Book - The Straits of Chimera - True story of first (Greek) European in West Canada

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The Straits of Chimera
by Eyridiki Livada Duca

The true story of the first European in West Canada, the life and adventures of the Greek navigator Ioannis-Apostolos Focas Valerianos whose Spanish name-Juan de Fuca-was given to the straits between the southern part of Vancouver Island and the north of the Olympic Peninsula, somewhere in the faraway boundaries between Canada and the U.S.A. He was born in Kefallonia, Greece, around 1532. Enchanted by the sea at an early age, he soon became an excellent navigator and sailed through Venice to Spain, where he decided to stay. He changed his name to Juan de Fuca and in 1556 enlisted in the Spanish Navy, which he served for over forty years. On December 5, 1578, he was captured by the English corsair Francis Drake who used him as navigator on his ship to guide him to unknown territories.

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