiotis
Paloglou, Cleoniki
Paloglou, Maria
Paloglou, Smaragda
Panis, George
Panis, Theone
Pantazonis, Fr. Gregorios
Panterlis, Anna
Papachristou, Nicholas
Papachristou, Sultana
Papachristou, Theophilos
Papademetriou, Fr. Constantine
Papademetriou, Presbytera Athanasia
Papadopoulos, Esther (Efstratia)
Papadopoulos, Kiriakos
Papadopoulos, Peter
Papadopulos, Mary
Papadopulos, Philip
Pappas, Paul
Pappas, Theofilos
Paris, Anthony
Paris, Tony (Antonios Perris)
Paulos, Harry
Pertginides, Clara
Peters, Irene
Peterson, Sophia
Petropoulos, Anna
Petropoulos, Fr. John
Petropoulos, Hugh
Petropoulos, Kalliopi
Petropoulos, Tasia
Petropoulos, Toula
Petropoulos, William
Pimpas, Angeline
Pimpas, Margaret
Pimpas, Petros
Pinis, George J.
Poulos, Andy
Rafailedes, George
Rizos family
Rodopoulos, Fr. Parthenios
Roukema, Sophia
Sakellarides, Fr. Georgios
Samonides, Anastasia
Samonides, Joseph
Samonides, Sam
Sassos (Simitacolos), Philip
Sassos, Vassilia
Scufalos, Peter
Shook, Beth
Sideropoulos, Eleftherios
Sideropoulos, George
Sideropoulos, Martha
Sikas, Fr. George
Simionides, Efstathios
Skinner, Robert Peet
Sousaris, George
Sousaris, Kalliope
Sousaris, Michael
Space, Despina
Space, Zack
Spanos, Peter
Spilios, Sophia
Spondyl, Elizabeth
Spondyl, Nicholas
Stamatiades, Fr. Artemios
Stamoules, Brasky
Stamoules, George
Stamoules, Stavros
Stavrakis, Fr. Nicholas
Stavrakis, Nicholas
Stavrakis, Presbytera Peggy
Stavrakis, Theodore
Stilianos, Christina
Tarzan, Lazer
Tatarides, George
Tatarides, Nick
Tatarides, Parthena
Tatarides, Theodore
Tender, Christina
Tender, Lula
Tender, Pete
Terakedis, Steve
Theophilos, Fr. Theophilos P.
Thomaides, Christ “Kaimakan”
Tremoulis, Desina
Tremoulis, Despina
Tremoulis, George
Trifelos, George
Trifelos, Harry
Trifelos, Harry (Haralambos Triantaphillopoulos)
Trifelos, Jim
Tsaftarides, Peter
Tsaftarides, Theodore
Tsangarakis, Catherine
Tsarwhas, Constantinos
Tsarwhas, Helen
Turnides, Panagiotis
Turnides, Savas
Tzortzakis, Gust
Tzortzakis, Vasiliki
Vaitsis, Margarita
Vamvakidou, Anna (Erasmia)
Vattos, Athena
Vattos, Beth
Vattos, Catherine
Vattos, Christos
Vianos (Vianatakis), George
Vianos (Vianatakis), John
Vianos (Vianatakis), Michael
Vianos, Michael
Vlachos, Christ
Vutetakis, Anthe
Vutetakis, James
Xenos, Harry
Xenos, Maria
Xenos, Morphe
Xenos, Pete
Xides, Constantinos
Xides, Sophia
Yamakides, George
Zampelas, Calliope
Zampelas, Despina
Zampelas, Papos
Zampelas, Thomas
Zantopoulos, Athena
Zantopoulos, Bertha
Zantopoulos, George
Zantopoulos, Nick
Zantopulos, Ahilleas
Zissiades, Argyrios (aka Harry Thomas)
Zouncourides, Alexander